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Minecraft - Epic Air Battles & Pincushions Mod Spotlight!

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 4,863,450 views

Three awesome multiplayer mods are the focus of today's spotlight! Lewis stayed up late to edit this one because the Lord of the Rings map ended with a fart. Coming this week: Tekkit with Duncan, a...

I used to be a Mincrafter like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.
lewis looked like a pourcuipine!
I feel old... I remember these funny moments years ago. What a great video! :O
2/3 of those are in Minecraft now xD
These are already in the game now
almost all of these are vanilla now (not the vehicles of course)
I love how some of these things are now in Minecraft
Lewis cheated he was in creative :(
9:09 look closey it says ridedog left the game
Ah, the amazing things of old yogscast
Liwis was in gamemode c
now items allways do that
its funny because both of these mods are now in minecraft vannila
04:01. LOL!!!!! Hedgehog
Hi plees mack a munecraft fideo with hanna
заходите на мой канал Fry_Tool
Xephos was in Gamemode 1 and he knew where all the helicopters were
It didn't matter the helicopter still takes damage
Can I join yogscast
Lol This Is Awesome!!! Go Simon The Super Man Guy
honeydew in mail you might get I messge plz make more vidos
Whats the name of this texture pack?
Hello everyone my name is Rivaldi and this is my first few days of minecraft video making , please check out my channel i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you :)
The 3d items was a mod but not anymore
Hello, I know that most of you will ignore,this is advertisement. We post daily Minecraft content in 1080p and we would like people to watch and give us feedback so please have a look at our channel.
1 wtf u insault her sometimes 2 i used to be a adventure like you till i got a arrow in the knee
i want to watch yog olympicsby the yogscast but i cant find it
It's survival games 2 its a map originally used by a bunch of youtubers for a hunger games styled survival and pvp
00:48 You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round. xD
Hunger games person: Yay full diamond equipment im gonna win. Wait whats is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a roc...
why do you think simon owned you with his FREAKING DIAMOND ARMOUR
Wait... simon refernces GO!FAP by Area 11 in this video. The song hadnt been written/released at this point! DUN DUN DUUUUN
I remember when this video come out...
as soon as honeydew says " are we getting in a chopper? " i say " GET TO THE CHOPPER!!! "
Hi can u make it so you have a certin video pic like sky does minecraft so I know it's one of yours
wait... i thought hospitals were supposed to help people
hi do you guys want to be my friend.
Thanks to 1.4 we have floating items :)
Lol 3d mod now basically in minecraft nobody like the 3d mod no more:p
And your a dumbass who likely just sits there and watches fucking youtube all day jakin of to some males voice now do u really want to start this shit with me. .
Ah the days before sphax was the popular texture pack
Lewis, did you just pronounce aluminium the American way? Why..
If really were professional, you wouldn't be advertising yourself on other people's channels. Instead, you would wait for someone to discover you.
This was uploaded last year, when the Spinning items wasn't implemented. :)
you only beat him cause he had halv a heart
Was the word "you" typoed? 4 times in succession?
blööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööörgh oh sticky keys XD
OMG he was humping a core at the beginning lol
7:15 , Area 11's Go!! Fighting Action Power's chorus XD
:) this was the first Yogscast video I ever saw this is what got me addicted I didn't even know what Minecraft was before I watched this.
7:14 I swear Simon sang Go! Fighting Action Power. Even though this came out almost a year before the song did...
the helicopters look like pimped boats
He stole santa's pants that explains his helicopter carrying capacity
air battle perfect for adventure maps well not really
I went to place a helicopter and my game crashed 0.o
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