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by SHAYTARDS • 449,241 views

Song: Watch us be a family EVERY DAY! "Where You Are" By: Danna Richards...

Dana Richards is like another member of the shaytards (singertard)
that made me cry i love that video so cute and i love u shaytards sooooooo much
this video was absolutely beautiful!!! rocktard melts my heart <3
I love this video so so much! :'D
This is now my fav song
Watching this i get a bit emotional ,because it is so beautiful what they have and i get scared that maybe i'm not going to find that one and have this. But love the song , though. :)
Agreed! Guess we all need to move to Idaho . . that's where people like this come from :) lol
Makes me Cry so much! I love you guys!
They all make my heart go back to one piece💖💖💖👍👍💙🙌🙌💟💟 but I love they all💙💙💙😇😇😇💖
"Things change and people go away" my favorite part.
I love this song, its very heart felt. Missing my family.
I have a soul to tell you this is my song O'Shea turkey got a little girl O can t be like tomorrow can you be looking girl Shaytards I love you this is what I say she could shake I'm okay just tired you're so adorable like your baby sister like a dog to be adorable like bro time sister you like fruit I like your friend he's your friend too he's your brother and your friends and that's what it's all about you at sister has a lot of work to do 9 years old its all about you oh can you be like me this is what I see shake it all about me I love shapes can you see me I love your I made all the songs about haters haters I made that song from for this type remember she remember she was she was 7 years old or something and I made her this video remember watch it back for the sub 17 yes I will little man I was 10 years old that was my first time watching chasers 3 years ago I watching Jason why I was loving Shaytards god I wish loving every time you made my new videos I always watch them everyday oh god I love that I was watching her 3 years ago but she was awesome you're awesome Shaytards getting be like me hey guys I love you This is the song I'm telling you you're awesome Halloween I want to see your videos of Halloween it was 2014 when you're made this video 2014 I want to see your Christmas video from Halloween 2014 can you stand up for Halloween download it on iTunes watch my videos with my sister and the best god sake of your are the best God can you be like that
that really makes me cry 
Wtf is this sh!t, why the f@$k would u hire rebecca black make a shaytard music video. U guys suck, and u suck again, although this was two years ago, im catching up
uhh that isn't rebecca black, it's Danna Richards their friend. It says so in the description too. 
Shut up! They do not suck and you are so late for someone to think Rebecca black made this song. They don't even look alike you troll. By the way I'm a ten year old who's life revolves around shaytards so you can go and suck a lemon
" Angeles at the beach " They are all wearing white clothes and that's beautiful
I love you Shay tards never stops making your videos you're awesome cheaters and I love you Shay tards I love you I love you I love put this time rocktard scented I like I like Rock tired I like princesstard I like center tired I liked I like this time I like baby card I don't know if they stay that way I love you shake charger so right for me Shaytards you're only me Shaytards can you see me honey you can do I can know my chin is cute imagine that I love shake charge you can be my wife come on shake the elf come on Shaytards ghost Pokemon shatered and talk to me I love your videos like me can you be if I watch all your videos because I give a thumbs up I love your videos so much cuz I wear them so much I watch them for 3 years away I watch him the whole month I still do you started what are you started your videos I watch them always the cheat on you you're so awesome oh please oh please don't go I love your shows by the way I love your show so much shake charger so awesome Shaytards Shaytards Shaytards shaycarl Shaytards Shaytards Shaytards Shaytards I love you Shaytards what are you channel I watch clip channel I want a channel I watch TV led penicillin now I watch Cadillac oh can you see mouth fitness. You're so adorable mostly like theater oh that's more balls slapping my song can shaker shake an animal of our own sake I let collect collect collect away tears lyrics swift the saying this Taylor Swift is the longest hair where is
this made me tear up a lil bit aww
this song came out exacly 2 years ago
I started crying 30 seconds into the video. I haven't been watching very long but they have become a part of my daily routine. Them along with ctfxc and bfvsgf cheer me up if I'm upset even when I'm not sad I still look forward to watching the videos. Please don't quit shay . We understand that you want to take a vacation that fine. But when you get back keep making videos. You have almost 2 million people who would be devastated if you quit, but to be so close to 2 million subscribers then qui. That would be like running an entire marathon and then not crossing the finish line. Just keep this in mind, your so close to that finish line don't stop running until you have crossed it and have ran all the way to Spain. Love you guys!
there life is like a tv show
+MORDEKAIZ oh yeah im not good at spelling :>) 
Guys stop saying I dare you too go check out shaytards this was uploaded on the shaytards channell!
So cute and I will like it
I Am Avias Best Friend I use to live in California untill I need to go somewhere else so I never really saw Avia again:/ her family was so sweet
+sofia sierra how do you know if she's lying??? 
So cute and I will like it
Awwww i love this song  :')
How could you dis like this?
You need to add broader to the shaytards logo and stuff
I wish you were my parents your wonderful parents
I like the song the eay they did the video was beautiful the girls looked pretty and the boys looked handsome <3
this is beautiful. such a wonderful family :) 
why did i subject myself to this when i have SO many feelings.  that was beautiful!
I think you worked so good on the song it is so good and awesome
The person singing is danna richards, what do you mean?
MANDEEQ ALI Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
sup peeps i just need to tell you guys something there is a youtube channel named the shaytards i will link a video of the it is funny
Rocktard is SSSSSOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!
Sorry stupid auto brotard
This video is so bittersweet now because theyre done daily vlogging. =/
This the hundredth time and it's still emotion ill
always makes me smile :)
Fans needs to get this song on Google play. I don't have iPhone.
Shay i live everyday of my life in pain crying myself to sleep smilin once a day when i see your family smile i have to watch this video everyday to motivte myself. I know i cant change my family at the moment and i am not gonna try i just hope tht 10 years in the future i am as lucky as you to have such a good family :)
Aw, I'm sorry for your pain and suffering. If you need somebody to talk to I will. I love meeting new people and life is full of potential happiness. Life is what you make of it and I hope that your life will turn around for the best. Nobody deserves to live a miserable life.
There really lucky I love the song by the way
Shaytards, when we say we love you we dont mean we are crazy fans , we mean we love you like family because everyone of us you saved
Amazing as all way danna
Like if you came from daddy pool stand
This is amazing I love your family!!
Megan Thrower Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
wow. such feels. much cry
I love this song I'm reaplying this song over and over again♥♥♥♥
I love that song Danna Richerd
this video is old but please go watch shaytards they are the best
Cliff Baldridge Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
This Couple Shaytards Mormons with Children are making around 1$ Million a Year on YouTube for the last few years SHAYTARDS! - YouTube They do Family Comedy Mostly. SHAYTARDS!
i couldnt imagine loveing a family as much as i love my family but there is just something about them that i love
i don't want the daily vlogs to end, it's like losing a part of me :(
thanks, so far ive been doing much better and we've become closer as a family!
i love this this is an exact example of how i want my family to be
I'm really going to be sad when they stop vlogging
like if your here because you clicked on i'm feeling lucky :P
they should do this again!!! especialy cause rocktard is grown now.
needs more sontard. other than that, LOVE this vid. nice song danna <3
I love this video it's wonderful they look fab
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