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Angry Bullmastiff Puppy, (at 8 Stone) "You want some" Barking, and puffing at 0:26

by oraclecomponents • 787,613 views

Our soppy bullmastiff puppy play barking at 11 months old, "Lord Boycie", he is the son of mum Enola, and dad Cosmic Hero by Rodenca, 9 champions in blood line Sorry about the person making dog...

Boyice's big puppy eyes telling us that he is always been a good boy.
That is one happy big boy.
So cute!! I have a question how are Bullmastiffs? My dad is really interested in getting one!
+Ella TheUnicorns Around the family they're pretty chilled and affectionate, great with kids. If someone tries to harm you or break into the house they will go absolutely ballistic and protect you and home with their formidable size. One of my mates has one and he's a soppy gentle giant especially with his 3 year old daughter.
I have an 80 lb. Mastiff mix (lab?) needs a home, I am in San Diego area. It is a rescue and super playful and loving....anyone out there interested??????
Erin walsh, exactly, its just playful, wouldnt hurt a wee fly
Guy: wuff Dog be like I can beat that
is this jason statham?
Wow, you found something to make him bark! That is truly rare! Best dogs EVER...nothing about them is bad, except lifespan.
Actually, they bark more often when they're puppies. Judging by the title, this one is young so it's not that rare.
he's a beautiful handsome boy that one. So cute!
you want sham ill give it ya
those nostrils are completely shut. ... poor puppy
He is always been a good boy.
Good lord, he's wagging his tail, his ears are perked, this dog is not in distress. I have a half pitbull and I crawl my hand across the bed and tell him the tickle monster is coming for his feet. He then makes all sorts of noises, perks his ears, wags his tail, and "pounces" on my hand, before licking it like crazy. Sometimes he comes up and assumes a "play" position so I will do it for him. Also, for all of you who haughtily declare that this is somehow mistreatment and not play, I was trained by a professional animal behaviorist on how to work with my dogs. All of them recognize me as 'alpha' and my pitt is nearly 3 years old. This play has not had any negative impact on him. He is obedient, confident, and often accompanies my nieces and I to the park. He plays with the children, greets new people and dogs with confidence, and he listens perfectly to my commands. When dogs play with one another, they bark. Play does not demote you as alpha if you do not allow your dog to exhibit dominant behaviors. If this dog growled, pinned his ears, or showed any actual signs of distress, I'd be worried. This is play, folks, and one video does not make you an authority on this dog or his owner. Surely you have better things to do than judge people. If it's offensive to you, do something else. I, for one, thought it was cute.
They certainly dont bite, they are basically mouthing at u telling u to leave them but joking, but never bite! I have a girl bullmastif and she does the exact same as this doggy. U joke with them, they joke with u, and if u see there tail wag, then u know they wanna play.....they never bite
For the longest time my dog would only speak Latin, then I trained it to bark?
I love how his cheeks puff out when he's not quite barking. Absolutely beautiful Mastiff!
Never move them off a bed they bite!!!
BIG puppy. SO scary, VERY VERY intimidating. I don't know how you were brave enough to get that close to that big mushy face lol so playful & cute. Amazing closeups of eyes, snout and lips. Beautiful puppy, thanks for sharing.
How about a treat for the big guy.
Cute!!! I love bullmastiff !!!
Aw he looks exactly like my Kelly, but she won't bark at all, unless her little sister is annoying her. Once you have a mastiff you can't go back
Lol no matter how awesome the video there's always a troll/online animal expert/forum hero. XD. I'm thinking about getting a bull mastiff. They're amazing dogs.
Love this video so cute. :)
that is a playful bark to those who know
u sound weird, u r woofing more than the pup
His lips are so funny! :))
its like hes shooting a porno
He's a beautiful boy!!!
Bullmastiffs are strong calm dogs - they ONLY bark when they have to...I don't think this was a good game for him.   He looked ...well look into his eyes and you'll see...
Right! And humans are all omnivores. Except for the ones that are vegetarians and vegans. Just because a dog is a certain breed doesn't mean he isn't unique.
I hope he bites your face off
hes likes me dog spike same voices same color same color eyes and more
My golden does the same things :D love that look on his face :)
he is laying on a daybed! ahaha :)
am i the only one who wants cuddle the hell outta him?
i have got da sme dog but it dnt bark like dat it barks like wolf
He's worth 8 Sylvester Stones
he sounds like ray winstone. the guy talking i mean
nothing like a well-trained human.
This beautiful boy reminds me of my mastiff Kara, they all must behave the same and when you look at all the videos they are all on the sofa like one of the family?
oh my god, so beautiful! i want oneee!
@TheRevolutionary465 At eleven months my English mastiff was full grown, and he's MASSIVE. But, he's also a huge chicken, AND a lapdog. [200 pounds. Wee bit much, eh?]
Boycie : Don't make me get up! No seriously, I'm comfortable here don't make me get up."
@jethro035181 yeah the bottom lip looks like a massive vagina
pedo vouf: woooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffff
very very cute this dog ! love this !
Puppy!? this dog is bigger then my Pitbull :P
I don't know who's funnier the dog or the guy filming
So beautifull and cute!... Angry Bullmastiff PUPPY 0_o
funny my bullmastiff looks just like him
When he moved the camera closer to the dog then it barked it made me jump! :O
@Haseeb2 lol dude... the dogs a puppy hello? He's conditioning it. Its funny cuz once it grows up the owner will make it bark on commad haha. scare the shit out of the ignorant like you thts fa sure haha
He's so cutee.. I want him... =]
Awww those eyes just melts my heart
my bullmastiff do the same thing !! hahaha
it's better to learn dogs barking on comande the reason when you are in danger and you tell your dog to bark than he does and as example when a thief tries to get into your home your telling your dog the bark I am prety sure as soon the thief hears the loud barking and his body that he runs away...
Hi. Where did you get him from?
He sounds like a zombie from minecraft.
i also have a bullmastiff gus he is exactly like yours lovely dogs
This made me laugh. Thanks for the video, and you have a wonderful bullmastiff.
Awesome dog, like how he barks on command. Nice video!
his teeth are whiter than mine,does he use arm and hammer? :)
Cute, for sure. But enticing a bullmastiff to "play" like that that can lead to future issues. These are dogs that are super sensitive, alert and aware. Keep within the boundaries of what you got this dog for, it's a wonderful family dog that has a sense of purpose.
Like any mastiff..i see he has his own the breed..nothing like em
Bahahaha so adorable! Love the huffing! LOL
What camera were you using? its so clear! :D
Im wondering why eyes of that dogs go red somethimes...? If any1 can asnwer me please Pm me i will be very thankful
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