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Bookstore Discriminates Against Grandfather!

by SourceFed • 194,033 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: An elderly man was shopping in Barnes & Noble for his grandchildren and was escorted out of the store "because he was a man in the...

Lol this is so stupid, who wants to take me to the 70's? anyone? no? ok, ill shut up now...
Love, love, love the double rant. Every time. Never stop. Hold me.
ooh this gets my panties in a bunch(thanks grandma) but back to anger. Barn and nobles i will never shop at your peice of beep store you are c word. My dad was single dad off and on for many years cause my mother was the s word litterally. even when she was their dad was estianally a single dad as she could didn't care.
Here's a great fucking line: have parents watch over and attend to their children!
I am a feminist and I support that awesome granddad.
So essentially what you said was he's guilty until proven innocent.... I can't begin to explain how stupid that sounds.
Let's put the cunt/douchebag who kicked him out on the sex offenders list
Exactly what was your point? Discrimination is a weapon best used on those that discriminate. People that choose to openly discriminate against someone based on their appearance will be relegated to the same position of scrutiny. Granted a fool would submit that I too have volunteered for such scrutiny, but those that hold their tongue often find their limbs on the chopping block.
I have to pause it to read the double rant... lol
How do we know you went to church because you believe in god and not to get some of that sweet altar boy? By this weak logic I could suspend every single activity of your life for some suspicion or other
Acting like cops? Who the fuck they think they are by escorting someone out of the store because of an alleged complaint with no merit? So if I want to go and buy my nieces some books I can't be there in that section by myself? Ha I will love for them to even talk to me like that.
They shouldn't kick him out. Instead, they should have assigned someone to watch him while he was in the children's section.
you understand he went into there to find a gift for his grand kids?...he got the call and sat down in the area in which he was going to try and find said gift. He can now look at the books in hopes of finding the gift and continue his conversation on the phone. The employee did not ask the man why he was in the children's section, he didn't ask the man why he sat down, or if he was going to buy a children's book. I'm going out on a limb and saying the person who complained was a woman.
He Joe, Elliot, you realize that means no shopping at Gamestop either right?
this is why i shop at
You're right. I've only been to a book store a couple of times. The whole story just seems strange to me. I feel there is more to it. It seems doubtful to me they booted him for no reason. I wasn't aware that it was customary to just sit on the floor when you get a phone call..
Easy customer service response: "hi sir, can we help you find anything today?" People eho are doing something they're not supposed to tend to give themselves away.
Paranoid? Maybe a little. I prefer skeptical. It seems there's more to the story for me is all I'm getting at. I hate when people just hear one side of something, or maybe don't have all the facts, and just instantly come to a conclusion, and anyone who may question deeper into it or come up with different ideas is immediately wrong.
That double rant...was...glorious!
AGREED!!!! I will be using Amazon.
Expect to be mad a lot, it's a consequence of extreme stupidity, the degree of which only few could ever possess.
ok so it's the middle of summer. my dad's a senior citizen and doesn't drive anymore. he's waiting for the bus across the street from his apt, which happens to be next to a school. a cop actually stopped him and was hasseling him. he was like, "what are you doing?" and my dad was like, waiting for my bus?" "why are you standing around next to a school?" "cuz this is where the bus stops?" he was so offended!
someone complained this guy is definitely a perv. If we wait till he's fkn kids that's "doing it wromg"...
i witnessed being eldest plenty of biggioted action towards my dad being the eldest this is a new low towards male discrimination.
reverse sexism never felt so good
The simple answer: Kill it with fire. But that's still stupid of them...
Gotta admit, seems an odd place to sit down.. Furthermore, since when do people get a phone call in public, and instantly decide that sitting on the floor is the best place to take it.. I really can't blame the store for this.
Just because you disagree with something doesn't automatically make it weak logic. My point was just to bring up that people lie all the time, especially if they had "questionable" motives. I'm not saying he was or wasn't going to do anything. It just seems odd to me, like maybe there was more to it is all.
great, now we'll be down to just Books-A-Million for book stores and those are few and far between
double rant was fucking amazing
Just keep an eye on your own damn kids. This whole issue would be moot if parents took responsibility to protect their children upon themselves.
There are so many stories like that! My friend's little sister used to love playing with me and would hug me a lot and stuff in public and it got to the point I got nervous and avoided her whenever she was around because I felt like I looked like a predator, so I stopped being playful with her and now she probably thinks I'm mean but it's not like I can explain it to her
i was just expression my op.... nnyaa nnyaa nnyaaaaa. shut up.
Does that mean Victoria's Secret/La Senza is being sexist when they wont hire me?
This should not have occurred and the matter has been addressed accordingly. It is not our policy to ask customers to leave any section of our stores without justification. We value Dr. Amin as a customer and look forward to welcoming him in any of our stores.
That's ok. I didn't think that's what you meant though. I thought you were referring to sexism against males, and what I meant was that Canada and the rest of the western world has got it just as bad nowadays.
Maybe they should with there kidds
Imagine you're the typical over-educated, underemployed bookseller, and some customer comes up to complain to you that a creeper is sitting on the floor in the kids section without an accompanying child, and not obviously picking out books. That just isn't normal behavior for any adult, Expulsion seems harsh, but that dude should be old enough to know that where kids are involved even the appearance of impropriety is something to be avoided. He should've had his cell conversation elsewhere.
Also making a violent threat and use a famous persons name with it just shows how big of a douche you are. Parents are becoming piles of shit corrupting the world and spreading that to their children. While not all parents are bad, enough are and they are creating a HUGE problem. Do your fucking job as a parent and we don't have problems, fail to do that job and live with the consequences like the rest of us you sack of shit.
Sitting on the floor isn't illegal, answering your phone isn't illegal, being in a portion of a store in which you intend to buy something is also not illegal. Nothing of what he did was in any way illegal. Saying that person isn't allowed to be in a portion of a store unless with someone else because of their gender IS discrimination which IS illegal.
Fucks like you with no backbone are the reason companies like them get away with this shit. Grow a pair or stfu and stay out of the convo. Stating an opinion that fits the normal stereotype is not something most people give a shit about and its just a stupid lie. If it was you we all know you would sue just for the damn money.
Or the woman who reported him was a delusional paranoid idiot. Go read the news stories about this situation. The woman reported him because he was in the children's section without children. That was the reason she gave to the employee. She felt nervous because he didn't have children with him. This IS gender discrimination you simply fail to realize it because its discrimination against a MAN. I understand wanting to be safe but shopping for someone who isn't there ISN'T illegal.
Proving the why is hard, even with a confesion. Public Displays of Affection can get all kinds of people in trouble. (Made a high school couple leave a fast food joint one time for making out.) Notice I did not mention gay or strait? It was the making out that got them asked to leave. "General behavior" would be the defense, then they would go one to argue that they have tons of male patrons and tons of older clients as well. Then it is his word or theirs.
A bookstore!? Those things still exist!?
I am going to open a store and then when women walk in tell them they can't shop there. And if they ask why I will say, "Well we only allow male customers because Barnes and Nobles only allows female customers in part of their store so we decided to tailor our shopping in our own way. That and it's to show you bitches that we can do that shit too!" Reverse sexism is wrong and feminism is some 2 faced bullshit.
I think that double rant was epic, absolutely epic.... :).....
I love zoologist Elliott, he's so scary. Remember the elephant/egg incident?
People still go to bookstores? I only read e-books...
I would like to see the bloopers for the double rant
LOL AT THE DOUBLE RANT. btw: I never watched news until I was introduced to you guys :')
Store was totally right to kick him out. He wasn't even browsing the books. He was sitting on the floor talking on his cellphone. He should have realized how it appears to other people and moved out of that section immediately. Also, pedophiles do this shit for real. So the store was right to kick his associates out.
@sclassicallyme yeah and when women are at the hardware store, tell 'em all to get back in the kitchen. Fucking dumbass
Whaooo there. Where in my comment did I insult you? I was just expressing my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Plus this is a completely subjective matter and there's no right or wrong answer. I actually find the majority of the things they do pretty entertaining, but this is just one thing the annoys me quite a bit. Not classy dude...not classy
!double rant! Two at once is the best :D
Wow, I would of called the police on that woman for kidnapping a child from a playground.
And parents not watching their kids are why children get kidnapped or ran over so while you prey on people who know common sense just realize I fucking hate parents who don't watch their kids. We have neighborhoods here where kids run crazy and when one gets hit by a car while the driver is obeying the law and the kid is running around crazy in the street cause a parent is not watching that is called neglect... and that is the fucking parents fault.
Yea escorting out was excessive should have just been told to stand up just the simple fact its a aisle not a lounge section they have benches and some have a starbucks with tables and chairs.
I had to replay that double rant over and over again.
Yeah... thing is, Barnes&Noble sell on Amazon too. Since, you know, Amazon is a marketplace and they don't actually supply their own merchandise. So no bankruptcy Mr. Beretta :/ ...but I do hope Mr. Morgan is found correct on his assessment of an upcoming lawsuit.
men are always portrayed as people who need to be protected from. Male sex offenders, three months ago in my own local parish, county for those who do not know what a parish is. A female teacher was caught and aressted for having sexual relations with one of her students. What happen to her you may ask? she was fined $1000 dollars and asked to go on supension. the Girl can reaply for a teaching job at the begaining of the school year. If it were me I'd sue till I own 51% of their shares.
It amazes me how much of a dumbfuck motherfucker you would have to be not to sense the sarcasm in my comment. I still can't believe it, you surely can't be so retarded. I would kill myself if I were you, you are too stupid to deserve to live. I blame your parents for not aborting your dumb ass.
Gah I love that double rant!!
I know how that guy feels. Once i was looking after my gf's much younger sister for a few minutes. she was playing on a little swing set. Some old ladies saw me and walked up to her grabbed and said they were suspicious of me. They thought i had kidnapped her or something. they tried to carry her to the daycare they owned down the street. I was very angry at them and followed them trying to explain. They called cops on me forced me out of the premises.
I remember a time when you could do funny faces at a todler without being raided by the swat team
He wasn't charged with anything. Just removed from the store. So no it's not guilty before innocent. I just find it hard to believe that it is as simple as they say. I don't see a store removing someone unless there was more to it that hasn't come up yet. By the way, no need to be a dick about it dude. It's just a thought. It's the way I am. I'm skeptical about things, and this to me just feels like there's more to it.
Yay I have something in common with Elliott. We both have degrees in Zoology. I love him even more now.
did anyone else notice the guy in the locker room? @1:08 ?
You guys are ranting on a whole corporation when the incident happened at ONE store and was initiated by ONE employee. One bad apple doesn't mean you chop down the whole fucking orchard.
I started clapping after the double rant. Bravo.
I'll just ask what are they are doing. If I see that they are lying, bye dushbag! If not, keep doing whatever they were doing.
Well I don't believe the man is wrong about the discrimination. On the other hand, lets say they had done nothing. Parents probably would have created the opposite issue here of the store not doing its best protect the customers, especially since had been pedo issues in other stores. This gives me the impression of damned if you damned if you don't. I think the only way out of this would have been for security to watch him quietly via cam and left him alone.
fucking double rant was amazing!
I love double rants... but I have to pause to get it all.
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