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78 Sq. Ft. - the Smallest apt in America video

by SPACEStv • 1,440,069 views

THE SMALLEST APARTMENT IN AMERICA - Luke Clark Tyler shows how he designed the interior of his 78 sq. ft. New York apartment. Luke provides decorating ideas for small spaces, including furniture,...

THAT is bullshit. It should be illegal to sell something like that or rent it out. I think I would actually prefer being homeless and living in Central Park, then to have to be in that claustrophobic chicken coop for people.
But then again, my dream home is a renovated travel trailer. And I am a minimalist. All of my things would fit comfortably in this space. 
+Mariah Craig- I would go insane in a hurry. The walls would be closing in on me and I'm sure I would have a meltdown in less than 20 minutes in that shoebox, LOL.  
If his rent is more than $200, he oughta sue
He has previously said he pays 800 for rent. Crazy isn't it?
Very cool.  That is cheap rent for the area.  And seriously, everyone who thinks that is too much is looking at it the wrong way.  Sure it is a lot more per square foot, but going smaller has improved this kids bottom line. Income -1200 for a bigger apartment vs Income -800 (roughly based on comments). That means by conserving space this guys saves himself $400 every single month!.  Is it worth it?  Obviously it is to him.  No one forced him to rent it!  If you make that apartment illegal (which it probably is anyway) you make this guy pay $400 more for a different place with more space that he obviously didn't think he really needed.  Think about it.  
To be honest... I don't think i use anything except for the computer,bed,bathroom and a kitchen.
This is really small but i'm living in a 700 Sq. Ft. space with my family of 6. this video shows me that nothing is impossible, :)
I would feel so claustrophobic in there! How does he not feel like the walls are closing in on him? Very organized person though.
This is not an apartment because it does not have a bathroom or a kitchen. He is renting a room in a building regardless of the rent he is renting a room. 
This is a shame that it is even legal to rent something like this. This is a prison cell that he is paying $900 for.  Granted he can leave whenever he wants but who cares it's still a claustrophobic joke.  He is one of those desperate people that think manhattan is the only inhabitable borough in NYC. Not only is he making some greedy building owner more wealthy renting a room and calling it a apartment, he is losing money always having to pay for someone to prepare his meals. He is also contributing to these astronomical rent rates in NYC. If you can rent a "prison cell" for 900 a month why stop there, he is telling these building owners its ok to price hard working ppl out of the city, because they can chop up normal size apartments into 4 "apartments" and get double the money. Nothing innovative about this, it's a bigger picture to all of this.
There is no mention in this video of how much his rent is, so I don't see why everyone is speculating on what an outrage it is for him to be paying rent here. He's been there for 5 years! So obviously he is okay with whatever the cost is. I have a 1,600 sf house for a family of 6 and I love these videos of how people live in small spaces because it allows us to appreciate the space we have & brainstorm ideas of how to use it more efficiently. Keep up the good work!
That's the main reason I may be moving. I'm done with this overpriced state.
Move to Colorado! :-) I've had a mortgage on a 1,700 sf house on 2/3s an acre for the past 10 yrs for less than that! Ouch.
Um... wait. I didn't have issue when he said he used his bathroom sink for cleaning his dishes cus he seemed like the type to keep things SUPER clean. BUT THEN a few seconds later he says he shares that bathroom with another apartment and you don't know how many people that bathroom sees and how clean they are. Who is in charge of the cleaning NOR how well they do it. That is just DISGUSTING now. It probably is super annoying but I bet he cleans that bathroom every time he needs to clean his dishes first. > A < BLEACH EVERYTHING!
Nothing wrong with this!
Damn after seeing this i'm grateful for my 1,100 sq ft house. Hats off to you my man.
What is wrong with these people saying it should be illegal? If you don't want to live like this, don't. Simple as that. He obviously likes it. No one forced him to do this. He seems to live a quality life. 
Legally all new apartments in NYC must be at least 400 sq ft.  So this place must be rented as a room and not an apartment.  Or it could be grandfathered in since the building is probably 100 years old.
id get a futon and put a tv on the wall. youd have 2 extra feet from the foot of the couch to the wall.
This is more like a really pimped up tiny dorm room than tiny house
I've never seen a dorm room as small as that.
More like a cell than an apartment!  I'm all about tiny space living, but that's way too small and I'm sure he's paying through the teeth for it being in the city!
It's just too small not worth it for living in LES.
The bathroom is so chic! The closet door does a lot, the house is light enogh, too. Houses this size make the house prices affordable, too.
That is a closet I swear
crazy small. Landlords should be ashamed. Wonderful job decorating it, but shouldn't be legal
nice Alvin Ailey calendar
as a native new Yorker this would not be allowed back in the 80's but these hipsta deuche bags allowed this to happen. you have to be a complete moron asshole to pay that amount of money for a hole in the wall.  good luck.  I hope  the roaches and rats do not decide to live with you.
I have seen "apartments" smaller than this in China town, NY where a family lived together.
He's living in a college dorm! Totally reminds me of the 80 sq ft room we had in the dorm, at least they were private rooms like his "apartment" is.
My bathroom is bigger than that. Why would anyone do this to themselves?
+Kris Vladimirov Clearly you can't detect sarcasm. Since you're apparently doing so well, why don't you buy a brain.
+James Kelly Come now, you know you have to be REALLY specific when you use sarcasm in text.  Even I thought you meant your comment, so don't point any fingers.
Why the fuck would you pay that much for that little. That's just stupid. Just move somewhere else dude.
And all that money he would save on rent is blown on going out to eat... because there is no friggin' kithcen!! Not worth it imo.
You don't need a kitchen to prepare meals. As a student I lived in a tiny room with nothing more than a microwave, a blender and a small fridge. I still managed to eat quite healthily. 
looks like a fancy jail
I hope his rent is $55 a month.
American dream I guess
That's NOT a studio, it's a bedroom. Hope all utilities are included in the rent.
It's a corridor/hallway.....he is living in a corridor n he calls it an apartment. It's a corridor. Smh
im guessing $600 a month...
WOW...I'm not sure what my feelings are about this amazing concept?  But you seem to be very content with your home.  Kudos to you!  (One thing's for sure...ya never have to worry about guest wearing-out their welcome. LOL!)  Peace friend.     
What a lovely home. It's efficient for what it is.
Never, ever am I complaining about my tiny ass living space again. I swear all I need to do is clean. He must go out A LOT to escape that kind of cabin fever
I admire how he isn't complaining about it. And how he seems to be thankful for having a roof, instead of living outside. I love how he decorates his place and make it comfy. He must be more happy and enjoying life and exploring then the rest of you who is complaining about his place. I really admire him. :)
I would love to live in that! I hate huge houses.
Cool he did a great job
Well, if he ever get incarcerated a jail cell won't be so to much of a jump.  Seriously, you seem like a really great guy and I appreciate what you have done with so little space. :)
Good on him for being innovative but personally I would go crazy in a small space like that.
when the new york times ran this story, they said he was paying 900$ a month in rent lol
O_O my bedroom alone is 30 square feet bigger than this apartment!
He's right we would adapt and be happy for a place to even live, but I might cry first 
Keep your beliefs out of my diet
luke could you pls share the plans for your bed. thanks
If i were him I won't put a wall bed in that small apt. and instead fit myself to sleep in the couch and maybe replace the wall bed with a space-saving like cabinet.
+TheSokwokwai I don't know what that door opposite his bed leads to (if anything, could be bolted shut) but it's not the bathroom. The bathroom is located in a hallway outside the front door. 
+chica044 you are right.  it's "fake door" as shown at 0.27
Some good ideas and a gorgeous bathroom but...this is claustrophobic, and you don't have a kitchen How much you spend in restaurants ?
he's living like an animal...what is wrong with these crazy New Yorkers?!
Most people who live like this because they don't spend a lot of time at home
This is almost like Bender's apartment in Futurama. 
I like small spaces, better than big. As long as I have a bathroom, desk, bed,  kitchen of some sort and a wardrobe. I also gave up my old room which was the biggest in the house for my dads room, the smallest.
Wow It's challenging living on your own in nyc as a student or while trying to make it as an artist. But due able, it's easier if you have a significant other to split the cost
Wow, so, this is basically just like a room! I could see that! Personally, it'd be too much to handle for me! If the bathroom was inside of the apartment, I might be able to adjust, but I think what he did with the place is awesome!
I would only live that way if there was absolutely zero alternative…it's a unique idea…that's about as far as it goes….
This is absolutely unholy! I wonder how much he's paying for that trap. sigh
How much does a closet like that run a month in Hells Kitchen? I'm really curious!
+zenobia10127 What?!?! I have lived in a 3 room home for $700. New York is ridiculous, I hope it pays off for him with great career success. Why else would anyone subject themselves to that if not to achieve their dreams & career ambitions?
For $1.3M is yours.
And how much does he pay for this? Probably $1k/mo? Crazy. 
No way I could live like that. Jail cells have more space. I would develop claustrophobia....
How many meter square is it?
+sallypoppins Oh yes, my bad. Thanks for correcting.
as long as you're happy. it's that simple
Love it, don't need a large space cuz its takes a lot of time to clean, vaccum, dust and etc.
Dude talk about a tight space WOW!!! I wouldn't be able to live like that!
In the netherlands all students who go to college far from home live like this. They are spread all over the specific college city. Normal houses are spread up into rooms like this, with a shared bathroom, kitchen, toilet etc. 4/5/6 students in one house.
In Dallas: not as nearly as over-populated, more work, and the same price will get you a 950sqft two-bedroom apartment.
Cozy and functional!
OMG Hats off living here from 5 years
The least correctionals can do is make prison cells more adaptable to living conditions like this without the electronics and extra frills.
Kitchen.. where is the kitchen?
Have you never seen a dorm before? They're equally as small and twice as shitty. Count yourself lucky. 
My first dorm room was roughly twice that size.  There was a shared bathroom, but it had many showers, toilets and sinks in it, so you never had to wait to use the facilities.  I'm glad this guy is content where he is, but I have no desire to live in a room the size of a prison cell for a hefty price tag.  (Sorry NYC)
I have absolutely no desire to visit NY city, let alone move there! If this is all one can get for $750.00 a month, fuggetaboutit!
What kind of bed/sofa is this???
wow great work dude. best place ever seen..
woah that apartment is so depressive :/ I have more space than him and I live in a dorm.
for singles and students, never married
Remember Paul Simon and "El Condor Pasa?" "A man gets tied up to the ground, He gives the world its saddest sound." You people who rag on this guy for living in a small space, what do you have that he doesn't? If the space ever feels too small for him, he can go out!
this reminds me of the bluesbrothers apartment in the bb movie
What about the kitchen? D:
It's more of a dorm room or prison cell really.
I'd agree its small, but as one ages, we all need "more" space.  You say, you have been living there for 5 years?  And, what is it you said you did, for work?
I watch these sorts of things and they seem interesting, but then I wonder why someone would choose to live like this. It never seems to be addressed.
My guess is that he doesn't have a steady cash flow so he needs a place he can afford between projects and he wants to live one subway ride from everything. Or he's usually in someone else's bed and just needs a place for his stuff. :)
The feng shui isn't that good. bed facing door is a big nono! but i love his closet!
Lol so funny you pointed that out. He's making his death bed. 
Whose fault is that? Oh. Yeah. It was cause of subprime lending by George W. Bush.
i love this place for 1 person. but i would NOT pay a lot of rent. it is a ROOM for rent.
This guy pays $800 a month, I would pay no more than $50 a month for that coffin apartment.
does he mention that?
wow!!!! and all these idiot city dwellers also vote democrat. LOL !!!!!! these are perfect prison cells for them, or rubber rooms.
What about all those idiot trailer park dwellers voting for Republicans? Living in rickety shacks or trailers next to their parents and grandparents.
I cant live in that shit. I need a kitchen n my pool table
i think he said in another video that his rent was like 750 a month. i have a 1 bedroom in montreal and i pay 560. new york is crazy overpriced.
i also dont live in downtown montreal. a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown can easliy go for 900+. location is a big factor. 
+Kat Lopez Hah how is this for a rip off.. My 661 sqft apartment is $1500 a month here in Vancouver Canada, a place like mine downtown would be about $2000+ a month. the most expensive condo unit in canada (6,434 sqft) sold here in vancouver for $40 Million. We have high vacancy rates in certain areas downtown ranging up to 23%... It's all overseas investors.
Imagine a date bringing you back to that place...
Dates are a waste of time and money. 
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