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L Babysitting

by sailorsaturn1118 • 125,883 views

Watch my other videos too please!!! thank chu ^.^ L tries babysitting, while trying to work! just a quick vid! Website for pictures: Please...

this is too adorrible for words.............. O_O <:D
I'm very sure L would be a great dad ^^
L!!!!!!!! I am imagining this right now xD <3
Imagine hearing a baby cry over a distorted microphone.. That would startle everyone lol
Why can i imagine this happening?
i'm here cuz the music adds sexiness to L
This was adorable!!!!!!!!!! /)>3<(\
awwwwwww SO CUTE! :3 
I really wanna be that little, kid
Its short but i like it tho
What is the name of this ! Anime
いf へ うぇれ ばbyしっちんg 目, 位 をうld cry 樹st 祖 へ をうld ほld 目。 >3< L いs おTP
I whis L could babysit me instead of that baby L's way cuter than that baby
Everyone seems to like Babysitter L, don't they? Is this a thing in the fandom! ^-^ XD
This is so perfect I don't even- implodes By the way guys I'm the mother of that kid so DADDY L IS MINE!!! Arrrghh! XD just kidding I wish dx
Can L babysit me :( i think L cuter than a baby
i think, L would be a great father :)
+Hi Nice to meet you a magical thing called adoption xDDD
+Liz Osborne you sure??! Lol jk. Plus I bet if they actually were his kids (that he had with a woman) fan girls would flip the fuck out xD. Either way though, thank god they aren't his kids I just can't imagine him as a dad xD
Something I would never do
the whole time i had L's thinking face on XDDDDDD im like  "vhat da faq?!" xDDD
OMG AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IF UR 12 OR 14 and ur emo call me
that was SOOOOO cute
Who's kid is it? The last picture is fantastic.
Itachi!!?? what are you doing here O/_\O ok that failed XD
Cuz that's just how Itachi rolls. Him and L are just the niggas
I agree with Xeanorth5667.. That baby is soooo lucky sighs deeply
OMG how the hell can you just pretend being L ???? L is god, and god don't care about youtube, I've his sign tatoes on my hand, still with me, he's my life...
I thought L would take all the candy and run off, but the baby is too young for candy.. Cute video anyways!
aww! O.o I still can't imagine him as a father
But... But I'm a guy! Oh god, what happens in the future?!
adorable. L + baby= KAWAIIIIII!!!!!!
15.. looks like he's gonna eat the baby T-T
Lol.who would hire someone like L to babysit? XD
Did you not watch the video? That's all the evidence we need!
KAWAII!!!!! and personally, I would lvoe to be babysat by L! :D
Yes we are. But next time I'm not giving it so much candy... It went sugar rush on me......
Not gonna happen.. I bet the baby would look too sweet and L would eat it.. :3
best ...babysitter......... ever!!
that depends on if you are refering to near from L:change the world, or the anime, because if i remember correctly, those, oddly enough, where two different nears XD
...that baby doesnt know how lucky it is ¬_¬
Awww!! At least we know that L is good with kids. ;)
Don't we all wish we were that baby? Cause I do!! =)
I hate to burst your friends bubble but MELLO IS MINE!
BABY SIT ME L. PLEASE D: Idc how old I am..I wanna be baysat by you XD
Your not a bad babysitter i might let you watch mine and lights baby ^u^
Очень кавайно^_________^
aww L should adopt a baby of his own!!!!
I swear my heart just stopped. I can see him holding a baby up and being like "So...yeah...what do I do with it, again?"
What would have been hilarious to see would be him changing a diaper! ^_^
*sigh* Lucky Baby -______________-
oh, its a miracle!!! in sexy no jutsu all the people talks to me, dattebayo PD:sorry for my bad english
I subbed just because of Gamzee.
Well thank you for the offer but if you do that I'm afraid I will have to arrest you and I don't want to do that.
I love that last picture xD It's so cute x3
L looks like Jeff the Killer. :l
i think Near should be the baby he takes care of
I want him to babysit me even though I'm 16 XD
I know he's just babysitting, but seeing him with a baby anyway, it just doesn't seem like something I could picture :)
your so cute! *hands cake* there you go ^.^ *snuggles*
I can actually imagin l feeding the baby but he himself eating it lol
I wish L could babysit me sometimes...
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