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3 Steps to Self Esteem - Wong Fu x Harry Shum Jr.

by Wong Fu Productions • 1,740,444 views

Everything always looks better in our heads! Had a great time collaborating with Harry Shum Jr. (Glee, Step Up, LXD) on this series of sketches. Check him out! BEHIND...

If it's only 3 steps, why is the book so big?
It outlined the steps then it explains the steps. ^-^
well if you hadn't interrupted his reading with your screams of distress...
At first I was like "Asian power"! But then I was like "oh".
whatever , he looked pretty handsome :>>>
What the hell was he supposed to do? If he has no training in martial arts, then how is he supposed to fight a guy with a knife? Sometimes, being a stereotypical hero might not be the best option. He could've called the cops, though, or picked up another blunt object with which to fight.
Fair points, and all of which were better options than standing there just visualizing, which, in case you missed it, was the point of the video. 
My babyyy! <3 so cuteeee! i think i'm in love :3 hahahha
Visualize it now. Worry about it later.
Step 3: Take action, and DO IT! " ohhhhhhhh" lol
Looks like the guy from The Raid
That's a lot of visualization. 2:07
The book said... sounds like Sai from Naruto
Damn, i laugh so hard
UGLYMONA Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
lol we've all been there harry
theres a point to everything, wats the point of this n some other pointless vids again?!
Visualize this!? I did! Her Butt!
damn he could of had all that ass. LOL!
Visualize dat ass
oh damn Harry, you're so crazy LOL
I think the white guy in this had on guy liner around his eyes.
I like the acting in this clip MUCH BETTER than another clip I saw
lmao ok this is definitely a kneeslapper. An Asian guy being thinking way too much into a problem and not just going ahead and doing it. but yes this scenario is very true. A lot of guys are pussies not just some Asian guys and are really afraid of the consequences. Harry just illustrated that. I know a pussy friend of mine whos white who saw a female cashier get bullied by her boss and he told me he didn't do a thing. He wonders why hes still single
I have been there too
Damn, Asians can go from bookworm to hardcore badass within just a couple of seconds. I'm jealous.
oh then that's even more awkward... >////< wow... i have to search that now.
maybe the chick could of not been a bitch to him since he didn't rob her and could of took the time of her bitchin to learn how to protect herself, by martial arts, military, boxing ect. I mean if i seen some chick getting attacked id help her but girls need to stop being so damn defenseless. Ive seen some girls kick the shit out of guys, if one girl can do it so can the rest of them.
girls are true idiots then, maybe guys should start not defending themselves to pick up girls hmm lol.
I cant stand chicks like that! But this video was so funny/cute! Its so cool that you guys have a total celebreity in your videos! So cool, i love Glee and Asians so its perfect! ^_^
During the fight scene, Harry reminded me of Siwon from Super Junior. Idk why though. ^_^
Visualize her butt? If she said so.....
Well it's been 2 years and there's still no behind the scenes.
Do ALL famous asians know each other!!!!?
I always wanted to be the one kicking the thiefs ass, not the weak screaming girl.
Who else was visualizing? ;D IF you know what I mean. Haha. Great video!
ahahahahahaha he's so funny! yep its the Mike chan from Glee !!
i have a classmate called Harry Shum
harry kinda reminds me of sai in naruto
and the girl just stands in the background watching.. lol
wish that harry cld cooperate more with wongfu !
there's a whole book on the three steps to self esteem, but he reads three lines, and he's basically done
2:22 me when i FINALLY get smth during maths class
I wonder what the rest of the book said?
Paused at 1:15 - This is the visualizing part, isn't it?
I got attacked a couole weeks ago and people just watched from there cars :/ stupid people!!
Lmao he had to go through all that before he even got to the fight scene
Us asians stick together Like our rice! and yes, i can say that. Im Japanese c:
They should have helped you!!! WTF is their problem!!? >:(
i loooooooooooooooove harry. <3
I cracked up when he started pushing everything over!
This is sooo like me... Step 1 and step 2 but I never get to step 3 :)
He is a superstar. Sai pales even more in front of Shum.
2:12 is that a song if so what song????????
He should've just dance battled the guy, lol
I think this was the first wongfu video i ever saw, if you don't count when he helped aj rafael film juicebox
oh my god he's sooooooo cute~~
francesca eastwood's boyfriend!!
The whole "damsel in distress, in need of a big strong man to come save her" angle is so over-played! Learn to protect yourself!
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