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Podolski & Giroud ~ Arsenal FC Predators 2013

by JonWarb204 • 325,867 views

Lukas Josef Podolski is a German footballer who plays as a striker or winger for his new club Arsenal FC and for the German national team. He is a left footed attacker known for his strong shot,...

Idk if you really know who is the boss of transfers in Arsenal but it sure as hell aint no fucking Wenger. If you think it is Wenger who is selling and buying all the players then you should get some facts. Yea, Wenger might come up with some propositions but it sure as hell aint him who makes the last call.
hahhahahahahaha, especially during World War II ;) In every nation are ignorants, idiots, normal and smart, wise people.
you laugh at Giroud, he laughs at your bank account
yeah, i think its cause their play style doesnt suit him but you have to admit that goal was amazing and its even more pissing off that we havent scored yet games are so frusrtating to watch
you really dont know Śląsk? thats sad man, really sad, and you call yourself polak? hahaha my english is bad but you dont know anything about your own homecountry!
They will be the Torres of Chelsea
Yea but there born In Poland so how doesnt that make them Polish? I'm not even Polish. I was born in Canada but my my parents and whole family were born in Poland
podolski and giroud has good understandin!!
best part about it is henry, van persie and wrighty scored their first goals against south hampton ... looks like giroud (if he scores) is following the footsteps at the start
German are more liberal and intellectual than british. British are almost as ignorant as americans!
That's the wrong ideology. If I have Nigerian heritage and am born in England that doesn't make me English, I may claim a british nationality but i'm still Nigerian. It depends of your heritage.
TBH before Giroud arrived at Arsenal, I had never seen him play but after the first few games for Arsenal I saw his positioning was absolute class. All he needed was better service from the wings and he'd get started. He's a really exciting player and he links up with the team really well. A lot of people bashed him for his goal drought but I knew he just needed a bit of confidence. Now he is firing them in! as expected. Welcome Olivier Giroud!
I need to see Giroud play for atleast another season to have a real opinion on him. Podolski is a quality player, its upsetting to see him never getting played as much as he should, I want to see a new formation next season, maybe a 4-3-1-2. I'd like to see a formation with 2 main strikers but still playing the same midfield and defense, and then maybe doing a switch between Walcott and Giroud ever other match or sub.
Your actually so fucking retarded xP You make no sense what soever, and how about you learn your history dumbass:P Your making a joke of yourself right now. And I'm stupid? " What are you a canadian-polska?" and "learn history you stupid" Yea.... and I'm the stupid one xP lmfao your a joke.
its pissing me off that hes actually doing well in Man United
He may not have the skill but he's a fucking GOALSCORER!, WHAT HAPPENS IN FOOTBALL... YOU SCORE GOALS... GET IT NOW!!
please see how bad henry was in his first 2 months before u criticize giroud.
look at his success now, all he needed to do was settle in, had an assist today
suscribe in my gunner canal! in 2/3 days I will upload some videos! THANKS! :)
Let me help you here idiot: "Lukas Josef Podolski is a GERMAN footballer who plays as a forward for Arsenal and the GERMAN national team."(source: wikifuckingpedia!) I don't care about his fucking last name, there are a lot of Germans who have typical polish last name endings and are still German. What about the Queen of England? Is she German too, because her actual last name is "von Hannover"? No, her family might have ancestors, but that doesn't make her German.
Giroud and Podolski have the kinda football relationship that reminds me of Henry and Pires.
podolski obwohl du ein hurensohn bist wünscjh ich dir viel erfolg bei arsenal vertritt deutschland gut
You are right but i want to say that Arsene Wenger could buy some defenders to avoiding results like 5-4 5-3 in the next season.
A friend of mine was born in England as a son of an English mother and a German father. He has dual citizenship but considers himself as German. But as stated in my comment you replied to, the argument has already been ended.
Giroud is not that good decent but not good.
excuse mate... but who, ever said RVP was shit, i certainly did not
Lulz ... best player Gnabry!! How deluded are you?
They need cavani! come on draw with aston villa?
Ok, i agree with the part where you said buy better defenders, because djourou is just a fucking joke, but, we have cazorla, giroud and podolski, we are sure to win. If we dont, we at least get money from the bpl To improve our squad even more (That is if nobody leaves) We have some youth talents. But seriously? Bendtner is gonna be the solution to arsenals problems? that just isnt right.
Łukasz Podolski was born in polish city - Gliwice -.- his father was a Pole and his mother was a Pole as well.. so stop talking a shit about his nationality.. he has double-nationality, polish and german.. but he never had any german ancestors.. so we can't call him "a german player".. because he's 100 % of Pole..
Giroud 0- Van Persie 4 and truat me Ikm not happy about that
you guys are stupid he's from germany but a lot of polish people went to germany after world war 2 so he's polish and he probaly has some relitives in poland duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh
Giroud est un très bon joueur à Montpellier il était Talentueux, Podolski aussi il est très bon,meilleur que Giroud pour moi. Arsenal doit avoir un vrai buteur capable de remplacer Robin Van Persie
who cares if he's German or Polish, he's still a great striker
Yea i know, I just said one thing and i started to get alot of shit for it :P
Podolski and Klose are Poles who play in Germany
Two slow and average players. Arsenal target 4th spot, it is only possible because Spurs and Liverpool are worse.
why did you have to instagram all over it?
fuck people say some bullshit about him like he's suck or things like that but remember he's a french stricker he was the best players in ligue 1 in 2012 every good french player who done best player in ligue 1 are became vrey gret player henry benzema so shut fuck up and hjust see
If saying that a good football player like Podolski is from Poland makes you feel better because you are from Poland too (I assume), then I'd say: Whatever floats your boat mate. Let's stop arguing about useless shit like the nationality of a random football player.
Lukas Podolski made in Poland :D
is not!last two games he score 3 goals. Cmon!6 goals 12 apps cant be shit!And most of those goals are in last 4 matches so he is going to score atleast 20 this season
Giroud, Hernandez and dzeko have more goals and they never play
You can even search up there wikipedias and see where there born. I go to bed now too.
He is borned in Poland, nevertheless he can be german! Dumbasses!
Yes you are absolutely right but we could spend that money to sign players in other positions that we really need...Not to have 4 players and sign another 2.
In wikipedia it actually does say he was born in Poland and immigrated to Germany when he was two years old. don't respond with a bunch of cussing. cussing doesn't change the fact that you're wrong
Let me remind those who criticise Giroud. Thierry Henry was not famous when he joined Arsenal. Henry couldn't score in first eight games. Media even criticised Wenger for signing Henry but he became Arsenal's greatest striker. It takes time for some players to adjust. If you look at statistics of previous clubs of Giroud and Henry, Giroud has better ratio of appearance to goals in his previous clubs. So support/encourage him.
Its near Katowice xP and there not born there lol, non of them are. Podolski is born in Gliwice and Klose is born in Opole. Both are in Poland... But there both German soccer players cuz they were raised playing in germany
Giroud is turd. His movement is crap. And to be honest Podolski hasn't made MUCH of an impact either? I'm not hating, I'm an Arsenal fan myself. Best players so far are Cazorla and Gnabry...
poland produces maybe people, but germany produces the footballers
and in this area were podolski and klose born ! slask is german, like prussia in the northwest of poland. so what? who is right now? and who is wrong? kurwa :D
wait till one of them has very good season and they go to man city lol
i think that giroud needs time coz now he is playin shit but fucking amazing.
Yet he's scored a bunch of goals for Arsenal already?
Always had confidence in Giroud, quality player... Reminds me of a white French Drogba type player.. Never doubted him for a moment... As for Podolski ... What can I say... Love podolski, so happy he is with us, great mentality and a pure professional... He is the German predator.. Gonna enjoy him banging in even more goals for Arsenal.... AFCtill I die XD
For all you dumbasses still arguing about if Podolski is Polish or German, he is Polish from heritage, he was born in Poland but when he was little his parents moved to Germany. He admits that he is Polish at heart, and thats why whenever he play an international game with Germany he never sings the anthem, He was given a lot of shit for that too.
klose and podolski are born in SCHLESIEN, this is germany
Ever heard of a German minority in Poland. His descent is German even if the soil he was born is Polish.
Oh and btw Dennis bergkamp took 8games to score his first goal, so let Olivier do his ting :) you watch...arteta, wilshire, cazorla, podolski and giroud tear through the defences
I just want to say that Arsenal could save up money of not taking a lot of strikers!!!!They could take usefull defenders from the same money...Because now probably Alex Song is going to be a barcelona boy and when the transfer window close arsenal probably will stay without a defender in the middle!!!!!!! Do you understand it?
Can all of you please respect Lukas' decision to represent the country of his heart! No-one can make that decision except himself. He feels both Germand AND Polish,everyone just chill out!
lol, Klose is born in Opole, Poland and Podolski is born in Gliwice, Poland. I know there both German soccer players. Nice try tho buddy
No we have not a solid defence the only quality players we have in our whole defence is Verm Kosc and Sagna Gibbs probably will be quality player in the future.Santos is a brazilian player and he did not do good defensive work like our last defender Gael Clichy.We have not a good replacement of Sagna. Song will probably leave.The whole truth is that we need defenders!!
They will try for Cavani. And believe me he is deffinitelly in the "great strikers" league
What the actual fuck lmfao the Queen is German you retard
you obviously know nothing about arsenal right now we have alot of talented defenders,koscielny has made the most accurate tackles last season in EPL. dude get your facts fucking straight arsenal are the third richest club in the world and they are not burdened with debts like many other clubs do. you're a total idiot, bendtner persie and vela have been sold and they were our strikers so now youre saying we have too many players in that position? JUST FUCKING SHUT UP YOU NOOB -.-
You are the senseless and the naive boy because you are not understand that arsenal has not money...We have a very big weakness at the defense and arsene wenger to deal it took Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski we are not need to take a lot of strikers because we have too many players in that position our lack of is at the defense...Now sut up and dont tell that i do not know anything about football.
Sczeshny and Lewandowski for Poland, not too sure about Turkey
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