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Heymoonshaker - London - Part Two

by Heymoonshaker • 25,557,626 views

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Thanks everyone for watching, liking and commenting. Tour dates on our website  Come and see the real thing if you can!
como se llama el sonido con el q comienzas
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+Lara Mey The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
+Manu SLB ha! you beat me to it by a few minutes while i was watching the video. :~)
Thanks everyone for all the views and comments! It's unbelievable! HMS x
Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina! love!!!
I hate how all music, including Beat Boxing has been infected with Dumbstep Wah wahs. It's so shit.
You know what else is shit? This comment. What did he do to you? Yeah. Go back to shitty land now, bye bye!
+LittleMissTaylor xo I know. You're upset that the new Dr is old. You miss masturbating to David Tennant, & Peter Capaldi just isn't the Prince you crave. You can't help being a fangirl!!
His hand makes the video 10 times better it reminds me of eminem when he raps makes simular hand movments huahua mabe its just me :D cheers loved it :)
+Heymoonshaker Nah THANK YOU for the 10 minutes of top class entertainment nothing else i can say cheers from Bulgaria !
I lake ur imagination beatbox boys...good job
what the name of the song 3:27-3:50
Darude - Sandstorm
+Jefferson gutierritos you must know thT SONG I wanted to scream when he did that and you must know JACK WHITE fav song artist
Best beat boxer iv ever seen nd especially wif dat harmonica ;-)
Tenes mucho talento para esto. Buen video.
actually did where can find or what name is the 8:26 name ?
You definetly blow my ass, Keep it fuckin up bro!
انا بحبك قوى و نفسى ابقى زيك
Je sais pas coment tu fais
Fucking LOVE the part with the harmonica when the beat drops !
Love that car horn after "bring the beat now" 2:19. Timing.
Jenny Stachula Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
moi aussi je sais le faire ;) lol non je blague c'est impossible à faire
Love watching this over and over again
Coooooooooooooooooooooooool! Si je ferais un classement des meilleur beat boxeur toi le proms😉
Excelent, and thank you for these demostrations hehehe
his lips is a dream for girls :D
1:51 i would listen to that beat for hours
at the beginning of this video i had a adrenaline rush and felt blood rushing to my head. my body knows this is extreme
I`ll ask Skiller what thing bout that :D
wow he's amazing, is that you will have a successful life, if it continues
tes tros bien du bigbox tu en joue tros bien
WOW Beautifully who's that?? he is a very very FANTASTIC
I Like Deep Throat you Bro !
Simon Godin Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Heymoonshaker - London - Part Two :
Niklas Beierl Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Heymoonshaker - London - Part Two:
Cool oder. .......👀
------- Pouniania pouniania poniania ---------                             1:30                    ---------------------
man, you gave me goosebumps!
god damn there's some fine ladies on here
does my fukin head in....beatbox..i bet you play the digirido and dont say you didgiridont....
From all that You kept This??? Seriously??? 
seven nation army- white stripes 
Peter Mášik Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Heymoonshaker - London - Part Two:
ARGENTINA: me gustaria aprender a hacerlo ARGENTINA-INGLES: I would like to learn to do
Ve el canal de musantro el enseña beatbox
Une tuerie 😨😨😨😆😆😆
even with musical instrument he cant make any music, just beat with different sound effects
Sometimes the best musical instrument can be your mouth
Woah, your right. This shit sucks compared to Taylor swif, Miley Cyrus etc... Sorry bruhh but that shits primitive compared to beats that come straight from the mind
as I can find the song that makes 1 minutes : 20
lol look its Corbon Bleu 4:57 (all the way to the left xDD)
The best beatboxer!!!! Awesome!!!
Good good good ♥♥♥
That's car horn came clutch though.
at the beginning of the song was Dubstep
He's definitely the best on earth
Респект от меня)😜
out of stand player!!!!!!!!!!!!!
una pregunta cual es la cancion del minuto 3:30
Seven Nation Army - Woah oh oh oh :3
Please Song Name 5:36 from the Car ?
Sneakbo ft mavado - warn them
THANKS man :D Best guy
correccion, tiene rapada la cabeza, que es diferente
:O tiene rapada la cabeza 
I hope you live your talent
christophe Marin Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Umka White Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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