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JYJ - Ayy Girl (Feat. Kanye West and Malik Yusef) [Official Music Video]

by jyjtour • 2,601,022 views

JYJ - Ayy Girl featuring Kanye West and Malik Yusef In your high honour All over my skin thats art splattered And everything happened this part mattered I tattoed your name on my tongue Then my...

i come back here occasionally just to laugh at them LOL. I love JYJ. i srly love them to death n they r the only singers/idols where i own almost all their albums but boy was this collaboration a disaster. i actually LOVEEE how much it sucks. it's just very entertaining to watch n always open up conversations between friends. xD
You are a true fan.
It really seems so akward. From both a musical standpoint and the mix, we basically have a collaboration from two genres with completely opposite concepts of masculinity.
noor e.l.fcute Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
اما هاي الاغنية شفتها اول مرة في يوم ممطر ومضلم نوعا ما بحيث ناسب جو الاغنية هههههههههههههههههه اما الرقصة سهلة حفضتها سهلة  اما الاغنية فاهي بالانكليزية فحفضتها بسرعة الاني اتكلم انكلش نو عا ما
The ONLY thing that save this MV is the beautiful looks of then, in special Jaejoong with his old long hair. it's sad, But JYJ have so much songs better than this tragedy hahahaha.  
Wow, very disappointed. I wonder who directed the video. Terrible!! the song gets lost in the special effect. I am glad that I read the previous comments saying that this is one of their first videos. Beside the unmatching intro with Kanye West and Malik Yusef seems like a like a completly different song was attached to this song.(I haven't seen so much of their music yet. But I follow Kpop but not too familiar with this band and I was hopping to know them.) So I will search for a new video now. Any recommendations? 
I'm just getting into JYJ. I love Backseat and Valentine (sung in English). Xiah solo track No Reason and Fantasy are great tracks. I'm more into their R&B tracks. No Reason sounds like something Usher would've done in the late 90's, early 00's. I also love Xiah's Letting Go.
This is the first song after the lawsuit but yeah, they are fine now. The video seems awkward and their english completely horror but still I'll come back here always to remember their first step after TVXQ. Always love JYJ
Yoochun's voice always sounds like it's clogged xD But I've gotten used to it. <3 I love the song.
2k15 and i still think kanye and that other dude ruined this goddamn song
This is terrible...LOL.
Look, the video is low budget but the dance, and the song, I just love it, the more I watch it <3
JYJ - Ayy Girl facinates XIA YAEYOON YOCHUN
THANKS. Will check out the 2010 Japanese release!
Gawd they look gorgeous
Well this is a typical Kanye West's video... his hand is in all over the place on the video... but i like the song, and the part of Junsu's jump... he looks like a God, and the dance it pretty good... Junsu's dancing it amazing as always... and Yoochun and Jae, they make it incredible too... I Love JYJ and DBSK... Always keep the faith!
I think i'm crazy because the whole video and song are amazing . . . for me, hahaha. Their later songs are better of course.
........Wtf? Like the whole beginning song with Kanye West didn't match up with intro like the whole running to the camera and posing and stuff then it went from Fantasy Wolf boy Angel type stuff to R&B??? Hahaha like If they would've rewrote the song and left Kanye Lame and Malik Yusef (Who ever that is) out of it and just went on with the intro and had some Angel type stuff in there made it fantasy or something because that was the vibe I was getting (besides the words coming from Kanye).
Xiah Junsu! Siempre que lo veo me deja con la boca abierta :3 
Wow... I'm glad their later songs are better. As much as I love TVXQ and JYJ, this is really bad. 
Why must they make Junsu wear that white backless shirt? XD
The whole mv is awkward but I still love them <3
Amo a jaejoong es muy guapo y su canción está genial
aparte de que cantan hermoso 
How can they be so awesome?!!
노래는 좋은데 뮤비만든 사람 누구얏!!!
Super Sexyyyyys Los Tres
While I LOVE JYJ I have to admit...that I have yet to be able to watch this MV through completely. =[
well the mv would have more dislikes if eyk didn't say anything about it... because nasties ussually like what eyk make fun about so we nasties click the like button for the "ayy girl" sexy rolling down my window xD
The video that started it all XD ayyy gurl can I buy you a drank ... Simon and Martina -3
in a really strange way i love this song and this video. no idea why lol <3
Om My Gosh! I Found Out That Jason (Jaejoong) is SICK !! Nooo! Hope You Get Better Hun! Saraghae !
i love JYJ..but this is just.....
IKR? I thought he was the most handsome in this video and i normally think Jae's the best looking.
Anyone else getting issues trying to play the video?
I love these guys buy DAYUM!!! This video/song is HORRIBLE
I know Junsu is an amazing dancer but it didn't really show in this video and particular song. The rapping part in the beginning was too long before I can finally listen to JYJ actually start singing...(sigh) there's too many flaws in this song. Hope their new album this year would be an improvement.
All I think of when I watch this video is the "man apron".
i keep picturing simon's rendition of the eagle punching scene and chuckle.,
for God sake.. this video is from 2010.. try to make a consideration... This is awesome back then..
Why JYJ? Don't sully yourself with Kanye West.
Chunnie w a long curly hair still looking good and so damn hot! That's stares made girls go crazy! :)
I love this video. Whenever I'm sad I come here, watch this and laugh. I still love you JYJ, love you even more for making me laugh. <3
This song is nice but the music video just sooo bad.
I dont mean to be rude but this song is so not jyj its not the type of songs they sing or style its lame and any way who is is kanye west
hoow?? its so0o funny!!! "watch your friend's attitude why she so damn rude" ITS GO0O0O0DDD I TELLL YAAAA , GO0OLDDD
AYYYY GIRL CAN I BUY I YOU A DRANK? After watching eatyourkimchi review this I cant stop laughing.
maybe JYJ is just trying to give there songs a MV, even if its just a cheap one..but then again.. this is better than having no MV for a song.. there are many good KPop songs that don't have MV's today..
Am I the only one who actually enjoyed this without laughing?
k I didn't even know these three stayed together for a while ... why do I love it soooo much!
i'm on the floor laughing my head off, this looks so bad
Jason is Jaejoong! && i think hes a lot better now, ive seen his OFFICIAL FFM Page, && it says he "relaxed" !!
1st off Jason? Jason isnt a singer here ;-_- Jaejoong 3:00 Yoochun 2:28 Junsu 3:17 JYJ are very great! ^^ i hope you continue to like them ^^
oh dear lord. must wash eyes.
remove Kanye West, the cheap-ass CGI background, and the apron, this would've been a better music video.
you mean THIS video..I actually really loved In Heaven's video
One of the few songs i love that i can sing along to lol
I wonder if JYJ ever looks back on these videos and does a facepalm... ;)
I wonder how many dislikes this would have if eyk hadn't made a joke out of this
AYYYYYY GURLLL *rolls down window * CAN I BUY YOU A DRANK ? Simon has such influence . Ps this is bad
Oh this video is rolling it so nastily!
This poor song fights itself. JYJ is amazing but this was not a good blend.
? I understand u a bit better now simon xD
Has anybody made a gif set of this yet with Simons face instead of the members on tumblr yet? Cuz the world srsly needs one!!! :D
Hahahaha!!! Laughed through the whole video while thinking about Simons "Aaay gurrrrl!" XD
not sure whether your simon or matina since its martina's channel
I think I never caught on that Kanye is on this song. PERFECTION. Now buy me a DRANK.
Don't Know what's happened with you??? I don't like the black influence too, especially the idiot K.W. :p But... Ayy Guys.. the song is hot and our boys are so unbelieveble sexy in this video!!! Woooow, I luv YooChun's long hair :D 유 춘, 당신의 동영상 ... 당신의 영화 ... 작문 ... 모든 게 완벽! 내 칭찬 :D 인사말 부터 독일, 베로니카
*ROLL DOWN MA SEXXYY NAAASSSTTYYYY WINDOW* AAAYYYYY GUURRRRLLL CAN I BUY YOU A DRANK??? lolololol I didn't know this was a real song kkkkkkkkkkkkk u so naaassstttyyyy~
Ayyyy boys~ I really like them :3
it seems they lost something under the camera..
the " what´s your friends attitude, why she so damn rude?" part always gets me :) lol ayyy gurrl!
I like jyj but this movie also song ....i don t know what should i say... anyway not good enough!!!
Ugh why kanye? They are better without him.
whenever i ride to a public utility vehicle and then they have that old rolling wheel windows i always get reminded by this song and that expression. AYYY GURL CAN I BUY YOU A DRANK? ='D
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