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Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

by ERB • 92,030,849 views

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Steve Jobs LIED, only reason you don't get viruses on Mac is because no one wants to make them because no one uses Mac BITCH
linux is shit. Apple is sht. Microsoft rules!!!
Both are amazing and skilled. Stop having windows vs apple wars. I personally like windows better but I recognize that Steve Jobs was an amazing computer scientist.
PC is 1000000000000000x better than Mac.
oops ypu mixed pc and mac up
+PeteyPlays ypu? Lol!!! Mac users are soooo dumb.
people who don't waste their lives playing video games use mac  edit: almost 200 idiots trolled by this comment 
Linux>Windows>OSX grabs popcorn
+Silmathiel Sioclya Ive never seen green,just Red or Blue.
There are ten million million million million million million reasons in this universe why PC is better then MAC!!!!
Name all of them please. And I mean all of these ten million million million million million million reasons that it's better. Please, I can wait.
I actually got a mac for school and it has only helped me in so many ways, All of my teachers have macs so they can always help me with anything I need if I don't know what I'm supposed to do next lol
PC has more use and is a bit better. Also gaming on an apple is like trying to dive a car on frozen ice.
We all agree, pc is better then Apple right?
Apple is way better. I play video games on mine, and I literally have no problems with it. It's easy to use, as well. PC? Psh, I don't use them. Everyone knows PC's are slow as fuck. Macs are 80% faster.
Woooooooh that was a funny joke! But you were serious now that's tragic I bet your those idiots that don't know how to use computers.
Gandalf vs. Dumbledore rematch, THEN MERLIN SHOWS UP. X CHANGE-UP: Michael Bay vs. Roger Ebert  Samson vs. Hercules (Maybe throw Popeye in there somewhere) Harry Potter vs. Luke Skywalker X Oprah vs. Jerry Springer (or Oprah vs. Martha Stewart.  Or Dr. Phil.  Or Dr. Oz.  Or really any and all other talk show hosts.  Yeah.  Maybe Oprah vs. all other talk show hosts.  Like Ultron vs. the Avengers) George Lucas vs. Gene Roddenberry Robin Williams vs. Jim Carrey Josh Groban vs. Weird Al Yankovic Taylor Swift vs. Nicholas Sparks.   Draco Malfoy vs. Joffrey Baratheon Morgan Freeman vs. James Earl Jones (or Michael Caine) Benedict Arnold vs. Judas Iscariot Jane Austen vs. J.K. Rowling Steve Irwin vs. Bear Grylls The Avengers vs. the Justice League Billy Graham vs. Mother Theresa (Someone else suggested Mother Theresa vs. Lindsey Lohan, which might be pretty awesome) The Wachowski siblings vs. the Coen brothers X Hannibal Lecter vs. the Joker James Bond vs. Jason Bourne  Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles vs. Daredevil Edward Cullen vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Don Juan vs. Casanova Commander Data vs. the Terminator The Manic Pixie Dream Girl vs. the Magical Negro Alexander the Great vs. Kanye West (Kanye West vs. Charlie Sheen would also be epic) Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, and George vs. Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, and Lil Voldemort vs. Darth Sidious, aka the Emperor, interrupted by Sauron Xena: Warrior Princess vs. Princess Leia  Princess Zelda vs. Princess Peach Mary Poppins vs. Willy Wonka.   Alice from "Resident Evil" vs. Selene from "Underworld" Morpheus vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Mr. Miyagi  Lewis and Clark vs. Bill and Ted (Or Bill and Ted. vs. Harold and Kumar) Gollum vs. Dobby Anne Frank vs. Harriet Tubman Samwell Tarly (GoT) vs. Samwise Gamgee (LOTR)--aka SAM VS. SAM Kevin McCallister vs. Dennis the Menace  (or Ferris Bueller) (or Jigsaw) Hermione Granger vs. the Wicked Witch of the West  Betty White vs. Beyonce  King Arthur vs. Prince Harry (Someone else thought King Arthur vs. King David would be good, which I agree with) Han Solo vs. Star-Lord The Phantom of the Opera vs. the Beast or the Hunchback of Notre Dame Jack Sparrow vs. Tony Stark Ross Geller vs. Ted  Mosby Mark Zuckerberg vs. Forrest Gump (Mark Zuckerberg vs. John Nash would be another way to go)  Amelia Earhart vs. Wonder Woman (or Neil Armstrong) Robocop vs. Inspector Gadget Lex Luthor vs. Stewie Griffin The Most Interesting Man in the World vs. Flo the Progressive girl Jessica Rabbit vs. Angelina Jolie Neo vs. John Connor (or Neo vs. Dom Cobb) Dr. Manhattan vs. the Genie Alice (in Wonderland) vs. Dorothy (Oz) Scully and Mulder vs. Bones and Booth Mother Nature vs. Father Time Ace Ventura vs. Ron Burgundy Aquaman vs. Michael Phelps C.S. Lewis vs. J.R.R. Tolkien Trinity vs. Black Widow James Cameron vs. Christopher Nolan The Joker vs. Ronald McDonald, OR . . . TYLER DURDEN Fred and George vs. Merry and Pippin James Dean vs. Heath Ledger Shirley Temple vs. Lucille Ball Lara Croft vs. Indiana Jones Zorro vs. Robin Hood Luna Lovegood vs. Phoebe Buffay
I'm sure PC is better for gaming, but overall MacBook is better.
In which way is mac better for editing photoshop etc? Ive never heard why
Only fat, stupid 'Muricans use Apple.
Apple better than ever!!Apple forever!windows end!Don't use windows! windows bad OS!Windows - shindows!
Depends: If the topic is gaming and print making: use windows If the topic is working and power point presentations: use mac which is better depends on the topic actually
the panel can be changed. I repeat: it is not windows
1. The main reason for Mac is for creativity (video/photo editing, design, art, etc..) Not GAMING! Pc on the other hand PC is better for gaming and is made for the smaller things. Stop being so childish and just accept that they are 2 different things made for different purposes.
Why'd you say 1 and then only list 1 point? +Slendermans Brother No it's not. At all. Don't know where you got that from. Their new OS is only based on Linux because it's open source. Steam has far more games for Windows as well.
Get it? "Everyone knows windows bit off Apple" Apple has a bite taken out of it. LOL
Lets be honest......HAL won that....Daisy Daisy 
Youtubers uses apple , people with real jobs use PC ! :D
+KenKraken then you must make shit pay
Does anyone realize that you're supposed to choose based on who had the best rap right? Fucking fanboy war starters.
Well I think Windows is far better than Apple but I liked Job's rap more.
+Dresslor see those are the kind of reactions we should be getting from comments. oh well
All these PC/Mac funny. Linux trumps all.
I love Linux for giving life to my old laptop(which originally had Vista and was almost NEVER useful). Alas, I prefer Windows 7 on my main PC because I like being able to actually do more than browse Facebook and Youtube. Linux just doesn't have the same support, unfortunately, which admittedly isn't the OS's fault. Steam's beginning to change this, however, at least when it comes to gaming.
Difference between pcs and macs. Macs rarely ever get viruses, but when they do, they permanently destroy the computer. Pcs have a ton of viruses out there, because people can make them easily. But you don't need to care when you have a pc, because your computer easily works around them. Not to mention that every program written for macs either originated from pc builds or has a better equivalent program on pc.  oh yeah, i also forgot, macs are over 1000 dollars more expensive.
One pro of Windows machines is they allow you to use a wide variety of hardware and software.This is the main reason why software developers typically have Windows versions but may or may not have other versions; this is why many so many games are available for Windows.  Downside of having a lot of users is that it has made Windows the primary target of virus makers. You also have some manufactures that try to skimp out on quality, which leads to mixed results among Windows users. However, this also leads to more budget friendly options.  One pro of OS X is that the hardware and software are in a more controlled environment which usually leads to more consistent results. Also despite the popularity among fans of Mac, they still hold a smaller share of the market which is why they experience less malware threats, as Windows is a bigger target. The downside of Apple is that they prefer to keep their software and hardware a little less accessible and you do not have as many choices for running Mac (Unless you Hackintosh, then you at least can choose your machine) but product wise they are high quality choices, which is not always budget friendly.  Linux is something I have less knowledge of but I can say from my experiences it is an awesome option for a backup OS which can be installed easily alongside your current OS with no issues. Linux comes in a lot of flavors, if you prefer Window or Mac, you can find a Linux that suits you. However, it is limited to what software options you have access to, as many developers either ignore Linux or are unable to make their software compatible. Oh, and also Linux is free as it is made by communities.  Basically, whatever one is best comes down to what you want to do, what hardware you want, what you are willing to spend and whatever you are comfortable with purchasing. The real issue is not what machines we prefer, it is how people choose to voice their opinions. I have seen too many Mac users hate on Windows users for gaming just to turn around and start up an iOS game and I have seen Windows users hate on Mac users for spending money just to drop money on things like lights for their cases or crazy mice.
PC suck! Everyone knows apple rules!!!
Steve Jobs was working to give all the us free internet , Bill gates donates hi money to charity Hard to choose? :/
Like This If Steve Jobs WON
+Канал видео от ARO Movie channel necause u cant have anything on map xD u cant change xD
Bill Gates!!!!!!!
Steave Jobs and only Steave Jobs!KILL Bill Gates and shindows (Windows).
Why do we lie each other? Everyone knows that you can get a virus no matter what computer you buy if you don't have an antivirus. But huge companies like "Apple" and "Microsoft" want to convince us to buy their products. But what can we do about that, that is a business, am i right?
Actually you can't get virus on GNU/Linux... The few antivirus available for Linux based operating systems search for windows malware files on linux.
+XxWolfxX29 that was the case 10 years ago, but times change and apple no longer uses the sentence ''no virusses on an apple'' to avoid lawsuits
+EPIC HAL  the 60s called, they want their hardware back.
I've heard them. I just don't know what the fuck they're talking about because i was operative in 2001.
Personally I think that PC is much better. But I'm not saying Mac is bad. It's simply that I would much much rather use a PC than a Mac. Mac is more for those not so experienced with computers and they make it simple. But since, I'm more experienced, I would much rather use a PC.
Finally someone who i can agree on!
POLL TIME! If you were given a giant box for your birthday What would you hope it is? PC or Macintosh Begin!
+Kareem Abinales I don't see how someone would choose a Mac over a PC.
True. Let's let the war decude
PC is for filthy, sub-human peasants.  Mac is the ultimate master race. OSX is the best operating system in the world. Nothing has ever come close.  Apple computers are the best computer on Earth fore their performance and build quality. I laugh in the face of these sheep believing in their PC garbage piles. Apple is King.  sits back and grabs bucket of popcorn
+Pokemon5475 <h1> AppleMasterRace </h1> <h2> Windows is for poor people </h2>
This is coming from someone who watches shitdiepie
Linux out of all OS the best compatibility for multi-boot, however the Linux OS has a lot of varieties and picking the right ones can take time also it is open source so anyone hacker can technically see the source codes and can compromise the OS. Also Linux is too lightweight for gaming and some other project oriented tasks such as 3D rendering, or architecture and designs, 3D arts, brush, painting. However I don't see why any hacker would want to hack the Linux because there is nothing to gain from it. My summary for the Linux is the best for a laptop or a bootable drive OS inside an USB, it is perfect for browsing and remaining anonymous, a lot of destros also respect user privacy. Windows is a heavy duty OS for people who likes to game, office work and other work related projects. Windows has the most virus but also has the best integrated drivers and the most frequent support for all the hardware. Windows support the latest graphic cards and 3D rendering software and is compatible with compatibility mode when running older software or applications. Windows also has one of the fastest boot times if you use a Windows 8.1 Professional, currently Windows 10 is in the works and you can test the trial version. Windows 10 is going to be free for 8, 8.1 users and owners. Mac OS X has the one of the easiest to use interfaces for simple tasks and it also has a great built in media editor, clip editor. Mac tends to run at a sluggish speed and I personally don't know how to fix certain parts of Mac computers even though I know almost everything about Microsoft and PC parts. This is one of the main concerns I have for the Mac, repairing it is a pain. Other than that Macs are portable media storage and editing devices that can easily edit, play, present, perform media tasks. Such as using Mac's as a DJ removable device to play on concerts, or using Mac's to store all your movies and music. Mac is lightweight and has problems with a lot of internet languages such as Java applications, and HTML5, running it with task oriented applications or system heavy games may also cause... problems. Also, a lot of online games doesn't support Mac, at all, this is also a concern because it means future developers are not interested in investing to make their game compatible or able-to-port via another OS/platform. I hope my reasoning is good enough to list the Pro's and Con's of all 3 OS. Feel free to add a comment.
Linux for the win! Linux is the only OS that steam really USES like it should others. Linux is awesome for gaming.
For games awesome OS is Windows.For work Mac and Linux.
Have fun finding drivers and doing literally anything else. All your "alternatives" to Windows programs are shit.
imagine what this 2 amazing men could do if they worked togather
They would of done the same shit They Both stole from DOS
Only console peasants use Apple, That should've been in the rap.
Even though I'm a PC fan, if some people use Apple products, that's fine. There's room for both lines of computer products. My problem is that SOME Apple fans try to force Apple products down the throats of PC fans and act like they're stupid for liking PC products /and vice versa/. 
Apple>Microsoft>Nintendo |Grabs Popcorn|
Why did you bring Nintendo here?
Which is the most valuable company on earth right now? Nuff said
Commando first of all NASA is an agency of the government. Second of all apple has 188 billions in cash and it is projected to be the first trillion dollar company in the universe.
yet apple devices suck :D
Friday night giggles... this is NOT and I repeat NOT an attempt to start a who's better, it's just a fun video on a Friday night... 
OSX and M$ are so last century.
Can we all agree that Apple and Microsoft both suck? Apple products are shit, Microsoft products are shit, I hate Windows, I hate Xbox, Linux sucks, PC sucks, Mac sucks, Iphones sucks!!!!!!!! Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are nerdy dorks, who are technology gerks!!! I bet both of them never had any friends in High School, poor social outcasts!!!!! And to top it off, Both of them created terrible companies, and still continues to ruin the world!!!!!!! Idiots!!!!!! -_-
Learn how to spell Jerks correctly...
I love how they did there research on computers like how they know the following terms c++, linux, gnu I even admit there were a couple terms I didn't even know about. So yeah good job cx
dude...everyone knows those terms. and they didnt even use some correctly
pc have a lot of virus and i mean it so there are more prepared for it. mac doesent cuz when it does the mac is screwed Linux i dont know so much but I know that Windows has more games tan mac or linux
also is more easy to operate a windows
He forgets to say "People who game use PC"
Ez win Bill gates lel apples a fucking dumb piece of shit that overprices everything.
Well in the computer industry and such you need to raise the prices to make more money.Otherwise,what's the point then?
I find it amusing that this thread used to be a bunch of ridiculous PC Vs. Mac debates, and now it has turned into people actually discussing what they like and dislike about each with at least a little civility.... Is there hope for the online world after all?
Maybe, just maybe, in the dark, partially forgotten corners of the internet, trolls are putting down their mouse and going outside. Imagine that.
0:20 "Why'd you name your company after you **", wait, what? Micro...soft...bwhahahahahahaha xD that was genious. I usaully do not like RAP, but this...this is freaking awesome.
"I got a PC but it wasn't from you" Subtle refernce to Steve Jobs dying of Pancreatic cancer there.
That's clever thinking
Yash TEN Shared on Google+ · 10 hours ago
Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of Hi…:
they were both geniuses, but they were all terrible persons... not many of the computer companies were creative
they both stole from DOS
Ok lets just agree apple are best at making phones and microsoft are best at making pcs. And nobody likes linux
the robot at the end. the name is from the terminator and it's a real thing aswell
The reason people think that PC is better than Apple, because they've never had/used one, probably can't afford coz they try to make gaming videos for a living (not a real job) Puts feet up, gets popcorn, gets ready for the responses to come in.
"Gaming videos for a living (not a real job.)" Whatever you say snob.
Steve jobs is dead, 2015. :)
Order of Most Importance to fuck ups: Linux, Android, Windows, other OSes then Mac
Ok, be honest here. How many of us watched this on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
I use Jobs machine to listen to a The Beatles
I use Jobs machine on work.Video, watching video and more.
Their both made for different users people ... I will always love my Mac for personal work and family stuff ... And I love windows for great games ... There's no point is comparing them cause their not built for the same purposes .... And Mac doesn't get any viruses ...
because no one takes their time to create a virus on a mac because no one uses a mac!
This And Skrillex vs Mozart is my favorites.
Thumbs up if you think EpicLLOYD looks like Matt Damon in this video! Matt Damon VS Mark Wahlberg.
Why am I not suprised that an epic Rap battle... made a comment battle -btw Linux isn't that good, but it fuck shit up in this rap battle
+Matthew Lerner lol oh. im a windows person I wouldnt know this.
If you like one product, why do you have to hate the other? That's this generations stupid mentality
Because people can't understand that people have opinions on things
Richard Sherman vs Tom Brady! You mad bro.
Ricardo Espinosa Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
I'm on Linux bitch...
I thought you GNU ;)
Honestly, a PC and Mac are really good thing for famous creations like Youtube, minecraft, five nights at freddy's, exc, but when it comes to games, Apple wins. It depends on what game you want to play.  Like it's better to watch Youtube on a PC/Mac because it has a bigger screen, and it's better to play on a Apple if you want to play Fruit ninja or something like that. But in the rap battle, Steve won.
+Morrov PL  no it seriously depends. Windows doesn't have Fruit Ninja, or Five nights at freddy's 2 does it? No! It depends on what game you want to play! Plus in the rap. Steve seriously did win.
+Matthew L. Windows has both FNaF and Fruit Ninja. Also these games are casual and boring. You'll never run GTA V, Battlefield 4 or other demanding games on a Mac, while Windows PCs are designed to do that. Gaming is dominated by Windows and consoles, and Apple will not catch up with that. And when it comes to mobile gaming Android and iPhones/iPads are pretty much equal, but I wouldn't call this piece of microtransactions and crap "gaming".
Gabe Newell vs Bobby Kotick.
i personally like windows over apple because i'm a gamer. but, Steve jobs was a genius and it sucks that he died
Steve Jobs was all but a genius. He stole technology from other company's and then sued them. The world is better without him.
+picklickwick You don't know anything about pc's cause you say alienware is awesome haha, just that statement makes you dumb, you're just raging cause you can't take it that other people are right and your overpriced alienware is shit lol. so little kid, let the adults have an adult discussion and go ask your parents if you can have your candy now.
+picklickwick. Whahaha, 8 extra gigs of ram is maybe 70 bucks, and the upgradebale case is useless too cause most modern cases have 4 slots anyway xd like I said before, please shut up. You have no idea what youre saying, you're humiliating yourself.
Windows. No, Apple. Wait, wait.. Windows. Or maybe Apple, but probably Windows.
You guys know that now both apply and Microsoft are owned by gates right? I mean he saved apply before it burned too the ground.
*Apple damn you spell check!
+Shinryuu007 I know the pain bruh (particularly because autocorrect keeps thinking I'm writing in German so "have" turns into "habe")
PC Is good for games. Apple is for working and programs. iPhone's are AWESOME. Samsung's are the WORST EVER!!1!!11!
PC is good for games, work, browsing the net, and making documents. Mac is good for editing. Apple makes the worst phones. Android make the best phones.
actaully  i eat nuts yes i do
Farah Tayone Shared on Google+ · 11 hours ago
Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates?
Xbox is much better than playstation. Apple phones, computers, and other products are better than Windows.
Xbox sucks M8 its have only 480 PS haves 720/HD. The Mac system haves virus in the database. But apple phones is way more better then WindowsPhone. but actually Linux is the best with Computers and Systems and progrmas. its over 7000000 virus on PC and over 7000000 virus on Mac and Ubuntu (a good linux system) haves 48 -_-
What I If told you You read the first line wrong
Holy shit, you're a wizard!
It sucks that Steve jobs died :(
Yes now we have frakin tim cook!
PC Amazingly won (bad spelling, sorry..) Why? : Bill Gates Raise more money by Microsoft than ITouches
PC is the best so bill gates + there's a apple PC :-)
The hal9000 won :P
Windows has viruses. My last hp had one. I got a iPad mini now and no problems. Apple rules! Also they have more accessories then windows!
Who told you that bull shit
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