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Guild Wars 2 - Get Ready

by Guild Wars 2 • 1,192,117 views

Still the best MMO, GJ ANET!
Such a great trailer.
GameHead Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Guild Wars 2 çıkış tarihi belli oldu! ArenaNet Guild Wars 2'nin 28 Ağustos 2012'de çıkacağını duyurdu. Uzun zamandır beklenen ve tüm fantezi MMO'ları sona erdirecek bir fantezi MMO olduğu söylenen Guild Wars 2'nin beklentileri yerine getirip getiremeyeceğini hep birlikte göreceğiz. Firmanın kendi sözleriyle: "rol yapma oyunlarında bir dönüm noktasındayız, bu macerada bizimle olduğunuz için mutluyuz". Guild Wars 2 - Get Ready
I have played both WoW and GW2 and its all a matter of what you like more, personally I like GW2 more because of the mechanics that aren't in WoW (The more intense combat system being able to dodge stuff like that.) and the WvW (World vs World) gameplay. I have never been in a more epic MMO battle then the WvW ones. Again its a matter of preference, If you still like WoW better then you still like WoW its that simple....but seriously....what is with the pandas?
0:32 so, it was really Zhaitan...
I want to play this man, but first I wanna play GW Factions again to get the hang of it, but I forgot my password, and the problem is I sent the recovery to my email, and I havn't gotten a single email that has the recovery on it...
awesome game! but support crew is fucking dumb as shit
Check the quality of your Internet connection. Use
look at the system requirements. So far there are no trials as there rarely are upon release.
2 bad it does not look like this in game...but its still fun.
Yes, its Buy to play, not pay to play, sorry for the mistake on my part, though its the same thing on the end anyway, since you end up paying for it :P
This comment was made before their issue with the login servers. That being said, they were very stable while they were online. I'm assuming their just performing maintenance right now.
Nothing can kill a legend. But something can become another legend. And that legend can smash the other legend in the face with a war hammer.
there are 271 panda bears that will be spamming /trade for a group.
holy shit i just shat my pants, never seen this video. OH GOOD COMMON 25TH I WANT TO FUCKING PLAY
For god knows what, My download on disk won't even begin. it gets to 0kb/s and goes off completely, whats that about :S
Almost to Saturday for head start common time pass faster
gw2 is a shit,you cant compare gw2with wow,wow has a better story than ge2,wow has epic trailers but gw2 a totally shit,WoW is better,GW2 is shit,Thank you blizzard for making wow in this world,cheers
This is such a good game its amazing
are you trolling ? everyone knew diablo 3 sucked. And guildwwars 2 already is released. You are either incredibly confused or trolling. And gw1 didnt suck, it was just another mmo but more in a single player manor. Gw2 is perfect, i played the beta and was playing the hell out of it,
former blizzard employee's work for ANET now but... idk about all of what you're saying.
i see daniel dociu all over the place
I still watch this every day , even after release ! epicness !
I agree with Fox, with GW1 was great and I enjoyed it, now that GW2 is out all the fun is coming bad.
My mate accidently boughte on GW2 key to much. So he told me I could have it... I was like... if u're joking with me... I'm going to beat the living sh!t out of u... And now I'm downloading GW2:D
I don't like this game at all, but I absolutely LOVE the original Guild Wars. And btw, GW2 requires very little skill.
1'000'000+ views... 100k of them from me
oh no problem if you didnt like the fisrst gw thats your opinion theres nothing wrong xD Oh well fact is that most people who bought it are mindless blizzard fans who would buy any game from blizzard. I must admit I enjoy starcraft 2 alot and thank blizzard for it but then again its the only good piece of work they made in the last 5 years...And maybe the website was outdated on gw2...i dunno dude but release date was yesterday :D I,m playing as hell^^
Sad thing is...the link GW provided months ago --used as a 'tester' to see if your comp could successfully run GW2-- tested my comp and it came back with flying colors....(it passed min reqs easily) ... but sadly, I cannot play it because the herky jerky lag....evidently my computer COULDN'T run it :( yet GW staff indicated it could :( :( Very sad indeedy. I pre-paid for mine over a year ago, too
Can't wait to unleash hell with my tiny asura warrior ;]
Its Pay to Play(P2P) game guys, you can't download it and play for free.
The dragon at the end is Zhaitan
Seriously? Why do you have to be like this...cant you just enjoy GW2 and not understand that its not going to kill WoW which 9 years after its release still has 8 million players and remains the only subscription mmo aside from EvE that hasn't gone free to play? Just enjoy the game you play and respect other games for their success.
Not to mention the hardcore players in you guild or random ones that would bag you out or nag you to hell to go on a raid or dungeon run.
I have the settings all maxed out...looks like a different resolution..that's all...+ the annoying fact that the camera is way too close to the character ruins some of the environment cams
It's not him it's another dragon, and we don't know who is he.
Been playing for 15 hours now and this game is fantastic many players to play with so great ;)
Guys if anyone is interested, I've quite a few guild wars 2 commentary videos up showing the basics to the game aswell as some tips and entertainment.. no pressure or anything but some little amount of feedback would be awesome... getting attention from youtubers is like trying to pull that girl you know is damn well out of your league. *choke..."uuugghh hi..te there".. *watches her stroll by*
Me and my friend so this is the cinema as a preview trailer and OMG it was amazing, 5 and a half house bitches!
If it lasts longer than 5 hours you better get to a hospital :))
Now why wasn't this the launch trailer?
It does look exactly like this. You just have to put the settings on max..
The fans have probably overhyped it, it's certainly not arenanet's doing. But there is plenty of new to be had my friend, I guarantee that.
So the 8 year old dead game sold more copies on the latest x-pac than the last alleged WoW killer?aka gw2 lol blizzard wins again!
Well, WOW was a great game it just had gotten too old...
If you play gw2, you might get perabanned!
from eu and cant register? read this: ‏@GuildWars2 We are still working on the EU login problems. Thank you for bearing with us while we do so. ^RB
You were banned for a reason. I commend Anet for stepping up where other games have failed.
Battle against Zhaitan looks pretty epic
Actually is B2P Buy to Play. There is no "payments" to regularly play this game. :)
Where i can download that game when it comes out?
Sure they were my dear.How could a total noob that just started experiencing the game know what exploit is in this game.And excuse me that i've talked with my friends, that i have unlike you,about sex.I mean it is 2013 people swear, why can't i have fun with my friends.Don't you go WTF when you complete some puzzles and fall after many tries.Well I do
Man that sucks, good luck with it. ANet is probably gonna be backed up with tweaking the pre release for the next few days if not week.
wth is the huge monster at 0:28 with the sword O_O
271 mother fukka or wow geek lovers ( the only truth of dislikes )
Good news, they stopped selling the game because too many people love it
... and to think that I am playing this game. =]
Well its been long enough to know guild wars 2 wont kill WoW, but it will co exist with it due to them being smart with their payment model
But it is a one-time payment -- it does not cost monthly to pay. Pay for the game (key) and you're good to go!
YEAH...i got banned cause i talked about sexual intercourse...have you ever been banned :P
Hey can anyone tell me where I can buy this game digitally for under 65$?
and yet this game is still better how does it happen??
Yea it could be some random big-ass alien or something... lol.
this is so bullsht i just bought new collectors edition and registerd my account and i it says my account isnt allowed to paly at this current event -.-
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