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Meat Swiss Rolls - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 2,545,662 views

LIKE/FAV this video!! EpicMealTime reinvents the swiss roll. Surrounded in ground beef blankets and stuffed with all sorts of goodness including jalapeños, mac and cheese and pepperoni. This is...

I would love to see Muscles Glasses vs Furious Pete in an eating contest 
Already happened boss. Don't remember which episode though
Muscles Glasses is a pig.... but we love him for it
Lol am I the only one who got a diabetes add before this
this is called a roulade 
Hahahahah the guy with the fork XD
+Epic Meal Time  what degreesin the oven do u do for the mac and cheese bacon one!? #Meat Swiss Rolls - Epic Meal Time
The guy who eats it with a fork XD
That's the Dave of the group. And his name is dave. Always a Dave in every group of people. Always
Watched this and thought Potluck dish. 
wtf muscle glasses hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What happened to MusclesGlasses & Tyler?
Muscles glasses be tearin it up man xD
I feel like I am the female version of MuscleGlasses when I eat.
he does that every episode you fucking moron!!!!!! agh!!!!!!!
tried to cook after watching this..I'm still crying.
so after a few videos... I wonder does anyone of you would actually like to eat that? I personally get rather disgusted of it lol..
i once chugged a cup full of blended caned mine hot dags, mixed with orange soda, after i chugged the full cup, nobody would come near me for like an hour.
na thats only for people who run from their problems
I hate the guy who eats propley.
We have some bad news,your IQ test came in,you scored a -6.We gave the same test to a dirty shovel,it cam back a +14.
Muscle glasses is going to die from alcohol poisoning
I love Dave. Always eating with a fork and knife. So classy
Im the opposite, I eat a meat/fish based diet with virtually no sugar. It can take years for the body to adapt to a specific diet. Inuit are good at digesting fats but they get sick if they eat carbs. If a vegan ate butter they would not be able to digest it too well.
I'm not one of those ppl that get horny from ppl eating for or playing with food but does anyone else get really Hot when they see muscles eat
Now I do know why lots of americans r so Big :D
now I see why muscles glasses was gone, he was on a diet to lose his gut
i want these so bad i could cry......
That's a pity. I respect people that do crazy shit spontaneously.
All of them eat with their hands, but that one guy that uses a fork
ur guys just wasting food !!think about how many hunger kids u can feed with those...and also is not healthy, u will regret it later
@epicmook.... your what I want my man to look like...
i love the mac n cheese swiss roll!!!
they need their own restaurant cause i would eat there every day if they did
If i had a buck each time muscles points the finger i would be a millionaire
Do they like liquor or bacon more ?
Good show. But I get really pissed off when all that food is wasted. people in other countries are hungry. said
Which comes first a heart attack or liver failure?
is threre is always baken in every video
I hate that guy who eats people.
That's not bad ~~ wanna join that meal ~ ^^
"Budget Mac N Cheese!" The one you broke folk buy.
ok im just going to say it, this episode is similar to there massive meat log episode
its 2am, and im fucking hungry as hell right now
next time we eat muscles glases. i know he fucking would.
I f*cking hate that fancy bastard always eats with chopsticks forks and knife while the whole team eat like real men , the bitch just so f*ckin gay and so annoyingly royalty
thank you, but the kept there distance because my breath stank.
They ate the best f*cken Youtuber ever
And that was the first time i've ever heard anything come out of muscles glasses mouth besides a lions roar.
Eat as he eats. you need the hair, the muscles, the glasses, and the clothes to be muscles glasses. GO!
more like fat glasses. do you even lift?
You don't deserve the honor of watching the sauce boss.
How do they not own a tv show / or a resteraunt!
As long as theres no alcohol in it i will eat it
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