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by ChimneySwift11 • 1,318,334 views

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its the turbo pad from turbo dismount
the sound in my mind whenever he goes on the glacier ice is VWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
That is amazingly ridonkulous
Ur so cool how do u get no virusis
there is also a green glacier that's also a trampoline
I bet Sonic is jealous o3o
haha! it is so so funny when the ocelots go ZOOM!!!! XD
The glaciers arena looked like beyblade with all the ocelots and stuff
I really like the glacier ice mod
he uses this mod called to many items but if you are going to get it then get not enough items instead not enough items let you see every craftinfg recipies
gotta love the ending song :))))
They're never friends. They all try to kill us eventually. Let's just kill him before he kills us.
Yes it does we need to kill it tho. before it lays eggs. USE YOUR JTK POWERS JEFFYJU
the green glacier ice makes you jump higher you forgot that
wait, i studied for talking to swaggers. okay here we go hui were ur u furuhm? im furhum planut urt.
well on ice chimney goes chimneySWIFT
it is a mod called too many items, he uses it during his mod reviews.
sonic is on ur shirt oh wait now im captin ovious
use that ice with the fans from trapcraft
I'm adding this to my cool mods list
You should put down soul sand at the end and put it below soul sand. See what that doesn
You are super awesome! Keep the mods coming.
glacier ice familiers ocelot speed potion sprint
If you had this on a server you would probably get banned for move to quickly hacking. D:
That is not a setting. It is something called a modification, or mod for short, called Too Many Items (TMI for short). It can give you blocks, and now, it can enchant and give you custom potion effects. You need to download it and Modloader, then install it into the MC jar file. PM me if you need any more help. Good Luck on your Minecraft Adventure.
Someone should make a mini game with that
this could bea jharlem animal shake mod
5:40 The real Harlem Shake
this was filmed on my birthday!!!!
Glacier ice plus speed potion plus flat world
this mod would be good if u want to make a lot of tunnels
there is a green glacier ice that makes you jump higher than normal.
It is a mod that is mostly one of the most popular that is called toomanyitems
try fencing off the sides with fence posts or blocks and that should stop you falling off
Its another mod called NEI, its very useful, and if your new to minecraft, you will want to get it because it will also tell you crafting recipes
So i think that this mod is fun because you can use it to get around places or maybe as a bridge to places like a town far away or maybe a defense system
@yellowdeadpool he uses too many items mod
Glacier Ice mod+ Heroes Unlimited Flash Costume+ Crazy food mod Toffee Apple + Speed Potion+ aether Speed Sand
did u notice the ocelots were gone from the ice pen thingy
I see master, plans go like this, 1. Do Plan A first, then do Plan C next, after that, so Plan B last.
Give yourself swiftness 255 and glacier ice
It's a different mod. It's either Not Enough Items or Too Many Items.
their is an update to the mod there is now green glaicer block
put trap doors closed on the glaciers fo even more speed
i know what we should do we should blow it up with tnt
that wont work after speed 100 I think the game just acts as if you have slowness if you have over 100 speed your basicly frozen in place
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