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Squeaky Grease Sandwiches - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 3,097,118 views

LIKE/FAV this video We fill up a whole slew of greazy sandwiches with different styles of delicious poutine. From Philly Cheesesteak poutine to Bacon Cheeseburger poutine and everything in between....

Hey look we're finally on +YouTube  so we can comment on this and say Thanks for the great video +Epic Meal Time ! Kudos on the +Furious Pete cameo! 
omg...I would love to do poutine like that...
Why did i think that i saw Furious Pete?
Rest in peace arteries.
What happend to muscels glasses
he's not on epic meal time anymore, he's a trianor now....
How are they not like 700 pounds holy shit omg
 do they legit work out :o
Yes they do, Look at their arms. MMMUSSSCCLLE!
Are you drunk yet!!!
The unhealthiest thing I've eaten today was hotdogs. ._.
Well this may be late but... WELCOME TO EPIC MEAL TIME!!!
Crispy Onions! Where are the Crispy fucking Onions!?
You can have my dog, please give me poutine...
Trading in that jack for makers. Really are gettin rich off that YouTube money
Muscles glasses is the coolest mfer ive ever seen
i wonder how many little farm animals gave their meaty lives for these sammiches 
I love putting fries on burgers when I saw that you did it it made my day
whats that last caramel-looking glaze he put on it? :( I never had poutine, even saying the word makes me feel silly
SMOKES Poutine.. So Damn Good!!!!
Wonder what their shit looks like.
The basic jist of EpicMealTime is that they take fat food and go APESHIT with it!
For fucks sake have some thought for your guts 
I want to know what his special white sauce is at 2:22 :)
+Ventsolo Are you sure it isn't mayo?
When is the next "Legend Of Muscles Glasses" episode? 
Watching this for hours makes me hungry and horny o.o
Does anyone know the name of this restaurant??? I need to know! 
Can't stand muscles glasses
I watched this & I have a raging sugar meat boner 💪💪 🍺🍺🍺🍺
muscles vs pete. my life is complete .
my arteries are clogging by just watching this n yet i want one of those sammiches
I've never heard of a poutine before. How have I missed something so amazing.
Does anyone here know the name of the music in the video? Is appriciate it.
Is it wrong that most of the time I would eat everything they make
Once at a restraunt called skipper jacks I had a poutine that had like, roast beef slivers and caramelized onions SO. DAMN. YUMMY!!!!!!
I cant eat onions....
Was waiting for that furious colab
I figured out the ingredients and I made this
"What are these, strong guys or something?" That's from "Is My Roommate Gay?" by Good Neighbor Stuff :P
What exactly is poutine? I'm not Canadian so I don't know.
man EMT was so much better back then with less production compare to now lol
I would like to clarify, if it hasn't before, that Americans typically do not eat like this. 
I hate sandwiches...
I LOVE Smokes Poutienery
i would only eat the 1st 3rd 4th and 5th ones. the rest look gorss
its mean you took that dog
I don't know wether I'm surprised or terrified that I feel hungry
shame yanks and canadians dont have a fucking clue about cooking anything
Shut the fuck up bitch. I'm Canadian and I can cook
First epic meal time episode I've ever seen and the one that still makes me hungry to this day.
poutine is my life. I could eat it every day if I could lol
Mg give me one please :D I am hungry like somalian.
Goddamn I gotta find a poutine place in Vegas...
I half thought they were kidding about the thing
That last one would be sooooo good!!!!!
mmm smokes... i need to go there again soon. like now.
Epic mealtime is like the kings of bacon
We have a Smokes over in Halifax. 
Oh fuck I love Smoke's. The natcho poutine is the best ;u;
this made my Canadian blood boil 
Dude imagine, if you are high, and then eating a poutine sandwich. That must be heaven right there
Does anyone else realize that this is the first episode in a long time that muscle glasses has been in where the hell has he been? Anyone know
Smokes poutinerie have one near my house!
Epic Meal Time Showing You You Can Get Paid For Eating!
Anyone else wonder who Mr. Drugs is and kinda want to see more of him!?!?
The first time I tried this was in Canada when I went on for a school field trip (for 3 days) and we out to Rome around and got lunch.  I was so hungry and I saw a sign with this food on it ,it had fries ,gravy and cheese . So I decided to try it and I loved it !!!!! To bad my friends tried some and jacked me up for it :(
Sorry for such bad grammar I have auto check and its so annoying
Even while texting Muscles doesn't even say anything. XD
Harley's face in the beginning... I can't even...
Epic meal time + Furious Pete = Epic awesome tim.
I see he got the Lebron 10s on..
those actually id eat
Does anyone else realize that this is the first episode in a long time that muscle glasses has been in where the hell has he been? Anyone know
its not poteen, its pronounced pootsin. its french
French for what exactly? Don't confuse Canadian French with proper French...
imagine the smell in that room
Bacon grease on inside of bread!!!!
Those arent real cheese curds... the cheese curds in wisconson ARE HUGE
.. the curds could have been diced... couldn't they?
Different cheese = different sized curds maybe?
Video funktioniert nicht...
la vidéo fonction parfaitement ...j'ai la vue plusieurs fois 
what is the music at the begining please
Man, I fucking love any plate with a lot of sowse.
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