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Boyce Avenue - - Perfect

by jujubzzz • 960,535 views

<3 perfeito boyce avenue 
I LOVE YOUR voice Honey <3 <3 <3
Adrian Rodriguez L Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
La canción se llama Fucking perfect- Pink. Pon el nombre correcto y especifica que es un cover si subirás algo.
the blue diamond Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Marga Imanil Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Taiga Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ana Luiza Chernhak Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
the word on his T-shirt means LOVE <3 in Chinese.
OMG you did that one Fantastic.....A!! MARRY MEEE...
He's Wearing the shirt with the word 爱 <3....Love you boyce avenue~
Só acho que já está na hora do Boyce Avenue fazer uma Tour pelo Brasil U_U / Ansiosamente esperando um show deles por aqui >.<
dont we all. i promised i wouldnt either haha
The Chinese word on his t-shirt means "love" = ) Love u~^^
All those top comments are so NOT original.
It would be really nice if you could do a cover on 'who you are' by Jessie J I'm really curious to hear how you would do a cover to that one :)
oohhh... i love this related to my life and the singer his so amazing and incredible...
o_e this song is adictive.. wait.. all theire songs are adictive! D: mygawd my own drug :'3
you should make a version of on the way down by ryan cabrera
Such a beautiful voice like mine :)
if you ask me for marry , i will agree with , becoz i love your voice ;-)
Perfect é a voz desse cara *,* Canta de mais.
i thought it was gonna be an original song lol
A you know I don't ask for much bur I know your good! ! And if ya can do amusing pleazzzx.try for a challenge ..Daniel powter. Free loop I know ya can..God bless
How do i get that guitar sound the otheer guy had and what guitar is it
All of Boyce Avenue's Songs rocks!! :3
Ok now I'm definitely impresssed. It's hard to sing a pink song to begin with, but as a MAN? Seriously? I'm now a fan.
Eu amo ele cantando esta música!
Personally, I don't like this song.. but his "crunchy" voice makes the song PERFECT <3
Like this version better than P!nks original.
I don't know who's the original, but you aren't...
I love you. Hands down, you are one of the greatest male singers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Please, don't stop posting videos, that will be the day the world burns. I seriously want you to sing at my wedding one day<3
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! Boyce Avenue needs to be famous alreadyy
A M E R I C A GO U.S.A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A guy sing is Perfect...! I like it..! Thank you.
The top comments are the same.. it needs a change! -.-' MY TIME TO SHINE!! D8<
Ahahha love the vertical writing!
love ko lahat ng versions nila ng songs...superb!
Wow, up until the chorus, I had no idea what this was a cover of. Well, because the way Pink did it... sucked. At least, compared to this, Pink's version sucks. Thanks Boyce Avenue for taking the trash of the world and turning it into real music.
@svuvewq true true this video its my type of music! Yeah and you can use this to get the mp3 of this music ->
Isso sim, é música de qualidade. Cada vez mais fico impressionado com a qualidade dos caras e o quanto eles sabem transformar em perfeição tudo que cantam.
hahaha i dont agree with Description... coz its amazing... cover... wanna like ???
so good your song... I wanna hear you song every day... n your voice is so beautiful can be calm my heart... :)
P H I L I P P I N E S , love u "boyce avenue"
Nossa Ameih vcs são todos bons 'o violão guitarra teclado e os outros estrumentos estava Ótimo parabéns ,vcs podem ter uma carrera de bastante sucesso que Deus abençœ vcs Bejão *-* s2
eu Jamesson Sena *-* adoro eles veey, *-*
brilliant version loved it :-)
how so i can get this song because I really like this song please tell me.,,,
This guy can turn songs I hate into masterpieces
the title says it ALL.....PERFECT ..LOVE B.A
everywhere,everytime I always listen to boye avenue music, because music not make me boring to listen it.
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