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Far Lands or Bust Flashback - Lift Off!

by kurtjmac • 38,812 views

From Far Lands or Bust #108: Thanks 2girls1minecraft for the intro! In Far Lands or Bust we are walking, without...

Creeper Space Program or Creeper Jumping?
The snarky yellow text just makes it even more magical.
CSA (Creeper Space Agency) commentary: T-5 seconds and counting , 4 , solid creeper boosters released, 3 , primary creeper booster performance nominal , 2 , 1 , secondary creeper booster performance also nominal , 0 and we have liftooooff of the Kurtjmac spacecraft, the vehicle immediately reached the point of maximum dynamic pressure an is hopefully going to land few blocks away. Our data shows there might be something wrong with those "soft landing" braking engines tho.
BdoubleO would make an amazing intro it's not even funny
double creeper ALL THE WAY. it was so intense
An old recalled Nikè brand that used to explode upon use.
:OOOOO I completely forgot that >.<
That is an amazing flashback, and props to Kurt for somehow surviving that amazingly intense attack!
kurt, new update on kerbal space program
That's schnikes, another kinder way of saying shit or crap.
Mind explaining what a schnikey is?
most stranger things i saw on minecraft only happened to kurt
Troll creeper hides behind a tree.
I've gotten a triple creeper explosion
I don't think you Need a jetpack Mod if you can so this on piepse xD
Lol I forgot about that XD Great flashback
I remember this so well. Definitely one of the best FLOB moments ever!
I wish this could happen to me more often...... Hm... Dear Jeb...
It's been awhile since I've looked at anything SBaHJ/Homestuck related, so I kinda forgot about that. =P
you did not get enough speed to escape the gravitational strenght of minecraft's earth D: otherwise you would have never returned to the ground level and this series would have become far lands in the space or bust!
This was from the first FLoB episode I saw. Awesome.
@TheEngagedGamers It happened to me once xD not fun I actually died
I may be captain obvious, but I guess he meant "purpose".
and there he goe's...... WE HAVE LIFDOFF
I still think somebody should draw fan art of this moment. Kurt hiding in that tree is epic. Would do it myself but don't have the skills.
Wow, I was literally just talking about this to a friend of mine about four hours ago and said, "It's not a FLoB flashback yet because it didn't happen that long ago." I promise to use my flashback-summoning powers only for good.
Luna and Celestia would be proud. Mulestia? Cuna? I don't know.
It's a SBaHJ reference. And yes, he spelled the quote "right" (considering the spelling/grammar in SBaHJ is always horrible, but that's part of the humor).
Just how high do you even have to be just to post something like that...
It was a double creeper all the way!!
Wolfy is like "That looked awesome in 3D!!"
I remember this moment, I was hyper-ventilating right there with you! Yikes!
The comment you made before you made the comment I'm replying to, before that one was made a year ago.
Who got the 'double rainbow' reference?
Dear Jebedaih I've found a far more fun way to get to the mun.....
now do the double skeleton attack flashback!
public static Kurt kurtjmac = awesomeness;
That clip HAD to be a flashback. Has that ever happened anywhere else?
*Autotuned singing* Double creeper all the way acroooss the skyyy! Yeaaeaaeaaaa ooh my god SO INTENSE, double creeper all the way ACROOOOOSS THE SKY! Yea yea ooh my god, look at that creeper!
The new YouTube automatically swaps the top comment around, so you can only see him for a few hours.
Haha. I remember watching this episode, great one! Couldn't wait until it was a flashback.
Kurt what would happen if you die?
Didn't he already do the double creeper flash back?
where is the creeper general diary from that episode, i miss those
it was too good. he didn't want to wait. >xD
First off "Double Rainbow All the Way" was not the title of the original video. It was just a phrase inside the video. Second, everybody who has made it this far on the internet flat out knows the Double Rainbow video.
Ha, I remember that episode, I was laughin hard at this too.
Haha I was cracking up the whole time! :D
Already? This wasn't that long ago.
Double Creeper! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?!!
I love how 2G1M do the introduction :3
Aaaand appropriateness! because of the space x launchness.
spoke was referencing it too, just without the horrible spelling/grammar
Double creeper all the way! It's starting to look like a triple creeper!
@AdzSONLINE I think everyone did
I forgot all about this one -- this had me rolling when I first watched it. Great flashback.
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