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Happy Wheels - MURDER EVERYWHERE - Part 15

by TobyGames • 1,756,944 views

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at 11:28 you said bless your face but the old man had no face
Different blood looks much more reale
The different blood bothers me way more than it should... o.O
Did anyone else realize they changed the blood animation?
Ya it's like more realistic or water like
New blood is better!!
Timmy's first words! :D
The blood is different
I know more....realistic
nothing is inpossable
Guess what, pizza cuts pizza cuts ...
The blood looks different...
Your boned after egect
Did u realize if u go slower it will knock it a little the go Streight down
I like happy wheels...
The last game you play is easy
The problem was your son
well someone upped the gore levels :|
I don't like the new blood
to maximum dang it fingers
The blood is thicker
water is sweet but blood is thicker :D
I guess why its called murder everywhere he high deafiniton the blood yo maximum
Don't move at the door.
yeah u change the blood settings under options 
my sister loves you
Toby Please do balcony terror next time
its a trick that level at the start
this game is so happy
u see u changed the blood
i think i figured out why hes so retarded and and talks in all the accents he hi ass fuck
so much better than me
How did the blood change!!!???
Ewwwww the blood got chunkier!!!!! XP
tobuscus is the best evar
"Hey Christmas tree" "Hey Segway Steven!" "hey..." "Hey Segway Samuel!" "My name is Steven!" "HEY SEGWAY CHARLOTTE!" "He- WHAT? I'M A GUY!" "HEY SATAN!" "EXCUSE ME? EXCUSE ME CHRISTMAS TREE FOUR?!" "HEY SA-" "YOU SHUT UR MOOOOOOOOOOUUUTH!!!"
You can change it in settings
I love how as soon as he gets rid of his son. He makes it to grandmas...
New blood was a suprise
HE CHANGED THE BLOOD. IN THE OPTIONS. Ok.It's not magic. Calm down.
Was there an update? Theres more blood than in the last part 14!
01:41 Yes, yes, you're gay))): D
wow the blood is soooooooooooooo cool now
This is the first video when Toby cursed!
He put a 10 on blood. U can do it bus
0:26 omg I'm laughing so hard!
He really sounds like the old man
ive completed mouse hole when your next to the wooden plank u stop then go again#
Did anyone notice the blood looked different in the first minute of the video?
Toby said "god damn"... Rare. 11:12
how come the blood looks realistic now
The first episode he used the sons voice
i can not atand this utube ad anymore!
IDK, kinda, but that's alright. You're pretty cool yourself! :)
The episode where he finally perfected his irresponsible dad voice,
The blood looks different because its on a different setting there is more than one setting and he is on the highest one
Yes he changed them to the old blood graphics. That's why it is darker and more liquid like.
the headphones are so he can hear the sound of the video game
in this episode the son finally gains a voice and returns conversation with dad
I sneezed after he said it. DANG IT
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