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by TobyTurner • 42,709 views

What movie are you lookin forward to? Post a comment or video response! Ily Inception was fun! My canon T2i is complicated, and OldSpice is exploding.

"Intro of darkness then redness then whiteness" has not it?
"What a dick!" My new quote for today.
I started laughing when he was crossing the street. Not cuz he said something funny, but because I imagined him tripping on something and falling. hahaha
First vlog with Badadododododododo SUBSCRIBE?
The top doesn't stop spinning at the end of inception.
I yelled "Dick move!" was all I said at the end
I KNOW Inception was really freaking awesome and the ending was CRAZY. The guy I went with was like OMG COME ON and he actually said it pretty loud. Loved the movie, I totally want a totem now. xD
Thank you for letting us be creepy and come along with you on these coffee adventures. :]
yeah um...where did the sound go?:(
I'm waiting 'till the movie Warcraft comes out! And Megamind!
I'm looking forward to Despicable Me and Inception.. but the one I REALLY want to see is Scott Pilgrim.. :D
Just got my own T2i and it's freaking awesome :P
So, I've been going back and watching all of his old videos, and it's really cool to see all of his, well I guess memes, start to come together.
Rottentomatoes?!?! What kind of tag is that?
hahaha hilarious. big thumbs up
Did you know the sound is barely coming out of the right-hand channel? A heads up in case there's something wrong with your phone Love your videos Toby, PEACE OFF
Woah this is so weird, I know exactly where this was filmed.
Why do you like lisp in every video ? :D
walking vlogs are ok. car vlogs are not.
inception was awesome. i loved it. the end was great.
At the end of the movie someone in the theatre yelled "Fuck!"
@mezmir post modernism yayyyyyyyyyyy. not. Critics don't like neatly packaged endings anymore. It's more powerful the way it is anyways. It makes you think. You think it will but it just continues on. :O
INCEPTION WAS AMAZING. I literally just got back from seeing it and saw this lol. I recommend it to everyone who can understand deep stories hahaha
#59 lol that was an interesting intro. Darkness redness whiteness.... <3
I'm waiting for Scary Movie 5, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Tremors: The Thunder from Down Under
Toby, I think if anything you should cut down on the coffee. ;D
Hahah I love your vlogs but the sun's rays kept annoying me, like I wanted to turn so they weren't in the camera. xD
youre right across the street from street that comes off the hill into the valley? SICK MY NIGGA
I want to see inception so bad'
i went to see inception, i jizzed my pants through the whole thing..
@reesesgrly1010 Hahaha! I went to go see it today:P It was amazing! maybe one of the cutest movies Ive seen yet, and, as a bonus, it was hilarious. Im 19 too, I went with my sister, unfortunately it was mostly children, so when the only two people laughing at the fart jokes (because for some reason kids now adays are "too mature") you feel immature...but no matter, totally worth it:P
Anybody else notice that they're getting sound ONLY on the left side?
I'm looking forward to Scott Pilgrim vs The World in August :DDDD
You didn't bless my face. I am highly offended
i feel like something is missing...
Don't worry about people staring at you. Imagine how Shay Carl feels!
@DjGrijsvest He's only do "boop" in a couple of videos previous to this. He doesn't make it a part of every video until later. Much like "intro of darkness then redness then whiteness"
movie looking forward to : harry potter in Nov, cause i'm awesome like that. lol
hahaha toby...when your running it sounds like your wearing heels.... *GASP!* :P xD
Yeah! Yeah!Y eah! Everybody dance, everybody dance XD LMAO!
THE ENDING NOOOOOOOO. I rushed home and started writing online about the ending.
I'd buy you a cup of coffee if you made another video with Falcor
watched inception just was a giant mindfuck...
I think it was 2 hour and 28 minutes not 40 minutes. But it was still AMAZING!
i'm pretty sure if i lived where you do and saw you walking and talking to your phone, i would stop what ever i was doing (possibly endangering lives) just to tackle and hug you..... just sayin'
inception was the only movie i was looking forward to this year. it was amazing. I guess in the future.. im looking forward to Batman 3, The Hobbit.
@Lukie99 actually i didnt think it would end up beat, I felt the way it is was totally expected/predictable. Just like shutter island. From the beginning your like oh it deals with crazies, well then he must end up being crazy. So this was oh it deals with dreams, oh he'll end up dreaming. I think the closure would have made it less predictable, and to me better. Thats just my opinion tho.
does this video have sound...? I can't hear it
what is he doing... is that guy talking to himself ahahahahahahaha
3.57 for gas?! thats rediculous
yeah yeah yeah everybody dance dance
@TobyTurner how many times do you answer to comments my fellow audience member's post?
omg omg omg that movie was the best movie ever! Definitely my favorite movie before.
I didn't know this was possible, but candid Toby is funnier than scripted Toby. I love these vlogs!
Same thing happened to the audience at my theatre xD
Weirdly I only got audio out of my left speaker for this vid :\
lol i went to the midnight showing like was long!
Everyone in the audience went "OOOOOOOH!" At the end...and what did my Dad do? "Motherfuckers!"
if it was now that twain's place in the background would have been noticed by him, and he would have yelled out "SPONSOR!"
first time u ever said bada thing
373 likes 0 dislikes.... BOOYAH!!!
@sccrwit2 well now i'm never going to sleep cuz ill be thinking wether it tipped over or not....
i want to see eclipse, but i can't cuz i haven't watched new moon yet.......
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