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How to get sucessfull in EVE

by XDMR • 84,467 views

A quick funny guide, with vids all recorded on one day. High: 7x HML II Med: 3x LSE II / 1x Invu II / Webber + Scrambler Low: 2x BCU II / 1x PDU II / 1x DC II + resitance rigs Pilots: XDMR : New...

Some things never change
stop shooin stop shuuin
why leave your ship?!?! i dont get it -.- first. you guys get the ship+Fitting. second, he wont get insurrance.
blob or get blobbed.. isnt it like that these days...
@XDMR i think he is making fun of how you say shooting
first step in getting successful in eve, carry all missile types on your boat, and don't shoot kinetic at a NH.....
I see, so it wasnt ALWAYS a rokh ;P
oh i see lol the vid is ace btw are you still playing eve?
Errm your game's in german, but ur not german ?
If someone ever asked me pay a ransom or be podded id choose being podded over paying a ransom :) since only cowards would pay ransoms and Honorable people would fight till they die :)
Why so much negativity on this vid? These guys did well, they were organised and yes, 200M isn't the biggest ransom in the world but is by no means small. They made a profit out of it, and that's a good show no matter how much of a profit.
Man you wern't too successful when we were killing ur ships in Intaki :-) Nice vid though!
4:30 Why didnt he dock.... Why didnt the domi just self destructed? Why are there so many care bears in low sec?
btw... bin meistens in molden heath und den GW unterwegs falls ihr mal nen ausflug machen solltet XD
Oy the two Nighthawks you guys went up against had to be Noob fitted to lose their shields that fast. I think I heard you say one was Active tanked? I suppose Noobs need to learn somehow what a ship should be fitted with lol
screw all that... let them blow your shit up dont just give it over.
@haloslayer78 I look at your name and I can already tell your too ignorant to argue with.
Thought i recognised a voice in the video, Flew with Deltaprimus for a while :D
I just don't like pirates what's wrong with that.
@XDMR i think its when ( if its was you ) when you saying stop shooting ( but we could heard shooing? or shuein :P
@NickHey u mean when i was soloing around and u guys were always fighting me 5v1 with ECM backup well.....
@XDMR this is clearly the british guys speaking in the video lololololololololol ello BRITTIE!!!!!!
sounds like your just saying Low sec Low sec Low sec !
nice job, but most people would of pulled a blackbeard and raped him anyway :) BTW, how do you get vent?
Confused can flippers: It Works! Continuously jettisoning 1 unit of velspar to leave behind garbage cans (dang appropriate name) , while mining for your own full shipboard load, has proven to be a nice payback for can flipper rats as evidenced by chat channels, the grape vine and personal observation.
succesful?? oh my god you made like 60 mil off that...try going to 0.0 and kill some guys with officer gear fitted =) make a few bil then
e-thugs lol, coz talkin shit in person is dangerous. that was fun to watch
gang banging is bad now? I though in an MMOG you were meant to play with others O.o
whot was that ? i see on this video 5th english noobs
god that guys annoying when he shouts "everyone stop SHUEIn EVERYONE STOP SHUEIN" ,, fucking accents like that should be burned
What kind of an idiot leaves his battle ship like that? he does know that leaving the ship means no insurance money from it popping right?
Well I'm new trying to get into this. I have the trial as of now with the name MASTERxSNIPER. First startup gave me the BSoD so I hope to be more successful.
@XDMR ach ja? und dann fallt ihr in absoluter überzahl über mich her :P wenn dann komme ich mit meinen leuten, das is doch klar. aber ich glaube dass ihr gegen eine gut eingespielte nullsec gang eh keinen hauch von chance habt. :P vielleicht kommen wir ja mal mit orca als köder und dann werdet ihr mit caps gehotdroppt. hrhr... mach dann n cyno in meiner falcon auf und mach dir keine hoffnung auf nen kill, ihr werdet eh alle permagejammed :P
Props on letting him go after ransom
Bastards! lol ;) that was one of my corpmates you ransomed in the end lol! Im gonna post this vid all over corp chat lolz :) good vid!
can u pm me the fits on that drake plz
Once had sombody do that with an Orca. It was rigged and there was a geddon with full t2 mods in the cargo bay :) that was a great day.
should of taken the 200mil and still kill him
Lowsec pirating, it takes skill yo. Especially when it's 4v1.
lmao i have 2 accounts . Penguin man. and Enorio
Someone calls the target a stupid twat for bailing? If you've been ganked or gated enough you know that it's usually safer to bail when you know you cant win and jump while they shoot your ship. 90% of the time they'll pod you anyways so it's easier to slip away amidst the shooting. I loves me pvp but there are too many sad people that think they rock by gangbanging people.
maybe he has expensive pay 200 mill...or loose 400 mill in implants or w/e
3 bs + a drake killing one nighthawk. thats not success, its obvios. get fair fights, and be successfull there.
been playing eve for 8 months or so now and i have yet to run into "proper" prirates. the ones a ran into ransomed me. the guy said he'd let me go if a cough up 80 mil, with 500mil of implants in my head, hell yeah i paid, only to have his friend blow up my pod instead, saying the deal didn't include him>_>. i would imagine that guys like that make guys like you look bad, and make ppl more hard assed to pay ransoms.
thats nice to hear i hope u like it. if you have any questions you can ask me ingame :)
what missile type is that raven shooting? Cruise or torpedoes? I'm just curious as the explosion looks amazing!
Well seeing as I don't go to low sec without a plan or friends I'm not mad. I just think pirates and a majority are stupid.
Step one: spell successful correctly.
I play Eve because of you Mr.! Thanks, :D Lucas West is my Character Name, hope we meet (not in Battle XP)
succesful? your flying a drake!!?!? :P
lol, Just stop being so carebear-y and actually go fight in nullsec is how you get successful.
@PiNkRaNgErZ Honoring ransoms is for real people, you let a guy slip after he paid, he can trust you better into letting him pay more ransoms without screwing with other deals. its like the cycle of the world, in the spring everytihng grows, then the Summer everything is dehydrated, but alive. Then come fall everything starts to weaken, and winter they stay out of it by being dead, then they sprout up again.
dear lord bro, thats a battleship, like 90% of eve doesnt have a battleship, muchless 200m
@Elitecobra16 succesful = the oposite of fail. In this video everything went right for us and we did not fail so we were succesful. What you mean is a lucky kill thats something completly diffrent...
good job THIS IS A TRUE PIRATE nice work post more vids
LOL... "Stop shouting into the mic!"
@XDMR shooting lol I get it, cos I'm aussie, and we're descended from Brits =D
@brucekirk89 "Shooting" in some funny accent :P
High: 7x HML II Med: 3x LSE II / 1x Invu II / Webber + Scrambler Low: 2x BCU II / 1x PDU II / 1x DC II + resitance rigs With T2 Fury + Hobgoblins around 450 Dps Buffertank with 20k shield, resis all at least 80% and EHP of 90k
omg whos the noisy little fuck that has an echo mike
This video is 3 years old I am pretty sure they would poop on us if they vsed us with there capital ships by now
bah noobs lol thats not succesful thats just opportunistic.
i dont like pirates, my sec stat is 5.01 and i am proud :D i like to kill pirates in lowsec after baiting them what is not very hard. the good point is that you let go the nighthawk after he paid you out. and the domiguy.... I laughed, what a freak XD 5/5
how do u get the velocity to be shown like that?
So do I^^ maybe you should reinstall the game its really amazing with all these possible things you can do. I love these big sandbox which eve is. I hope we meet sometime online :)
"Fuckin played boys, Playyed!" Got some seriuos lols of that, and your one jump away from base =D
looks alot funner than mining....or mission running.
I have commented it but i will take it now in the vid-description :) but tbh i havnt used the fit a long time now i think its ok for a great buffer tank but i fly now better ones...
Great job guys, now spend some REAL money, and get headsets to get rid of the echos...
Old vid and you can do a lot with 50million ISK. Go buy a couple of nicely fitted frigates and you can have more fun with that then you can with a half a dozen battleships.
Good to see you honoured the ransom.
love you guys for letting him go
your accent on ventrillo is northern english yet the text in the vid is in german, something not right with the ransom either (staged)
I got a 2.5B battleship and a carrier and a fuck ton of tech 2 ships.. and bpos / bpcs...
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