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by TobyGames • 737,782 views

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9:07 thing on the right??? What is it?
An arrow which the skeleton had shot.
My day is bad because I'm sick.
that was really painful to watch...poor, poor toby.
what is up with him in the beginning? o.o
I can just hear the anguish in his voice at the end lol
Ikr... thats what he gets trying to mess around with those zombies XD ★★★★★
Toby said: "Ahhh!!! POOP!!!" Hahahahah...
Toby I'm your biggest fan bryson you are so fucking cool
i like the way all these comments are one sentence maximum in length. i guess that includes me. wait no, now it doesn't.
I thought you slept on your couch
Use spider eye to make a potion
It's Nepoleon Bro-naparte!!!!
I love bro voice lol I bro ed everywere lol
It is obsidian!!!!!!!!!
Wow I hate stupid zombies too.
The most painful Tobuscus minecraft ending. EVER. 
Lol stone generator
everytime he needs to drop something, he always has lapis!!! You never use it Toby!!! dont get rid of the wart get rid of the lapis!!!
By the end I'm all "oh please no!"
This is nothing like toby 0.o 😳
Wow toby that was really cool I really do hope that you do get the Dragon Block c mod
Hallo once again audience, alright, when we left off, I was down in the basement of the world.
"Yes oh fearless leader but if we are going to attack the lava people, you must show us how it's done!"
How come when the water mixed with lava it made cobblestone not obsidian
I watched the first 2 seconds of this video like 50 times! XD
you an grow nether warts in the overworld
when toby uses a facecam, I think he thinks he will carry on the game series for a long time or just to see his reactions to stuff on difficult games (usually bad ones) or he dosent because of any other reason
Did you nkow that hes real name is Toby Turner
9:00 And the shift for toby was born
When he said "Bless you" at the end, he sounded like he was about to puke, lol
I had a friend name Cole too XD in kindergarten
Toby: what a little noodle shaped nugget basket! Me: what?
You know, sometimes he kinda sounds like the Southpark guys when they do an asian impression or spoofing North Korean dictators.
SPOILER ALERT! *Me* Mines for hours, never gets a single piece of diamond *Toby* "Im gunna get some diamond! *10 secs later* LOOK! DIAMOND!
It's called obsidian (I know you no what it's called)
1:41 Toby discovers the cobblestone generator
Also you need obsidion to make a portal in the nether castle
Why can't the newer episodes be like these old ones?? They're so hilarious
I'm just like you Buscus. I'm never having children. :D
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
i thought it was a wrong video when he did his intro
I could've escaped easily using CTRL+W or by pressing E and closing minecraft quickly
Peace off... AHHH BOOP!!! Lol :)
yes it is toby he just used his australian accent
thank god in minecraft pe there are no dungeons because we are able to dig straight down without being scared of being killed by the lava
"How's your day going? Shout it out load" Me:" AMAZING!!" "Not to load some people are sleeping!!" Me:" WELL,WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO SAY IT OUT LOAD???!!!" Lool
When does he start using the facecam and have the epic dubstep outro?
hey Toby make a nether portal in the nether so that you can u go to another dimension instead of your world like go to a different kind of dimension is better than ever in your world
I luv how Toby calls everything nuggets or calls things Bilbo Baggins.
uuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr peace off
Not so loud, there are ppl sleeping in the world!lololololol
Toby: And the closest this we have to "tres" is "trays" which is actually multiple trays, so... Me: What about "trace"?
yeah but instead of with this minecraft episodes instead in a new serious called i suck at minecraft creative part 1 that would be awsome
2:57 why did that lava turn into cobblestone and not obsidian?
Tobuscus gabeuscus dadbuscus mumbuscus lukebuscus
It is toby But in the begining he is doing a surfer voice and he has no facecam!
How painful did that outro sound?
Next time on toby games tobuscus loses his diamond and gets bis revenge on the zombies
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