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The Golden Gate bridge

by BloodyBunny4U • 712,352 views

In memory of all the people how have commited suicide by jumping of the Golden gate bridge. Music: Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah, Fottage: documentary "The Bridge". All the footage is real, its was...

These people suck at diving
could you give us some lessons?
The old man committing suicide hit me in the feels pretty hard.
Little known fact, the demographic with he highest rate of suicide isn't emo teens, its elderly males.
+Dat GayPup I'm not surprised most of those emo teens don't have real problems. They just act like that because of the music they listen to.
I think the saddest thing was that so few of the walkers or joggers actually tried to help when they saw the jumpers clearly in jumping positions on the railing.  It also must have sucked balls having to sit around for hours waiting to film people killing themselves.
Wtf with this shit music?
il make sure next time to tell him to throw in some dupstep bass drops and some justin bieber to footage of people committing suicide, fucking dipshit
Here's proof of Satan and his  fallen angels they are very real and the affect they have on mankind is happening, pray to God for others that may be coming to this point of suffering in their lives.
+jeff stephens No Satanists taught me by mistake that Jesus is real, my parents had little to do with it. 
+jack rohde well just so you know jesus is based of the Egyptian god Horace. Its basically a version of sunworship...and jesus represents the age of pisces. hence the jesus fish.
It seems the vast majority of these suicides are males
Out of the hundreds that have jumped to their deaths, I believe 27 lived to tell about it. Down to a man, they each said that the last thought that went through their minds was that this, out of all of their problems, was the only one that was permanent. 
:,-( so sad why do people commit suicide
Do sad to watch people dying in front of who ever is filming this..... Rip
Every one of those people didn't need to die they needed to just talk to someone about their issues
Yo porkchop sandwitches shut the fuck up ight u dnt know wat the hell these ppl were into fuckin dick head the only one tht suck at divin is u ight so shut the fuck up
Hey im not trying to be rude or anything but why would you record people committing suicide like really would you want someone recording you if you were in bad moments or committing suicide    
its because people like you come here and watch...
the enemy only puts thoughts in your head to end your life...
To wondering if it's guaranteed death, here is your honest answer. Yes, It is. You die about halfway down, the wind from how fast it body is falling will most likely do the most damage. Also when you fall in the water hits your body so hard it most likely crushes many bones. Also drowning because your to weak from hitting the water to move.
+TeamOverkillLeader​ I made a mistake, I've watched many documentaries and a suicide doc. Was one of them. It stated that you die about halfway down from how fast you are going.
+Miss Anonymous there has been at least 1 case of a guy surviving jumping off the bridge.
Depends which angle you hit the water, only a couple have survived but for most its been like an instant death
I can't remember the last time i saw something so sad. People don't deserve to end their life they deserve to be happy. It makes me so sad and angry that people are watching and filming then jumping instead of helping them somehow. Sure, you can't ever know what those people are going through but there is always a way to have a better life. And to be honest i hear people say 'people who kill themselves are so weak!' But they're not! You have to be so strong to do that! I'm sorry for everyone who lost someone and i really wish, people would help instead of watch.
I've been watching a lot of suicide videos debating on whether I should .
+Adam Tulk you are a sick individual! You need your face kicked in!
RIP to all those who felt so lonely and help did not come in time.
Fact is its not a certain everything else that one can attempt at ending one's life. You can very much survive that fall with little ta no injury. Waters cold as fuck though...& the current is fierce...but you can very much survive.
Let's hope those poor people no longer suffer
U nas nie ma takich wysokich mostów. 
it really gets me mad that people are right there and aren't doing anything 
Wonderful news I'm sure you all will want to hear! This is an email update I got: Petition Build a Suicide Prevention Barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge 158,175 supporters Funding for barrier approved! Kymberlyrenee Gamboa Petition Organizer Jun 30, 2014 We did it! On June 27, 2014, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Board of Directors unanimously approved funding to build a suicide prevention barrier on the Golden
i can't fucking believe this. i was supposed to go there. it's one of the least painful way to die.
my friend jumped off this bridge in 2011 watching this makes my heart hurt 
Taam Yhvh Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Nice dives. I d wish I could be next.
 i was supposed to go there.
there were people all around them and they could of stoped them
They probably didn't even conceive what was happening.
I saw the movie, long scenes of people preparing themselves to jump. Couldn't they be stopped?
The filmmakers apparently called the cops on all that they saw. And stopped a surprising amount(or they just wern't going to do it.)
I returned to this site to answer I comment here.Made the mistake of seeing this again. My arms want to reach out and help them, yet I know sometimes it just won't help.A friend committed suicide one month ago. He seemed invincible, he was so strong in so many ways.
Their life must have been terribly wrong... silent moment for those people :'( R.I.P
Why isn't any one else stopping them?! They're just running past people who are crying....
haven't you realized that no one cares for each others? sick world
You are worth of living. 
Who the fuck cares? They are fucking weak for killing themselves. Good riddance to be honest...if you can't handle life do that shit instead of bitching and bringing others down with you.
+nonameuser519 Everyone in the world has problems, nobody's special.
Especially those pussies who kill themselves when they get called fat at school and mocked. Like really? Fucking learn that only shit you care about can hurt you and life will be less stressful. Life is a big sifter. Those who take their own couldn't fit through the sifter.
To all the people trolling about these suicides: please don't knock jumping off the Golden Gate until you've tried it. Really! Give it a try! 
I feel more sorry for the people who seen them jumping off to be honest
People see these men and women sitting on the bridge, getting ready to jump and end their lives, but don't do anything. This sickens me. If I EVER see someone try to commit suicide off a bridge or anything, I will stop them no matter what. Everyone deserves to live. 
Ha ha these people are stupid as shit !!!
+Georgina Tomassi Very nice and considerate comment. Nice to see that someone has compassion.
For someone that wants to live for 150 years ( this is probably one the saddest videos to watch. #sorry   Para alguien que quiere vivir 150 años ( este es probablemente uno de los vídeos más tristes que puede ver. #losiento  
The same happened to me. I think it has changed the way I'm going to see that bridge next time I cross it.
Y ya de paso aprovechamos el tirón del vídeo para promocionar un poquito tu blog, verdad? #autobombo
Alejandro Cruz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Raphaël Rivolgo Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
In memory of all the people how have commited suicide by jumping of the Golden gate bridge.
Compassionate thoughts. It is sad isn't it? The Golden Gate Bridge has been used in so many movies in background scenes, I never realized its haunting quality until I had seen this and read more about it. Rest in peace to all who have been drawn to this place with such hopeless sorrow.
Gary Adams Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Shows suicide problem of the bridge .
Patryk Lizoń Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Mam zdjęcie golden gate na ścianie. Wydawało się być ładne, teraz jest już tylko smutne.
If anyone is going to burn in hell, it's going to be you. Stop being an ignorant piece of shit, don't judge the dead.
Not sure if the last guy put shades on right before going, but if he did, props to him. Also, is there any chance of surviving? Or is this a guaranteed death? Doesn't seem too bad..
Great way to be involved in a discussion about a complex thing.
I remember being there, at the GB, last summer. I had a bad day, really lots of thoughts in my head... but no intention to jump whatsoever. I was just starring at the water below. Suddenly some guard lady asked me "is everything ok?". And I couldn't find good words to convince her that yeah, I'm just sad but everything is OK - don't worry! The saddest part was look on her face because she wasn't sure if I'm not laying. I'm sure she has seen a lot of people... moments before their death. :(
Don't be that guy.........ignorant and clueless about the lives these people probably went through.
Dios los tenga en su gloria.
I absolutely did not say fuck people with cancer, i agree with you that it's a disease! But it still leaves a terrible scar in people left behind
They die. Hitting water at high speeds, is essentially the same as hitting concrete.
With a height like that, is it really instant death once you hit the water?
if i saw somebody even get that close to the railing ,sit on it,stare for too long i'd have to stop and say or do something. grab them idk fuck this hurts my heart
That was one of the most heart wrenching videos I have ever watched. I literally cried through the entire thing. May god had mercy on their souls
This is really sad, they've lost... it's all inside their mind... I think every problem is able to be solved. But you need to face it and try to be strong.
Correct. One might quibble with his decision to get his picture first, but he did grab her and pull her back up.
What the hell did I just watch!!!!
That's true, in fact an interpretation of the bible, it is not the eating of the apple that causes the fall of man, it was the decision to think for themselves instead of obeying God's command. The devil tempted them into critical thinking, which led them to eat the apple.
I accepted I could be wrong, are you a expert on the subject? no? neither am I, don't value one persons opinion over the other.
Most epic splash contest of all time.
They just can no longer cope.. they cannot rationalize like we can.... they want and the pain not their life...heart breaking .my nephew died by suicide ... unfortunately, they pass their pain to us that are left behind
You okay? Talk to people if you are angry but for real, negativity is the shit that makes people jump.
3:40 what the fuck photographer. what the fuck
@McDougleyDrum How are they supposed to help from the bottom of the bridge so far away? I'd be more disappointed in the others ON the bridge.
maybe if you do the cannonball or smth you might live.
I feel very sad for those poor people that died. Unknown: "Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse. Suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better."
What the fuck. None of them did any flips or tricks? 3/10
Thats a pretty shitty reason not to try and save someones life, even if they only convince one person not to jump, sometimes all it takes is one persons concern
Judging is against God and you'll burn for eternity in the fires of hell
stupidity is against humainity you should burn on a stick
From that height, it's like hitting concrete. They die.
Why not? I haven't experienced it myself, but even with cancer most of the pain and suffering you go through is still emotional. You can't compare people's emotional suffering and say that someone doesn't deserve to be unhappy when they can't help it. In some ways, at least cancer has a foreseeable end, where you can beat it and be happy. For people with extreme depression, they don't see an end, they don't know that they can ever be happy. We can't just dismiss either of those things.
this video gets me quite a bit...those poor people...if only someone would have approached them and asked them "what's wrong?" or "talk to me for a sec"...i feel for them, but at the same time i understand them because i'm quite often suicidal myself. if i lived in san fran i would probably have made the golden gate my final resting place a long time ago.
Thanks for the angry reply, I will add this with the pile. Also thanks for giving me attention, you haven't been on the internet long have you?
Man... that guy with the long hair looked a lot like my brother. My brother's best friend committed suicide a year or so ago. Such a nice kid, always polite, just got over a drug problem but I guess he got back into it, then killed himself a day or so later. Seeing that guy with the long hair jump just made my heart sink. If any of you need help, please get help. Talk to someone.
In 2004, Steel and his crew set up cameras to photograph the bridge from dusk to dawn over an entire year. They trained telephoto cameras on the mid-span to catch jumpers and potential jumpers in the act. They paid special attention to people who were alone, hesitant, lingering or pacing a little too long, sometimes crying or just staring. Each time the filmmakers noticed someone who seemed to be preparing to leap, they alerted the Bridge Patrol.
what the heck?! is there no way these can be prevented? barricades? something??? what in the world....these are souls...real souls...
I wonder if it hurts to hit the water. Also, if I where too commit suicide would I use a gun or something. Seems more definite. Probably isn't though.
Aside from Rufus pulling our heartstrings, suicide is a very real and true problem all over the world. And sometimes, all you need to save someone's life is to just take the time to listen. Even if it's only for 5 minutes (which is 1/288th of your day), just take a little time out to listen to someone who just wants someone to listen. Don't wait for them to meet you halfway, YOU make the effort. Until you've been there, it's almost impossible to feel the pain these people were going through.
If you watch the documentary this is from, the photographer does save her
well I dont actually CARE what you think fuck head. no one asked for your opinion bitch. now eat shit and die.
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