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The Minecraft Files - #224 - Tropicraft Portal House (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 350,107 views

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Still come back and watch these!! Chim is the best!!
what version is he playing in season 4? I need the tropicraft mod.
Chim, for season 7 plz can you try and do crazy craft?
Get placed tach block
I just remembered something when you mentioned spacial distortion and that is...did the aether ever get fixed??
do a let play on tropicraft 1.6.4
Come one come all to the minecraft files, Chimneyswift11 will drive you wild,from a treehouse to a city bank its the minecraft files all day! lol
..., Chimneyswift's skills will drive you wild,...*
Bro chim do you have a head cold
TGF is not for suggestions and you are supposed to put your TQF question on TQF videos
make a wooden bar in the front of the portel house
Chim for season seven make it take place In the nether.
uh is it just me, or does it seem like those lava glob things are landing closer and closer everytime the volcano erupts?
Can you try to make bamboo doors out of bamboo blocks? :3
Swifters! Am I the only one who thinks he uses TMI to get items off screen? He's ALWAYS having it up when he starts up.. Were catching onto you D:
Woooo!!! 224!!! My lucky number!!
Yes they can! its called chromatic eyes, my friend has it
basically everyone who watched the season 4 minecraft files
The minecraft files is awesome and if u don't like it stop watching /:(
Now the tower looks like marge from Simpsons
sandstone around it, tiki torches, a bambo chest (i think ) AND the bubbly water
If you mean Season 4 is over, yes. But I'm pretty sure you are talking about no Minecraft Files episodes being uploaded in a long time. No, it's not dead. Chimney is on his honeymoon, and all episodes you see are pre-uploaded. Season 6 is coming out when he gets back. :)
hehe thatch looks like shredded wheat :p
plz go on my server it's called :25565
Thumbs up if u watched this and tried to look for ep 1 -_-
the stairs that are made of 3 blocks are more expensive than those made of 6, u get only 1 from the 3 blocks and 4 of the 6 blocks.
how does he have the tropicraft patch for sphax PureBDcraft textuer pack
he drank a pina colada while sitting in his beach chair at sunset
fuck you Nigga Your The Most Fuckin Retard i've ever Seen Fucking Hobos These days
Make a giant creeper with TNT in side of it and my user name for Minecraft is ggg42
Losing faith in humanity when someone thinks that is a question.
When the beginning was on, I thought he was riding in a Grass Block.
Hey question here if i sit on a beach chair and drink a pina colada i cant tp to the tropic wtf am i doing wrong!
umm chim im not trying to be a smartass but i think thatch is usally used for roofs in i belive japan/china/whatever.....
my question is why do always have too many items or whatever it is always up?
Hey chim I am now a swiftor now I LOVE the minecraft files!
use too many items to go into creative mode, then you can break that chest.
Come one Come all to the minecraft files Chimneys Swifts skills will drive you wild from a tree house to a city bank its the minecraft files all day!
I like your portal how did you make it PS your big best fain
What happened to under water base part two?
hers 900 37459328746983487690843576890543698745896734896575346898734589346 likes
in season 5 r u going to the ather :)
I've been watching these for a while now and trying to get caught up with these and I'm liking them ssssoooo much so far! I started of with the spotlight seeds now moved on to watching the minecraft files and I'm loving them!
I started crying when the episode was over ...... I've hade an emotional day T.T
why you no leave half and half
make a peaked tiki hut bamboo poles and thatch roof
go to miners need new shoes and type his username into the box at the bottom of the editor. It will pull up whatever skin he is currently wearing. Then you just hit download and cosplay as chim whenever you want!
what is the chimmey you minecraft version and tropicraft???
you should make a cow farm two collect milk so u dont have two returen to your other world damenchin place
thumbs up if you always sing along with the mc files intro!
Thatch reminds me of Shreddies for some god forsaken reason.
you really think hes gonna make that? cuz he doesnt make those things, a lot of people have asked that before you
chim u should totaly do a vid with u revisting the old vanllia minecraft files and restock or something and just vist
wow his tower kinda look chinese
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