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Jake and Amir: Toothbrush

by CollegeHumor • 707,644 views

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How is it in both the eps (Shaving and Toothbrush) , Amir ends up passing out in the end?
Amir sounds like Doobs at 00:17
Amir's toothbrush is pink.
If it doesn't hurt, you aren't flossing right.
watching this is painful
no cuz it said habibi
+George Mitri yes, Habibi is my family name.
I'm totally watching a jake and AMIRathon :3
Use a pea sized amount! DIED x.x
What an idiot. You are suppose to actually brush the gums primarily.
you are not supposed to brush your gums at the expense of your teeth. 
Maybe you're just a really bad troll...
She is a demon bitch, but she is good.
im trying to take a pill at 1:00 and i couldnt swallow haha so funny
This is one of my favorites...I love this
Amir faints from bleeding a little in his mouth but doesn't faint from bleeding all over in Jake and Amir: Shaving
i don't floss because of this reason also flossing loosens my teeth and gaps them
i taught a person to floss and they bled just the same as amir.
this video gives me so much anxiety. lmao
And if you combine it with 5, it's a drum session.
hahaha toothbrush advertising before this video xD
Aye, lad. We all make mistakes. He's just a milk-drinker...
0:59 1:36 1:45 Some of my favorite moments LOL
If Amir doesn't even know how to brush his teeth how does he style his hair?
it sounds like a drum when u press it and it got 16 likes because its true... Bad comment? No, bad YOU.
Press 7. Sounds like he farted then made a funny face lol.
i wish I could subscribe to this channel 1,000,000,000 times
This is probably one of their best videos
How does Amir eat with those teeth? I guess he gets his chicken nuggets blended.
Way too hard man, your teeth are *WAY* too hard!
Good job, you watched the video... Like everyone else. ¬.¬
pause the vid. and press 4 really funny
Their should be one where jake teaches him how to masterbate
You little bitch, pricked him a single and final time!
The fact that he has the ability to stop peeing is amazing
yeah I haven't felt piss on my leg either...
"I feel like I could flick one out right now" so that's how Amir managed to lose a tooth to an M&M
Press 3 over and over "Figs figs figs figs"
0:50 thats the face and sound i make during sex
they should make a Jake and Amir movie :D
When are the outtakes coming out for this and shaving?
I mean I can understand why Amir's gums are bleeding, especially if he never flossed before.
I replayed this about 14 times just to hear "she is a demon bitch but she is good!"
Amir does not like it when Jake is hard in the wrong places.
Amir could have been partially right there for a second when he said 30 x 4 as if he you counting in seconds it would be 120 seconds which is 2 minutes. Regardless Amir was still wrong about it taking hours to do.
Why does Jake even bother with Amir?
Comparing your dick to teeth.. does that go with size too?
Wow, Big Mac, I didn't know you were so judgmental...
Reminds me of the episode where Amir brought a snake in the office.
Amir's teeth are soft. so soft that his dad FREAKEN MOVED.
if u press 7 over and over it sounds like a drum
if you press 9 it sounds like Jake is saying "Fart on you're gums."
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