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Freddie and Brandon @ E3 2012

by BrandonJLa • 289,122 views

We checked out a ton of other games at E3, complete write up at RocketJump: Join us as we check out this year's games, crown one game "Game of Show", and lament the lack of...

Watch_Dogs was ant e3 2012 took 2 mores to finish wow  
I played Resident Evil 5, it wasn't very good. What kind of game can you not run while holding a knife? By playing the 3rd metal gear solid game, I determined that is was awesome, but way to complicated for me. I got Snakes bag, then didn't know what to do since I was actually expected to remember all that stuff they told me (I have to remember a radio frequency just to save? Madness!) I played Far cry 2 once, and that was really fun. I wish they had covered Racers and combat flight sims though
Stop Download. Medal of Honor for the N64
"Insulting my intelligence wont get you anywhere" Says the guy who doesn't know what Bingoe could possibly mean on a Bungie related comment, says the guy who says "EVERYONE KNOWS that HALO REACH was the last halo game by Bungie", who just clearly stated he was trying to insult my intelligence, thus making HIM Hippocratic. Yeah, I agree the spartans don't look top notch, but either you are a 10 year old who starts his comment with "lol", some person who just likes to be annoying, or a fanboy.
also the original halo was based off of a PC game... The original Tribes
Look, if you still play COD, you are paying a game company to copy and paste all animations and code, then maybe add a new optic or grenade.
oh thanks for caring! ha! the thing is the first time I'm in home for a entire week! :P (9 years old) sorry for my enligsh I'm from Afghanistan
The resident evil logo looks like a giraffe getting its dick sucked. 0:04
What's E3 tell meeeeeee!!!!!!!!
It's easy to get in, you just have to apply for a ticket, and give a good reason, they accept people who show off the new stuff online, journalists, stuff like that.
It's not about belonging on youtube or not, it's about expecting to be known or expecting other people to know someone just because you're a fan...
3:10 lady in back is not amused at all.
the thumbnail looked like a giant n64 cart.
Come on Freddie! Watch Dogs looks to be REALLY REALLY PROMISING!!! Look it up! It's like GTA on STEROIDS!!! The graphics look like a next gen system-no lie! Check it out!
freddie and brandon do you guys like assassins creed
Freddie, where is this? i might go next year!
those painters are in americas got talent
@Javier Sánchez Ok I'll respond big pizzas to you XD
omg you should know this Freddie its pronounced YOO BEE SOFT lol
I love how everyone hates CoD now. That's one big band wagon. Hope everyone fits.
Damn.. These guys do everything i wanna do. Make short films and act and basically get payed for being nerds. I wish i could be on freddies team.
you can't judge something if you've never tried it. Just saying
why do they call it the wii u? because when you see one, you'll do a u turn
Dust 514, and the Wii U and it's games is what I'm most excited for!
Well, at least Unreal Engine 4 is coming out.
And there was an annotation at the start saying that they check out everything, so they probably just didn't include Black Ops 2. Maybe check RocketJump like they suggested...
You made him delete his comment, goddammit, now I have no context to see how badly you decimated him. Other than him removing his comment, of course.
Black ops 2 is in the toilet where it should be... AC3 and halo 4 for the win!!!!
1:45 I saw a black person at Golden Corral do that once while I was walking over to the restroom... I was like... wut -_-
Where's the latest Half Life 3 news?
freddie is so badass that a booth babe stopped him for a photo. Niceeeeee
ya but in the behind the scenes of " Inverted " Freddie says that he always plays inverted ever since Goldeneye. He says its the right way of playing FPSs
Umm, I know that Reach was the last Bungie halo, I misspelled Bingoe, and dont act like an idiot which you are if you cant tell that Bingoe was supposed to be Bungie, and 343 DOES HAVE BUNGIE EMPLOYEES! 343 has a TON of people from BUNGIE. "On April 29, 2010, Bungie announced that Halo: Reach would be their last Halo game, and that all future projects would be developed by 343i.[8] During this transition, some Bungie staff members transferred to 343i." I quote from the 343 Wikipedia page.
All these games look great, can't wait! Thanks for the report.
The building in the thumbnail looks like a giant N64 cart.
No, I mean that I couldn't remember any of the frequencies. Ether way, it just wasn't my kind of game, I like games that are more vehicle based, like Ace Combat and Burnout (and GTA of corse). I just wanted to try a stealth game and was really expecting more hiding from enemies and biding my time to take them out, and less jungle survival.
Right... I just pressed enter and skipped a line :O
I like your new haircut freddie
I hope there's Field Of Fire awesome graphic lol
I've been watching your videos a lot lately and I've noticed Brandon is like always the same shirt...
I swear that thumbnail looked like an n64 cart. lol
So... There's no NFS Most Wanted in E3 2012, or Freddie didnt try that?
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