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Emmy 2010 Intro: Glee and Jimmy Fallon, August 29, 2010

by SubSonicX • 1,279,193 views

Reverse Look Up Any Phone Number! Video Copyright NBC

Who's responsible for this? This is the worst thing I've ever seen.
Oh it's on bitches
Why wasn't Lea Michele out there when they went on stage? Just curious to see if anybody knows the reason.
The only good thing about this was Tina Fey. WAY TOO MUCH GLEE
Jimmy sounds like Finn. Corey that's you in like 5 years!
I love the way Nina jumps in! Too bad Lea didn't sing that much, she has such an amazing voice.
What's so great about this? No sarcasm intended.
@AmericaJustin to be fair, most award show openings are better than that piece of shit oscar one
"Oh its on bitches" GOTTA LOVE HIM!!! :')
I love how the rewards is $1205,whats going to happen with the extra $5?
All twitter users PLEASE follow @JimmyOscars2012 to get Jimmy Fallon to host the Oscars in 2012!!!! :D
"Hey, you can't bully us -" -Splash- "Join us, won't you?" Cracking up every time hahaha!
Haha you know i thought it was her and i was like, no it can't be. Then i finally knew it was her at 3:45
I thought that Jeff hated glee club.
Why there should be more Bruce Springsteen in modern TV.
0:45 oh its on bitches! Best line ever!!! :'D
rmber when glee was actually thought of as a good show
"Oh, it's on bitches." - Chris Colfer. <3 everyone loves you and your talent and funny ways :D
this video is most popular with men between 45-54... dad u traitor
God I want to marry Jimmy so much!!
so many awesome people in only 6 minutes and 9 seconds....COOL!
If Jane doesn't involve the Glee kids in at least one aspect of the Emmy's this year, I will be horribly disappointed
Chris is amazing and hilarious in this
Jeff? Jeff Winger? Get back to class!
i love vampire diaries and glee :)
Randy Jackson the dawg on bass!! (like in Journey)
i almost peed my pants when Tim Gunn said Make it Work lol :D
im in love with heather morris so i dont care about the fact that its a crappy show
What's the deal with the blonde chick in the pink dress?
No Jon Hamm, you're not allowed to sing & dance. You are only allowed to look cool and sometimes a little annoyed. My brain doesn't know what to do when I see you out of a suit or a 1960's television set. lol jk, you're awesome
@Rachel181998 there's nothing wrong with your English babe...
THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN... Glee, Jimmy Fallon, Tim Gunn! OMG -333
hey who is the girl who joined at 2:52?
i love u jimmy fallon!!!!! -3 -3-3 -3 -3 -3 -3
Pierce Hawthorne: "What are regionals?"
its funny how randy joined in lol XD
Haha that was great! I love me some jimmy fallon ;)
"Back that mother up!" OMG- Jimmy's face is sooo hilarious! 1:51
@RawrKryll Good point, moron. It did make me laugh though.
I thought Winger hated Glee Club...
@RawrKryll If you're kidding that's hilarious. If you're serious then you're an idiot. I'm gonna go fuck off now, seems like a thoughtful and helpful suggestion.
I keep watching this, and it never.. ever... ever.. gets old.
who ever is just here to see Nina Dobrev just go to 2:51to the end of the video.
Cory: "Yeah, tickets are like 300 dollars, that's like... o.o" Chris: "'s 1200 dollars, Cory?!" Cory: "1200 dollars...' LMFAO :P
Neil Patrick Harris doesn't look impressed
I love Jimmy Falllon sfm. <3
@ohsuckitup2 haha i agreeXDi like wha se says afterwards where chris just stands there and smiles and she goes what the hell are you looking at?XDi laughed so hard i almmost fell out of the char..0h wait i did
watchin it cuz of Joel Mchale.. love that guy
This entire thing was hilarious and the guest stars were phenomenal
c'est pas la France ! tina fey ur so funny
"Oh its on bithes" God i lovee Kurt! <3
I love when Nina jumps out of her dressing room XDDD
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