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Super Compact Piston Gate (Portcullis) v4.0 Tutorial

by Henness0666 • 113,698 views

Bug Fix: Schematic: Super compact version of my piston gate, so you don't have to use as many resources when using it...

thanks for putting fix in desc. :D
I tried building this gate only half the length(4 blocks wide). i cant get the bottom pistons to move right.. instead of pushing up and then going down, they go up, down, up, down, up, down.  Any1 know what to do? :s
Hey any idea why gate no longer works after new update?
I have one built from a long time ago and it still just not sure if itll work if itll work if you build it now.. minecraft can be strange like that but you wont know till you try
Why don't you put a lock mechanism on your portcullis?
i think you shuld make a  scertiy stem
This works for tu17 xbox one but mine is only 3 pistons long with a clean animation no changes at all really simple
prob cuz of updates: those who have trouble => timers have to beset differently! (@ 03:38) on the blue circuit that powers the magenta circuit (on the back), there are 4 repeaters but you need 6 delays (so just set any one to 3) (@ 04:25) the first repeater placed in the green circuit has to be 4 instead of 3 (@ 09:27) the middle one of the repeaters on the purple upper rows (has to be 4 instead of 3) so the beams are 1 - 4 - 3 in downward order :)  hope it helps!! thanks to @spork mork
Mine isn't working on xbox 360 version. The bottom layer of sticky pistons on the bottom section will extend, but the second layer of stickies will not extend.
iv fixed the issue with it not working if it is with the bottem port of the 2 top piston not coming all the way down go back to the step of 4:06 when he places the 3 repeaters set any of those repeaters to 3 ticks (idk how they work really its the tick before the last one ) this should fix the bottom part
Having some issues on PC, the bottom pistons (not sticky) aren't dropping, thus leaving the gravel one level higher than it should be, and the top circuit isn't working at all. Used the fixes Jelle posted while I've been making it, any ideas?
did you try the bug fix link in the description? I saw the same problem happen in that video (it's near the end)
Thanks for this I find your method of teaching this build to be really clear and simple.
NOT working, i even loaded the schematics and pasted it and it doesnt work! it drops gravelblocks..
+Richard Farrell Can it work on a survival server?
It's been working for me fine. Just one issue with the two last granite blocks not falling all the way back down after opening. It only happens when there are many people on the server.
Really good stuff just finished it on the xbox360 and it works perfect
Couldn't get this to work sadly
doesnt work(pistons)
works on 360 and pc 4 me
How many blocks deep do i have to dig? someone awnswer  me!
i followed the steps as well to the pin point i even tried modifying it!! but the fricken top torch will not light at all!!!!
I just finished this on the latest Tekkit, except mine is only 6 wide and the gate is only three fences high. It works like it should without any modifications. I just wish it didn't take up so much room.
Do you need to use fences for the portcullis? You can use iron bars right?
And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then, And then
7:29 That.. was only the bottom..?!
Suggestion: Though this is amazing, you should leave the house more. You've clearly spent too much time on this.
This design is broken in 1.5 :( mine worked great until the update. i would love an updated version if possible! Thanks for this regardless
Your colour coding makes it remarkably easy to follow thanks
This took me forever. I have minecraft for the 360. apparently, you cant stack redstone on top of glowstone. so, it took me an extra hour to figure out a way for the torches to work without giving up on it. otherwise, great tutorial. the color coding of currents is a BIG plus in watching you and building, makes it so much easier
Mr sqwidward your late stop pissing around!
the bug fix for the monostable circuit is more work then needed . all u need to do is add another tick to the repeater already there
Are you kidding me? He made it as clear as possible! I could actually do guesswork on this since it was so clear.
the second row of sticky pistons isnt pulling down the regular pistons. HELP!!!
Great video thanks! Gonna try it out now!
i must be doing something wrong at the 7min mark, i've done it 3 times already. the top set of pistons don't get pulled down. also, does it work if you cut down the width to 5 piston long? because i've tried it with 5, the left most piston gets stuck at the top must magenta block line.
I have the same problem, though I'm building it in multiplayer. :(
The first reply video, by Random alien fixed the problem for me!
:/ problem! mine worked at first, I started to put the stone briks and idk if the rain make something to the redstone but it started to rain, I pushed the button and it goes up, but it doesn't make nothing to go down D:
Hey nevermind man. I built one then other day based off of someone else's idea. No sand or gravel, one button on either side of the gate that opens and closes the gate, and a locking mechanism.
yes i do. i have no idea how to make it work still
Guys watch the first video reply the fix is easier than the one in the description!
Same thing is happening to me! Super frustrating
The ''Pistons'' are actually a T-Flip-Flop circuit, They only work when positioned at north or north-west when you're looking at them from 2 blocks away
this doesnt work on 1.4.7 cuz i have to make a smaller gate for it to work and it doesnt shut all the way please help.
I did until 7:25 in the vid. However when i clicked the buttons, the pistons went up and did not come down. It got stuck above. It seemed that the 2nd row of sticky pistons did not work. Any way to fix that? As i'm pretty sure i did exactly what the video did
can you use the iron bars with this?
Figured it out! go to the bug fix video in description do the part with extending it out 1, but then on the blue circuit dont add the repeaters just mess with the timing on the repeater the change the first one to 3 ticks and then its fully fixed!
This gate will work with 1.5 as long as you make two changes in the settings of two repeaters. You must first implement the bug fix for the monostable circuit which he linked to in the description. Change the repeater in the monostable (green circuit) facing away from the rest of the gate to 4 ticks. Next, on any of the 3 repeaters placed at the 4:06 mark in this video, add 2 ticks. This will make the last piece of gravel lag for a split second when retracting but at least the gate will work.
shut up and do what u named the video
Hey man I love the portcullis gate, however, almost every single gate I've seen involves using sand/gravel. Would you be able to build the same gate without sand/gravel and still keep the same opening/closing mechanism?
I've followed all the steps up to the red circuit, but when I push the buttons, it only powers the lowest layer of pistons...
i see some interesting redstone contraptions in the background. hope you have vids for them :)
i failed it... nothing works... followed every step.... rewind..... forward... hell i can do it by heart... unfortunetly... i still fail at it. imma try again til i figure it out. (1.4.7 Build.)
Thank u it worked perfectly on my Xbox version
I think I know why the top is not working but not my bottom the pistons on the bottom won't stick to my regular piston at the the top of my bottom pistons
same problem here might be a bug or a patch fix at the new minecraft version.
henness join the sevrer desteny the ip is mc-hardcore .c.o.m
When I make one of your portculliss it only opens 2 high
Okay. I was able to get this to work, but I had to move the gate sideways so that it did not cross a chunk line.
I'm having issues creating this in the Xbox 360 version. It won't let me place redstone on glowstone. What should I do to fix this issue. Message me with solution please.
Message me on Xbox live if you need help. Gamertag is Mr 7UP Yours. I've helped multiple people build this now.
I think there might be a directional glitch with this design interacting with the game (vanilla Minecraft 1.4.7). The design is fantastic and I have it working several times in several places, but specifically when I am trying to build it with the "front" (the 3 rows of the magenta circuit) to the east, it never lights the first torch you hold off on placing (cyan circuit, bottom) long enough to send the signal up. the not-gate torches.
does the piston gate work on xbox
nothing carries through the repeaters and the top torch doesnt get power when i press the buttons... literally nothing is wrong, its an exact copy of yours it makes no sense >.< maybe updates?
How far down is it for the magenta circut
you deserve more than 1 milion views 15:13
stupid 1.5 ... I tried to do do this mechanism two times ;p
I spend an hour and a half of my life working on this only to find out that I put it too low underground. Thank you for providing us with the height.
I was going to dislike this. but I accidentally hit subscribe >:)
it doesn't worked to me made 3 of them
the top wont come back down?!?!?!? and i built it excactly as u did! this is in minecraft 1.4.6 plz help
doesn't work for me. at 7:00 you press the button and then add the forgotten torch. Then you press it again and it makes everything go up and down. Nothing happens when i do it yet the piston goes up and down. Really confusing. D:
I built this last night on creative mode and it worked perfectly, so I brought it into survival mode and it doesnt work even though all red stone is right, torches are right, and repeaters are right, the thing that doesnt work is the first three layers of pistons, when I charge it the regular doesnt move but gets pushed up two blocks, the bottom works though, any idea what my problem might be?
I think so but its not the most compact way of doing it. I just fiddled with the circuit going up to it and connected it through a spiral stair fashion
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