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Minecraft: Lux Perpetua - Part 1 (Custom Map Adventure)

by CaptainSparklez • 956,606 views

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This video got me into YouTube gaming channels and minecraft and just YouTube in General. I wouldn't be the introvert I am today without this video.
+pmzariongames Glad to see I'm not not the only person that this series has affected. As you are, I am now extremely anti-social (well, I prefer the phrase anti-idiot) and I dedicated gamer with a high respect for youtube today, still watching and playing after around two years from watching this video. And I've noticed the growth of Youtube and gaming, it has grown so much and so significantly.
The pace of this is so much better than everything right now, I miss these Captain Sparklez days.
this was i believe the first minecraft video i saw and got the game 3 years ago. I just had to rewatch it for times sake
Three years ago I remember waiting for the next episode...
It's captain capsize's ship!
His voice sometimes makes me think of Caboose from RVB
This was the first video i ever saw from you captain sparkles. This series will always be my favorite series by you
weres his first vid is this it
the cookie kinnda look like moldy potatos
What shapshot is Minecraft 1.8.1 beta?
This is before Snapshots dude. >.>
First Video I ever saw of his
Same. This is the vid that got me into minecraft and YouTube and everything
I love your Spanish :P I LOVE YOU CAPTAINSPARKLEZ!!!! :3 <3
Anyone think "Skyden" is supposed to be like "Skyrim"? Anyone?
Is the guy who made this map from switzerland? Because there are swissflags on the boat.
Why is Skyden filled with Hillbillies?
I would bury the survivers in a grave yard cuz if it is a plane crash, there wouldnt be any surviors
U do like good and good for ya foods right like fruits?
What is the texture pack ur using?
Juggernaut to go back on sub to go back on my nickname it was very well as an expected alongside via
when i played this i got to skyden and it was full of villagers i think there was some people living there
Doodles anyone remember when he first put up this video? I sure do! THE MEMORIES OF AMAZINGNESS. And the longest custom map ever.
i know on pc but 1.9, 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 is coming everyithing together
"food tastes good. Good-tating food." :-)
I really do miss these singleplayer adventure maps
#:20, wrong you bury the survivors wherever because you're a serial killer, their poor luck. :)
lol my friend told me that exact joke
well this is evident due to your lack of proper english
here is 1 a plane crashes every single person dies who r the survivors
People of the sky or Sky People in Avatar!
captin sparkles I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS dont stop doing them PLS ;)
This was the first video I watched by Captain
1.2 isn't coming out in December, it still has to go through 1.9, 1.0, 1.1, then 1.2 and onward.
captain would you rather be stuck in a room with 5 silverfish or 10 spiders? lol
Yes skyrim and skyden definitely connected lol
a rooster lays an egg on top of a barn the wind is blowing from behind the barn where does the egg fall????????????HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!1
Can someone please tell me what this texture pack is. I never use texture packs, but I want this one.
When he flicks the lever at the water gate, i think "REDSTONE, REDSTONE!!"
Seems like all the famous minecrafters ( Toby + Lewis + Simon + Sparkeley pants) love food. :)
If he read all of the books out loud that I'm supposed to read for class, I would get an A for sure.
Not me i remember jerry long live jerry
you can bury them if you want to, but that would be mean
I think you could keep those things sparkles. The buttons blew up some tnt.
If you mean his first vid as a person was a COD strategy vid at another channel called "ProsDontTalkShit" but if you mean by this channel I guess it was a MC vid with nanners in an adv map...
It's pretty ironic because he's doing a series called sky den survival now :D
this guy's talkin to us like we're a bunch of kids, jesus
*starts watching video* *gets unexplainable nostalgia rush*
12:08 captainsparklez high on weed
i dont like not so good food either lol :)
I miss this, I remember watching it last the time flies
at 11:25 you are supposed to pick the redstone in the chest behind the tree
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