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Tablet image search with carousel view

by Android • 202,510 views

Exploring image results on Google from your tablet is now faster and easier with the new image carousel view. Swipe through beautiful large images that load fast! Try out the new image carousel by...

@AtactHD "iOS's scrolling/zooming system" what would that be?
I don't see the carousel aspect of it
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@censortube09 I can't tell if you're being serious or not, because you're slating both products...
@rfutty1 looks nothing like my xoom honeycomb looks more like ICS
IPHONE 4 all the way y'all',,,SWAG'
what is the different between the old search and this one ? is it just the carousel view comon google.....
Now can we have ICS on our tablets like that one =D
@censortube09 Yes, I only just read your comment properly, I thought you were insulting both products haha
How do you get the freaking full size woman!?
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Ummmm, it looks exactly the same..... It runs faster in video but the function is the same. Am I missing something!
How do I get the name with the extension, for like forums and such. I FUCKING HATE THE NEW LOOK
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@schowy1 Arrows to the knee can have strange consequences. I used to like oranges, then I took an arrow to the knee.
I knew that tablet had ICS from the clock! Why does Google always have priority?
@DedmonStudios I simply love you children following the newest hypes! Apple is so great, for everything you want to do on the Ipad you need a creditcard and ofcourse all software has to be from Apple or you can't use it. Android is such junk, offering all these services for free and ofcourse all without violating and selling your private information! JUNK!
Of course its faster its running ICS and anything is better than honeycomb really
@iammodo Obviously ICS. Just look at the numbers on the clock.
Is that available on my APPLE IPAD. I love my APPLE IPAD ...
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DEAR GOD GOOGLE PLEASE LET US CHOSE CUSTOM IMAGE SIZES WITHOUT GOING INTO ADVANCED SEARCH. I mean seriously, just add a god damn button next to " Large, "medium", and "icon" that says "custom" that lets us enter custom dimensions" please Please PLEASE GOOGLE
Google! Oh oh please put Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile!
@timothyln12 Exactly I was thinking.. Was expecting more or somewhat similar to the Youtube app for HC
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@MrErminBrkic : what about the NFC, android beam and the 720p display?
I wish Google would stop adding cute little features like this and focus on addressing UI lag and choppy scrolling in Android. It's prevalent and irritating even in this 55 second demo.
Ok i need to call some one what do i do ?
OK if it's ics my bad. I didn't know tablets would get it so soon then again its google the probably put it on their themselves
@JayBomb999 it's not google, its android lol. android scrolling isnt even close to iOS's scrolling/zooming system...
I used to use an ipad, but then I took an arrow to the knee...
Wow! I'ts just like an ipad! .... Only worse...
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