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ANGER MIS-MANAGEMENT (Zombies vs. Ninjas #8)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 661,264 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: Shut Up! Cartoons SHIRTS! Mel Gibson attempts to help Andre manage his anger issues. Catch new over-the-top Zombies vs....

no idea what to type.what should i type?
Holy brave Shit! I died laughing >XD
We're those endermen?
Hey I saw that episode of tmz ( joke)
Life lesson duck tape solves everything
the funny part was 4 me was 'We gonna need more duck type' :D
This reminds me of that Kablam! show with the dolls and clay figures :3 ahh this is great
i think that may just be the worlds suckiest Australasian accent
I don't really like these cartoons but when the screamed when the old woman turned into a zombie... Oh that... That my friend was funny.
lol andrew hit you in face hahaha
my G930 is only picking up sound from the right (without surround on)
2:58 is that Isaac clarke from dead space?
I thought he was given an Australian accent in this video!
Hmmm i think the other episodes are better
a lot of people keep bitching about how dos and donts is very offensive and stupid......grow up people! the world is full of offensive things and these people are just trying to make us laugh, not pull people away from their religion or make us sacrifice animals to fake gods! sorry just had to get that off my chest. :)
Lmao wats up wit that moose falling off the cealing
Lol Mel Gibson isn't British. Hahaha
She's like the voice of reason :P You know, The one person who keeps the entire group from acting like complete idoits and eventually killing themselves by doing something stupid.
Tanzy : Were going to need more ducktape
Zombies vs ninjas is the best shut up cartoon :D
all most pissed my pants laughing so hard
He means when Spencer says, "Why is this show still one the air!?"
Oishi will kill every body run to the cheap colgone section women hate it
2:36 :mel gibson went braveheart lol X D
2:16 rogi screamed like a girl! XD
I like all of this ninjas cause their so funny.
андрей такой забавный)
@TheLachyScoots I mean it sounds like him without the helmet lol
does anybody else notices that all noises come from garage band
never looked at it that way xD but that indeed is possible :O DUN DUN DUN!
this show and dos and donts should continue but you know what no
Ducktape really helps. last week i was a little bit sick and then i eated 2 rolls of ducktape and that made me feel better:)
am i the only one who thinks that fake episode of the view was better then a real one
it said burn your house to the ground............just saying :P
i keeped on watching these and eventually forgot they were by smosh
Why does Mel's head turn into a demon's head?
technically endermen aren't human and not from this world given that there from the end they are technically aliens so stop being a prick and go home
My name is Mel Gibson and I hereby declare this meeting in session . AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU CAN GO TO HELL! Mel, is this really the example you wanna set? LISTEN SUGAR T*TS! I KISSED JODIE FOSTER ON THE MOUTH, I'LL SAY WHATEVER THE F*CK I WANT!
2:00 ill bur n your mouth to the ground
Hahahahhaahahahha I got a russian friend also called Andrei, hahahhahaha he also cannot control his anger hahah
where dose the demon head thing come from?
Smosh, please advertise are channel when we first realease are first video which will be called if YouTube was real (a smosh parody)
lol we're going to need more duct tape
Because every group of friends have a an idiot(red), somebody who is irresponsible(blue) someone who gets pissed off pretty easily(green), someone weird(yellow), and somebody responsible. If you can't guess who I mean with the responsible one, then everybody needs help -.-
are u talkin at me, are u talkin at me
Aundre Ftw! (if that's how you spell it
zombie spartans, zulu warriors, and redcoats. just... fuck it...
Yes yes I do should seen the hacked news thing saying zombies will eat you becaus e the dead are rising XD
Were gonna need more duct tape. Lol
you do realize i was typing dont but i was typing to fast i accedentally skip some letters
Duh I was joking. Also, you're the fuQing idiot. Check your spelling.
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