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Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Mayhem - Episode 6 (Deathmatch Gameplay Commentary)

by TheAuZZieGamer • 391,023 views


1:23 mess with me in febuary this is what happens and sorry for all the comments
Can someone tell me how to do assassin's creed revelations online ?
7:20 what happens when you fuck with me
i mean from where i have download it and what i have to do 
2:20 I appear to have a couple persuers on me not to worry I'll keep myself perfectly safe in this friendly looking crowd of-ah LOL
let me line it up anddd aw shit i missed
U should seriously consider AC black flag. Ur like one of the best AC players ever
I've found out Auzzie's PS3 acc. NMill3r.... I saw it on his Uncharted review , at the moment when he killed a guy in the MP, his name was visible at the left corner. And he thought he didn't left any traces behind. If you don't believe me , go f*cking check it by yourself. Thank me later.
I sent him a friend request lol thought i was the only one who noticed
I sent him a friend request lol
I've already seen all his Assassin's creed videos at least 50 times ._. i want some new videos
+TheDBZFan9000 it's fuckin September and he's not back!!!
just got this game yesterday sooooo exited to play now
1:25 how do I make that noise
You snap your neck lol
dude can u do black flag or more assassins creed 3 videos
Lol you are awesome dude
Auzzie toured sick brave. I have been watching your videos for hours bro. Best youtuber.
dude u are effing hilarius
TheAuzzieGamer do you have a google+
Where are you? You should make more videos please.
That sound of the neck snapping is very unpleasant .
What do you mean I go to sleep by that sound
Awesome videos mate! Subscribed!! :]
its fun to watch even better tO
When do most of people play? Often can't find a session for a deathmatch.((
i think the courtesan, the crusader, and the gladiator all stand out from the npcs
What do you mean? You use ":" behind the time you type in to make it work. 8:11 - 8:15 for example.
I'm pretty sure it does kill your targets... doesn't it? I've never actually played the game, so...
It's too bad it that the kill chain completed around 7:20 couldn't have included more people. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
your playlist is backwards just saying
How does he stun people so freaking easily
For multiplayer which shall I get: brotherhood or revelations?
Hey man, I really love your shows on acr. I tried searching you on xbox live but couldn't find it.
AuzzieGamer is fucking amazing, keep up with the videos man! (Question: Can you party up with friends in Assassin's Creed multiplayer? For instance, I create a party of 3 and then go play TDM? Thanks in advance!)
If I recall correctly you can enter games as a group.
Whenever i try to stun, i get an honorable death. Do i need to lock on first?
Will you... will... will you marry me ; _ ; <3?
did he still get the kill? 2:06
if you find TheAuzzieGamer on xbox live gamertag then you have solid proof that he's infact not dead.
Your really good at this,you where the first i watched about the multiplayer as well,im going to buy Assassins creed revelations soon and i just thought this mode is tacticaly magnificent lol want to see what the others are like now thanks for getting me interested in the multiplayer XD
AuZZieGamer you have really funny commentary!!
I know right? I'm insanely observant in comparison to before watching these series a very times.
hmmmm it seems you like to say fuck head a lot, have you been playing no more heros?
Your the secound best commentater I've ever heard! Good Job
Fiora Cavazza/ The Courtesan. Though, I think the abstergo agent is named Fabiola Cavazza instead of her name in the single player mode (Which is Fiora)
Are u ipodmail brcause the way u say good day sounds the exate same
It's a ability that shifts an Npc's Appearance to look like your clone and will run at any near by pursuers and will either die or stun them
*(SLOW MO)"AAAAAAAW" "That was fucking cool! LOAL
Chatty people add me on revelations ps3. Psn id: KrazyAlex209
7:14 - Dat jaw break XD haha perfect scream :)
Did anyone count how often the Bombadier was his target? xDD
lol i like the way he talking seems funny
Where is episode EIGHT? WHERISIT?
Best sound ever goes to Auzziegamer for "eeeeeee" congratulations.
Quickly climb this obsticle ANNDDD politely walk by him lol
That can happen if he as the camera on to you and if you get closer he spams the x on xbox or square on the ps 3 and he kills you
Yo auzzie wats ur gamertag for the xbox
you like stealthy games don´t you!? Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Hitman..... I love am to! Anyone got some advice witch one I should buy?
28 people got assassinated by The Auzzie Gamer
can you please post multiplayer mayhem videos of ac4
7:07 *Throw* *punch* *stab* *slash*
I notice that when he's faced with a pursuer, Auzzie always opts for spamming the B button as he puts it. is this always preferable to running away?
somehow, i think the crusader never appears as an NPC, he stands out too much....
I'm surprised you don't run the tripwire bomb. So you can, you know, blow people SKY FUCKING HIGH!
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