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8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack (HD Version)

by Passion4Profession • 44,206,969 views PRESENTS: 8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack. The workout has been designed to specifically work on the abdominal area. It can be done by anyone who exercises...

Hello everyone, could  any of you suggest me proven weight loss tehnique for woman? She has got a really big problems with obesity theese days ... she tired a lot of programs and diets but no effect  (because of "yo-yo" effect when she stopped using them). If any women or guy knows proven, good weight loss program, please suggest, we'll try everything! Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate it :))))                           
thank you very much +Kathy Weaver  for this fast answer. We have just got it and must say that it seems like very good and serious weight loss program. As I can see it includes only healthy and natural methods to lose weight so I think it won't result "yo-yo" effect this time. She is starting with ti tomorrow so I hope we will see results soon :) Thanks a lot for this honest suggestion! Best wishes to you and your family                                                                      
Owh my neck so hurt!!
im doing this only three a day a week
Tips for the beginners: 1. Dont start these workouts if you have some belly go and run outside to get rid of the belly and start because you won't notice any results. 2. You shouldn't rest while doing the abs workout because if you rest the muscles will pop out and we want them to sit there looking good. 3. its good to eat a teaspoon of sugar or a / banana before starting exercising it makes the blood flow faster and your muscles will hurricane longer. 4. don't do it at an age less than 16 or 18 it would Will damage your health/muscles/body. 5. dont give up it will take atleast 1-2 years to get the results you really want. 6. if you feel so much pain while doing one of the exercises stop it will burn your muscles do the half of the exercise if you really find it working. if it hurts like amazingly alot you need to stop. it would burn the muscles. 7. dont overeat at breakfast and at supper eat a little bit. at lunch you can eat how much you want. but at breakfast and supper eat a little bit. 8. dont eat and train any of the exercises its very terrible and will make your stomach in a terrible mood.
+Delphin E Iam just sorry for your brain functionality because it is so slow.
Everybody please believe this post is full of stupidity. Half of the points here are completely invalid and I wouldn't take onboard the majority of this advice. It sounds like this person follows youtube workouts but has never stepped foot in the gym or has no real knowledge. Im not hating I'm just saving a lot of people here. Basically don't listen to him.
This for some reason makes my neck sore more than my abs. Anyone know why?
I used to have this problem myself. What made the pain leave my neck was a simple trick. Point you chin toward the ceiling and pull you chest toward your abs instead of your head. Hope it helps.
My abs are traitors! They left me after dinner :(
Wow this is looks awesome,i will start next monday
This exercise will change your life.
Good work out I really feel all the pain and hurt on my stomach and it really worked thanks alot
+Nelson Alvizurez Thanks for training with us! :)
I love training with you guys. I feel the burn thank  you :)
+BMW Mac ...and we love to hear this! ;) Thank you for following us! Do you know our mobile apps for abs, chest, butt and legs? You can find them and download for free from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Store! :) In this way you can train in a more personalized way!
Doing this extrecises first time and I couldn't do them all :L and I thought I'm good at abs extrecises. Anyway I'll keep doing this one for least a month and I hope to be at least able to finish the whole extrecise
I started this workout back then in 2013 and now in 2015 instead of a six pack i have a 8 pack 💪 its hard the first 2 months but then you start to find it easy i had what i wanted by the first year of working out! This is just to let you know it works!
How many packs you have is genetic u can't change that and its not a sign of very great muscles or ... You shouldn't train everyday the same muscles. It needs to rest,that's where it grows/improves
Maby you will be interested in this.I started this workout a week agoo and here are the resoults.i was flat:no belly no abs.And i took picture of my abs.I was doing this exercise like i said for a week and i could see diference but beraly.I ate everything but ate little.I ate fruit, vegetables,beans,chocolate,chips i mean everything.I think this exercise is good if you do it correctly.This is my second week and i hope the resaults would be even better.The only problem with this exercise in my opinion is that the pause last too much and my neck hurts like crazy.If i ate only healthy food i would be even more improved but i can't watch all of the delicious junk food in the house.I know a lot of you do not agree with me :)
Your body doesn't change that fast. Eat more and train ur whole body. Only abs looks crap and doesn't work as good as if u train everthing
guys ur not supose to have neck pain it mean you dont do it corectly or that you are very out of shape ( dont use ur neck...people that say their neck hurt are forcing wrong...dont try to avoid the disconfort of the exersice its there for a reason..ur not training ur neck ur training ur abs)
I am gonna starting this tomorrow.How many days per week and round per day can i do this?
Not everyday. Like 3 times is completely enough
4 is alright. Because your muscles have to rest. 
44 milion fat people wanna get fit.LOL
I'm 15 and I'm starting tomorrow but I got a little belly fat I'm 5,4 I'm a male and I weight 132 paunds what y'all think
Same age dude, almost 5»11 and thei same weight. Im not sure but maybe you have some fat , again notaure :)
Lol I don't know but I want a six pack I did it like 10 min and my neck was killing me lol
Will cardio really affect the results?
awwww fuck it hurts it burns im drinking creatine after this will it help alot?
It won't. Get a proper diet. Pay attention to your macros and calories. A well build stomach alone won't let u look good either. Gym is the way to go
Guys will this really give you a six pack? How often should I do it and does burn belly fat too?
+Ano Nymous  then make your legs stronger by eating vagtables and fruits  and go on a small diet and eat fats there good for you if you like chocolate then try eating dark ones if you usually eat sandwich try with brown bread drink water so you wont get fat and every day run at least  mile or more if you want go to the gym twice a week dance don't sit watch tv go ride a bike then you will get a six pack and a puff chest its really  easy though  dont watch tv a lot 2 hours is the most make sure your always moving dont drink soft drinks or drugs and dont smoke and one more thing dont put too much preasher  and you will get one in about 2 weeks its actually all about what you eat? and how much?.
+Fahad Al Rushaid You just went full retard.. Never go full retard...
This has been one of the best abb workout videos I have found on youtube defiantly recommend it, and 6 pack short cuts was good too.But this is the best, really works your abbs!
six pack shortcuts has better training,i felt the burn for 4 days after his workout...check that
I feel like I want to throw up during the exersice. Any tips?
this is really hard training for beginners. so, it' s pretty normal, that you feel  like throw up.because it's really hard. you dont have to finish all the exercise. but you should one day rest, one day workout, and like this, your body will get used to exercise.
It is quite of a normal thing for a beginner just dont eat too much before and dont drink too much water during the workout
What is the name of your app? I have been doing this, as well as your chest and leg workouts for quite some time, with great success. I would really like to see what your apps have to offer, thank you for the excellent workout routines!😄
my neck herts more then my stomach lol 
How often do I have to do this, and how long will it take to at least get a 2 pack abbs
By reading the comments I noticed many questions. Let me help you (most asked) -don't overtrain.3 times a week is enough. Muscles grow while resting. -yes you will get results but not as you wish.Proper diet(calories&macros) is the key -cardio is always good to your heart so keep going or get started. -Only training abs doesn't look good. Train your hole body on the same level to not look imbalanced. Hope I could help. Pls like this comment to spread the tips :)
I've got all of your videos, I moved from this exercise to mega chest + abs I have a question for p4p Can I use a pillow while working on my abs ?? It reduces the pain but will I get the same results as doing without it ? #keep making more home workout vids thank you !!
Please reply with some results
HI guys :) Great exercises, If u are skinny  i recommend  you to do this 2x times/day and 3day/week!But remember U wont get  visible abs until u burn ur fat on ur stomach i know its hard u cant buy any stuff for that  so i recomment u: Do these  Exercises 3xtimes/week+Kardio(jogging)3x times/week 20-30min :)))Good luck!
Guys, so many people saying thats normal the neck hurts! Its not normal! Of course you'll have some pain, but you cant force too much your neck up! Your body(head to chest) should be slightly flexed and just force your abs!
I'm 12 should I do this?
The top part of my stomach hurts. Am I going doing this right. 
+Cesar Perez I'd say tomorrow but it's up to you!
losing the stubborn belly fat is the most annoying part :/
Okay this may sound like a dumb question, but, how do you relax your neck muscles? I'm not trying to or forcefully use them, it just kind happens. 
i see lots of you have neck pain. this means your neck is weak. try not to sit infront of tv and pc all day every day and you neck will get stronger. and do some workout. it helps a lot
if i do this at night will it slow down growth? because as i know, at night our bodies grow the most as processes slow down and energy is used to repair cells and for cellular growth... fyi im 12 years old and have gone through puberty
My body fat percentage is between 8-9 is this enough to see my abs?
burn my abs & especially on neck :')
I do this exercise three times a day every day of the week and then I go to the gym 5 times a week to hit the different muscle groups. (back, chest, bi/tri, legs, shoulders) After the gym I usually do about 15 minutes of cardio. It has been working well for me!
This is far away from being a good plan. You need more rest that's where it muscles grow. Pay more attention to your diet its much more important.
I did it for almost 1.2 years with occasional breaks. Coupled with weight lifting, I am close to 6 pack - May be another 6 months. I will restart very soon
Could I really do this that's not a human that's a fucking robot
My neck bruhhh hurts really bad!! :(
Try to focus on the neck and have your chin up the whole time.
Hi I doing this every day so i doing good? 
+Boss Exoc Hi! If you would like to have a plan to follow, you can download for free our app (available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Store): you'll find a calendar which will suggest you a weekly plan to train your abs!
Realy very super work out but i like original human work out
How long will this take me until i get the six pack
Those of you having neck problems... Try flexing your abs while doing these exercises and see if that helps.
this is working so good but i wanna know something, 8 minutes only per day ?? or shall i take rest and repeat ??
3 times a week . Don't even think about doing more for one single muscles. Train your hole body. Watch diet keep cardio going for your heart and build solid muscles in the gym
umm._. Im 13, and i want to flat my stomach:v what workout should i do? Thanks:)
Running- morning jogs- swimming
+Brian Kenilworth is right!! if you want a flat stomach, you should run, do cardio, jump rope, swim and so on.. doing abs workout doesn't mean that you'll burn fat only on the stomach.. good luck and don't give up!
u cant get 8 pack its about ur genetics its impossible to get 8 pack like this
oukay so get it like I said and send me photo ok ? and then I ll be dumbo jumbo and fucker and everything that you will want ...
hi everyone please send me the link to download the app name
Guys can you help me? I have that 6 packs abs when i strenght the abs ..i can feel them but i can see them.How can i do to see them?
My Neck burns more than my abs ?
Ok I'm going to start doing this everyday exept weekends with a diet plan and I'll comment my results in 6 to 8 weeks
Tnx i like to make 6pack with you great job! God luck to that
This is hard m'y stomach Hurt me so much i cant continue:(((
is it normal for your neck muscles to be really sore after doing this workout?
Woooww this is great
Oh hold my beer,i can do that!.!.!
My lower back hurts after a while (especially when doing lower abs). Any tips? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?
+NiekGAE no problem ,be carefull mate:)
42,546,717 fat niggas out there.
you're one of them.
I completed the ENTIRE video, why don't I look like the guy in it by the end?!?!
check ua Life history... uh may hv already been through six packs :P :D
How to breathe right while I do this exercise?
Been doing this 3/4 times a week for two weeks now,im tall with a fat belly :) how long does it take before I see any results.
This exercise do works........first week is all about enduring pain.....i was a slim guy and still had a lot of pain so i can imagine in ur case but within 3 months of  carring out this exercise i have got my abs out (of-course i do bit of cardio and  diet control) i suggest to do it 6 times a week, give 2-3 months and ur belly fat would be of luck give ur best shot bcz otherwise it would just be enduring pain and getting nothing out of it
Fkn neck about to fall off
So why I can't do this every day? I feel like my abs are resting enough through whole day (23 hours and 52 minutes exactly) .
You can work you're abs everyday because is not the same as chest or legs there not a big muscle and you will stop you're belly from growing if you eat alot... Try it see if you feel comfortable with it, don't belive that overtraing BS!
I would like bigger biceps any ideas for what to do? I'm 12 btw thanks:)
Try to do chin-ups and push ups. I got a crossbar when I was at your age. If you don't own a crossbar, then you could try to find one from a park or just do only push ups. There are many ways to do chin-ups and as you become more advanced, you can do chin-ups that also improve your back muscles and shoulders. Push ups improve your chest, biceps and abs. In my opinion, those two exercises are good for anyone, even for kids, because you work only with your body weight. For example, your posture become better if you do chin-ups and just hang in a crossbar.
You are 12, you honestly should avoid this kind of exercice, you'd better go out to do some sport instead, go in a swimming club for example, or any water activity, it gives a lot of muscles without being to "un-natural" (doing too much exercices like this may stop your growth)
If we ejaculate our muscle will goo
Lvl 2 is a dream for me right now
Hi everyone ! im doing this workout everyday, though it really is quite tough anyway i usually do abs workout after 4~6km running.. i do wanna know whether im doing ok ..  as i know, this abs workout is made for aerobic abdominal exercise.. abs workout > running  or  running > abs workout  what is the right one??? plz let me know
eat , relax 2h , run , abs workout i hope this helps
Michael A. Wadie Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
This exercise will change your life
Im doing this twice every day 5 times in a week. Im pretty tall and skinny ( 1m84 , 68kg ) How long do i need to do that to see results ?
dont do it that much lol, just once  every couple of days, then once after a few weeks you start to feel like this isnt affecting you as much, go to their level 2 and so on and so forth
Just remember that your abs muscles are just any other muscles, they need to relax, so they can grow and get bigger, so it's not really good to do it twice a day. its enough 4 times a week. Now, how long does it take, its hard to say, but if you say you are skinny, then it should take 2- 3 months.
Ccan i do this exercize i am 13
grow up first stop eating and than start to workout and get a life stop biing on the fucking PC and go out to running and helping ur dad and mom.......dan this kids will never get it!!
So happy work outs
Nice animation, but your exercises really suck and it damage the neck. Where is the information about the spot to focus? People! Look diagonal above, that will be you spot! Excercize 2: keep your hands behind your ears. Cause you'll pull automatically your head in the wrong position. And for all the healthy people! Stay healthy and go to a sportschool. They will train you much better!
i started today im doing 2 workout one of is cardio but its 37 min so i did only 15 minute of it without any breaks and i did that 8-pack one too 
+Mr CTCY dude i ask you a question 
Wait are u doing fitness blender 37 min cardio with this :)
Hi if someone could answer this I'd appreciate it. OK I just started this week. I've read that cardio should be put in there too. With my job I lift pull and push house appliances for a job for about 7 hours 3 days a week and my food is not to bad. While with my job and also doing this. Will this help me lose body fat and gain muscle?
Yes, here is what you want to do. 1. You should focus on doing these excersises every other day, not day after day, because when you workout it rips your muscles, your muscles actually start getting bigger when they are repairing. 2. Use the days when you're not working out to go for a long run (start with about 20 minutes and add 5 minutes every week or two. Youll then see results. It will also aid you in your job and help prevent injury lifting things.
+ZiadEverything hey man thanks for the tip! I Appreciate it 👌
Wow, so there are 40,438,530 fat people out there
@Reala5974..... Dude you are one of the fat person viewing this fucking video :-P
+Kevin Mathews Nah, I'm one of the people who came here to have fun.
Guys you don't need that long hours in the gym doing cardio to get abs !!! I did theesr exercises for a month or more and I got abs without doing so much cardio . All you need to do is STOP eating McDonald's and eat more vegetable and fruit. I did the exercises almost every day .
I don't do , but I think it's better to do it before the exercises +Karinagreenfire
can teen boys do this ?
There is a good answer from TheBurthope Lumby (commented before 2 weeks)
I'm 13 and i do this everyday.. Is it ok?
do it 3-4 times a week you need some rest too
just dont hurt yourself.
im black and im getting buffed fast doing this exersice twice a week.....
i cant tell i have started 2 months ago and stopped and after i started doing this exersice a week ago im doing this twice a week this is very effective
How many times I have to do this in a day?I am doing this till 1week but I found no result
Once a 1 day. But DO NOT GIVE UP !
Hey guys I'm struggling on the exercises where your legs are in the air, any tips?
For some, put your hands under your butt, give a bit if help. Otherwise practice makes perfect.
Ow that hurts my belly !!!!!!!! Stupid what the heak!!!!!
When i do my neck is more hurts then my stomache, anyone knows why?
+Ulaş Güney Genç türk kardeşim buradaki hıyarlar belki anlamaz ama boyunlu harektlerde boynunu hiç kullanma kasma karnına odaklan
I was 13 I can exercise these portals or not.
They've got an animated guy doing the workouts because the the people who put the video together are too lazy to do it.
probably took more work to make the animation
Help me pls,When i tighteen my stomach i fell 6 abs and they are really hard,,but i have belly fat on it so it cannot be clearly see when i tight so SHOULD I DO THIS EXERCIsES?
I want to burn that belly fat can it be done with this exercicses
+GroGames Serbian nope u should incorporate cardio exercises with this if you wanna see your abs
Is it true that you must get a little bit fat to get muscles? I mean they say that skinny people should get a little bit fat if they wanna start working out is this true?
You need the calories to help build muscles.
Im 14 and my tummy muscle popped out when doing this and went rock solid. I had to push it back in and i felt sick. Is this normal or ok?
No pain no gain so I'm pretty sure it's normal if it is your first time.
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