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Abercrombie & Fitch 101 Shirtless Male Models Invade Paris

by stylerumor • 699,961 views

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lol stop talking about aestetics these are just skinny dudes most of em don't even LIFT! 
Are they gonna open up a host club or what? That looks realllllllyyyy interesting.
so ive decided im moving to paris...
I think I just drenched the couch I'm sitting on
reminds me why I like French guys!
............THEY ARE FRENCH SOOO .it makes them 50 times hotter
Annnnnnnnnd into my favorites you go!
They might have muscles. But who dah hell styled their hair? Ruining something that could be so great :/
OMG i came here when I saw a screenshot of your comment on a facebook page. Man, you r getting popular on FB @spysaat is right. it is spreading like a forest fire. ;) ;)
I found Smokndarasta comment....... Copying the original comment for likes, shame on you!
So hot guys do still exist!!! God I gotta get out of Edmonson county!!!
best minute and 4 seconds of my life haha :)
now i gotta delete the browser history..
I as about to call them homos but I'm the one who clicker on this ...
Nothing like objectifying men, you women have no idea what it's like to be looked at as a piece of meat..
you should rename this video: Douchebags in France.
Dude it didn't seem like a joke, you don't know how to be sarcastic.
When is the next flight to Paris?
ladies we all know 32 males hit dislike cuase thay aint got bodys like that
Lol, no problem. Where did you see this on Facebook though? Could you message me the link? I'm kinda curious now.
...If I were one of them, and had men as hot as them working with me I wouldn't remain straight. Just saying. Why have a girl when you can have someone as hot as you? (I'm a bisexual girl for this, and yes, girls are hot, but guys... they are in a different level).
That was great...thanks stuckpixel, best pic I have seen in a while!!(:
i was very disappointed when i searched for "abercrombie and fitch 101 shirtless women invade paris"
Guys on this video, my bed, NOW!!!
the black dude at 00:36 is sooo hot!!
Thanks 9gag for making us gay.
i wish they showed each one individually. Holy crap. Super hot. xx
I really really HATE abercrombie and fitch, but I love hot guys...
i really want to understand why would you call a shirtless man a homo or gay? someone explain to me plz why did I click on this video.
what is the criteria to be the best one there a serious criteria ?
Bitch Please ! we All Know You Didn't Come up with This Comment ! :P
...If I were one of them, and had men as hot as them working with me I wouldn't remain straight. Just saying. And I'm bisexual so I'm not saying this in the whole straight girl thing. I like girls, they are hot, but men are in a whole different level.... I wish I were a gay boy... :c
get me in a room with those guys.
lol saw this on facebook and had to come and thank you for that laugh
i like,.its just ..i ..its...omg..
LIke if you came here from the facebook or meme link
now that i got your comment, are you telling me you dont like what you see?
Yum Yum Yummy god how beautiful
the guy on the left at 0:57 looks like Ryan Lochte! haha
I have way better abs than most of these guys LOL
I'm just here for the comment...
So much gay! nothing to the imagination
You are so right! People like you are so open-minded. There should be many people like you in this world. I dont get why many people are judgemental and haters. They should just let other people alone and mind their own business.
Hello guys! I live in brazil... Come here please?? Rs
:/ This is so degrading. Why in the world are they wearing clothes at all?!
omg. it makes me wanna take off my shirt too ;)
Where the fuck is that comment?
0:53! You guys with clothes on the upper half of your body! Not okay.
mierda mierda mierda que bueno tan
I was going to call these guys a bunch of homos, but I'm the one who clicked the video knowing there would be shirtless men.
ur comment is spreading on facebook like forest fire
no shoulders, traps, or upper chest
I could sit here & watch this over and over & never get bored.
My family laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with "Max Muscle Booster", but then I showed them the results. Google Max Muscle Booster to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
Welcome to Paris and it's beauty... If you look at this way you will see beautiful shirtless models. If you look on other way, you will again see hot shirtless male models. You can jump on them.
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