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Textbook Disproves Evolution With Monsters?!

by SourceFed • 383,259 views

Private school teaches that the Loch Ness Monster disproves the theory of evolution Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‪‬‬ Our Source: ‪‬...

According to the US constitution, yes, because the US constitution doesn't define what exactly was meant by the freedom to practice one's religious creed nor did it define what freedom to speech really entails. The supreme court has been interpreting this for some time now depending upon the religious beliefs of the Supreme Court judges in power. Hence the cause for America's rapid collapse into oblivion like the Republic of Rome which eventually became a dictatorship before being viciously destroyed by revolutionary wars and outside invasion of the Khan, and others. So, yes, schools can teach anything and it doesn't have to be fact because science is still only a belief system which may or may not have any actual facts to support it just as the Bible was once considered the center of the universe. Science is doomed by whatever fundamental errors it has in its own logic. This cat and mouse debate can go on forever because it's rooted in the error that two different systems of belief and value can coexist dividing the same resources. Oh well! People are too chicken shit to realize the fact that you can teach anything you want and that it really doesn't mean science or the Bible is right or wrong. It could be they're both seeing the same thing and talking about it in two different ways but neither one is wrong. It's a matter of perspective not fact science is a religion also. They have all kinds of fantasy based ideas that are strangely reminiscent of the Greek religion. In America freedom reigns so it's actually not right to stop them from teaching whatever they want. Bible, Darwinism, etc. That's the gambit of freedom anything really goes and it's no one's right to stop it because if they do they're making an arrogant claim to be right and everyone else is wrong. That's the danger of the dance called America and it's idea of freedom.
I can't watch this evolution is not what I believe I'm with ace because every thing is just a matter of perspective
as long as a privately foundered organization is not teaching things that go against written Law they should be allowed to teach what ever they want. Science is not Law so breaking it will result in no legal action or enforcement. If you decided that privately funded schools can't teach what they want, then its just one step away from other privately funded organizations... like churches, mosks, temples.... Also, its books like that and people like those who wrote and published it that makes the whole of christianity and creationism/ID look stupid when really they are not all that bad. Also: "They are being brought up to believe that they are at war with secular society. The only valid government would be a christian fundamentalist government. Obviously some comparisons could be made to islamic fundamentalists"  Christians educations systems do teach more on the conflict that exists in society and the educational system when it comes to spirituality and creation vs evolution. But thats because there is a conflict and there are two main sides to it. christian creationists vs secular evolutionists. I think it is a flaw that it is not discussed to more of an extent in public school, and i dont mean trashed, actually discussed with out negativity and hostility. 
+bluedragon82988 But if something is not science, does that make it not true?
yes, but if they go "off the rails" they should lose accreditation as they do not adhere to state standards.
Nope, not if they want state accreditation. I mean if private colleges have to adhere to state standards then so do private primary-secondary schools.
They can teach anything they want in their schools. just like if a private school wanted to teach the book LOTR as proven fact that dwarves, elves, humans and orcs all live together on this planet. I just feel for the kids that graduate from the school and realize that the rest of the world doesn't share the views of what they were taught in school. I have to laugh when I hear someone claim that humans have only been alive for 6000 years. lol
First of all Evolution is not a science it barely falls into a scientific hypothesis. There are six stages of Evolution. Cosmic Evolution, Chemical Evolution, Stellar and planetary evolution, Organic Evolution, Macro-Evolution, and Micro-Evolution now Micro-Evolution is the only stage that is observed scientifically. Now mutations do happen in our DNA but did you know we have mechanisms that repair,destroy, reverse bad mutation in DNA. more than 4.000 diseases are triggered from mutation in the DNA. So why do people believe in natural selection when that mechanism repair,destroys or reverses mutations?  Now the fossil record shows no evidence of species becoming new species. Actually in the fossils they have found hundreds of millions of years ago of plants and animals they look entirely the same and have same bone structures as the modern plants and animals we see today. Darwin said himself stated that the fossil record would validate his theory of evolution or invalidate it. Which 99.99 of fossils found have not and cannot be linked to one another in effort to support his theory and Darwin knew this partially but in his time there were not enough fossils to be examined but with all the new findings now shows that plants, animals, in fact did not evolve from a common ancestor. Even with evolutionist experiments with fruit flies they never were able to make a new species. There in fact showing more evidence that does not support evolution. So why do we see similar characteristic in bone structure and hair, well perhaps because there is an intelligent designer. Have you heard a quantum physicist quote " Space cannot exist without a mind going into it"? Evolution is just a faith based theory it is not fact and cannot be proven. So if anything of evolution should be taught in school it should be Micro-Evolution and I believe this would actually after time help people understand why Macro- evolution to be false. Also with the other 5 stages of evolution theory like I said it's a faith based religion theory. 
seriously! trying to disprove a scientific theory and their proof is the loch ness monster and godzilla. its amazing how ignorant people can be.
If we judge people on the religion we believe, we'll go nowhere. lets say I'm a Christian and another guy was a Taoist. If we try to build a bridge from his side to my side, we might have happiness and acceptance. But if our ignorance continues we will never get anywhere and will live in a place with less happiness and more fear.  I am agnostic and if God, Buddha ,or anyone is real, then I think he/she would love the ones that don't believe him/her. If you don't believe in evolution, then believe that, it's okay, but don't say how it's false and criticize others.
+Gnynt `or better yet see if they work together in one theory
+Matt Jackson That doesn't pass Occam's Razor & it wouldn't pass as a theory because you couldn't falsify a portion of it, thereby making it unscientific by nature.
Teaching children things that are fundamentally incorrect because their parents are afraid of reality is perpetuating fear and learned helplessness through mental abuse. Greater accurate education = less unreasoned fear = happier planet
I just wish they dont have internet there. Ohhh they will have to fight for ther lives. In the internet dark forest
Using Nessie to disprove evolution? That's like trying to prove the bible book revelations will happen because of 'my little pony' 
QOD: No. Parents have a legal obligation to send their children to school. This doesn't mean they can send their children to a random institution that calls itself a school and teaches children whatever they want. Parents have some control over how their children are educated by choosing their school, but the law is their to protect children from irresponsible decisions by their parents or others.
1:15 I don't think it should be up to the parents.
everyone knows those parents would be completely opposed to an Islamic fundamentalist school though, but they're totally fine with a Christian fundamentalist school.
wow :O in the west the parents have to pay to brainwash their children... lol just come to sri lanka ! in sri lanka there are government schools for that... and the only payment you have to do is the bribe for the principal and the maintanence fees. here are a list of schools for anyone interested. Ananda College , Nalanda College , Museasus College , Visakha : Theses schools brain wash kids into believing budhdhism and karma.they teach kids that non budhdhists deserve to die. St peters , mari stella , hfc : these brainwash kids into believing creationism and christianity.tbh these guys comparitively humbled compared to the other 2 zahira college : this one right here brainwashes them with creationism and the whole  9/11 was a lie and osama was a good guy. infact they're taught that all muslims are good.
Yes just what the world need more ignorant Americans. raise em right raise em with god. ;/ if you pray hard enough you wont need to drink water. Jesus will protect you try it out.
Get a life stop hatin do more relatin
Well any parent who isn't completely incompetent should know what's being taught in the school they're about to send their child to, and wouldn't send a kid to a school that teaches stuff like this if the parents didn't also believe it.  If they believe it they'll probably influence their child towards that belief at home anyways. That being said, with things like this I'd almost think you'd be put on some sort of government list if you enrolled your child in a school that teaches this (like a crazy parent trap or something). (PS: when I thought of evolution and monsters I thought of Pokemon. XD)
Parents shouldn't be allowed to send their kids to schools like this. The problem with this widesread fundementalism that the US apparently suffers from, is that people are not clinically tested for stoopit, when they say they believe in a 6000yo geocentric universe, created by an omnipotent entity that only loves the people who happen to have read and interpreted some book in a very, very specific way.
Lets go to Hogwarts
They should be able to teach whatever they want as long as it has actually BEEN PROVEN? Seriously, this stuff was in a science book. And Nessie hasn't been scientifically proven.
I think they have every right to teach what they want to teach. Parents can choose to believe that Godzilla was real and I'll just keep hoping for Darwinism to get the weak minded people. Win/Win.
QOTD: Yep, you said it yourself, parents choose to put their kids into these schools, it is their choice to attempt to mold their children into close-minded idiots with no real concept of how the world works. Not every child subscribes to their parents beliefs, I know I didn't. So it's entirely possible that if these kookie kutter kids had a public education, any moron toting a bible could've turned them on a dime anyway. I say fuck'em.
Unfortunately there are serious potential problems with the government being able to dictate what schools teach. That said, it is our noble job to laugh at people who are taught at these schools when we meet them later in life. Repeatedly and immediately.
How is this different from a cult?
No because you wouldn't say the same thing about tolerating the teachings of a school if they were teaching their students that slavery was a good thing and that it should be reinstated.
no wonder kids form usa are retards
i think they should be able to teach what they want, that way if they really want to make people stupid or try brainwashing, the people would realize and the lives of the school society would be ruined only by themselves muahhhahahahahaha
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no. We've gotta live with these people when they grow up for fucks sake.
Should private schools be able to teach whatever they want? Within limits yes. That's kind of the whole point of being a private school. ... should they be teaching bad science practices to our young? Absolutely not! The "selective" nature that private schools are allowed to exercise when selecting curriculum opens the door for bullheaded ignorance. Therefore they should be regulated to teaching the same things public schools teach. In addition to whatever other teachings they might want to "include". But instead they like to select from the Muggels world only the things that will behoove and benefit them for when they are dealing with the Muggels world. Then disregard the rest... a very two faced existence. (akin to stealing IMO) Why not teach your younglings all the Muggels teachings and THEN teach them your dogmatic practices as well. Conflict of interest you say? Yeah that is kind of the whole point huh... it's not convenient for you or your goals. What the Muggels teach about evolution conflict with what you would like to believe... and very hard for you to disprove. yet you have no problems teaching their maths or ways of how to read and write...Or how to interact within their society to achieve certain ends and even how to use and spend their moneys. How convenient for you. If you are going to exist and interact within the Muggel world. Then you should know what the Muggel knows... as well as abide by all the same laws and rules that the Muggel abide by.... this would include paying taxes. (GASP! perish the thought!) Your still free to think whatever you want to believe and to teach dogmatic practices to your younglings. No one is taking that right away from you. ... just make sure they get both sides of the story and let them make an informed decision of their own... Instead of indoctrinating and attempting to railroad them into one school of thought by denying access or dismissing the other schools of thought. All because it's inconvenient for you to explain, or because it is counter intuitive to what you'd like to believe. Ya never know... by giving your students both sides of the story. They might be the ones that unify both fields and come up with testable conclusions that satisfy both parties.. ...instead of just claiming what they say is true, without providing testable results.
i wondered how old this video was, and then i heard "20 minutes or less"  and got a good idea xD
Sure, they can teach whatever they want.  Obviously, the parents are mentally unfit for sending their kids to such an institution... and want their kids never to question them on tales of zombie jezuz and noah the 900 year old man who built a boat as large as 4 football fields.  Sounds legit.
dinosaurs exist today they are called birds and are a testament of the validity of the fact of evolution.
of course you can't teach whatever.  You must teach a basic curriculum otherwise what is school for?
Nice video quality. Though it would be better if lee newton  appeared more often
I believe that what religion based schools try to do much of the time is wrong. I believe thoroughly in separation of church and state, but don't think religion should be kept 100% out of the picture because both are relevant to one another in significant ways. Much of what science and religion claim to be absolute fact is really just theory. Evolution and Creationism, or any other theory are all important to learn about and despite a school board/teacher's absolute opinion is, they should explain both the facts and plot holes in each. Even what we now call 'Greek Mythology' was once relevant and should be acknowledged. I myself am a Christian and can't stand when education can't separate their absolute opinion. There are unmistakable facts that can be ultimately proven (unless you're thinking Philosophically), but the world's beginning is the big 'what if' that no one has absolutely proven. P.S. Citing creationism upon the existence of monsters is absolutely ludicrous!
okay so tax-dollars are gonna pay for this brainwashing shit? I literally wanna kill myself
Science. Jesus! That IS child abuse. Signing up their children to be f*kng mormons uhh morons, yea morons. 
no they cannot teach whatever they want because I don't like idiots. and remember although evolution is theory so is gravity and atoms
Yes, they can teach whatever they want because because the only alternative is to pay scary men to point guns at them. COMPLY OR as a national motto
dude, if you live in america, and you have that big of a problem with idiots, you need to consider leaving after you come of age, I'm not sure if you have or not, but its either that or stay at home, don't read the newspaper, go on the internet etc.. because if you haven't noticed rational thinking doesn't exactly sit with a country that preaches freedom like its a religion. Literally the only ways to avoid coming in contact with idiots in america, is shut yourself off from the rest of society or exterminate them and unless you're that emotionally troubled by them, I doubt you're going to start picking them off. 
What kind of shitty person would have there child go to a school like this
makes me shake my head
It boggles my mind to think that some parents would deliberately stifle their children's education and chances for a promising future for the sole reason that they still believe in their imaginary friend from childhood. Unbelievable!!!
The schools do have the right to teach what they want if they are private funded just like the rest of us have the right to laugh at these kids when they grow up and say this dumb crap...because if you sight urban legends as proof of your religious beliefs being factual rather than interpretative you have already lost your argument.
If they take money from the government then yes. However this is a christian nation people like come on! You may not believe it but it is. I believe in a god, I also believe in evolution. I'm good if either side is right. If there's a god great I get to go to heaven and be happy the way i want on earth. If not then whatever i die and i'm gone for good. nuff said
Dude i meant the majoraty of the United states are Christians. I'm not going to start a religion argument with you becasue 1. I don't want to 2. there's no point
no, this is NOT a christian nation...
no and nuke all the schools
The way you kept groveling and begging "NO, DON'T WORRY, WE'RE NOT CRITICIZING RELIGION, REALLY, WE'RE NOT! PLEASE DON'T STONE US! is sickening. BTW Eli, what happened to your sperm perm?!
My answer is as long as they do not take public money, and do not expect to be accredited, then yeah teach what they want. BUT the instant they take public money in the form of vouchers then they should be held to the same standards public schools are. 
I've seen this stated a few times. The people who take literal information from the bible over science can't separate morals and factual information. They get both from religion and were either taught too early in life to get away from it, or to stupid to understand anything else. This may seem conceited, but no matter how much argument is made, it's true. Much like scientific information, regardless of emotional response, it's true.
I used to attend a private school, it was not a religious teachings school. And they did teach some crazy stuff to the the younger students... But if you where older they stopped, which is kinda weird assuming the thought it was okay to teach small scold rein about massacres and comparing Freddy Kruger to various historical villans...
Answer: Not if they want to call themselves "Schools."
...but how else are we going to get celebrity scientists and politicians? They need to have stupid beliefs afterall. :o
I say a private school should not lean towards any faith in teaching, hey a prayer at assembly is fine, but teach creationism along with evolution and let the kids decide. As for the loch Ness monster thing I don't want to live on this planet anymore
No One word answer Just no
Answer: No... Absolutely not.
Yes they do. Just as businesses should be allowed to hire whoever they want, regardless of whether or not people agree with their hiring policies. There's a simple reason that this works: if people really hate this business for their policies, then no one will apply and no one will buy their products or services, so this business will be forced to change their ways.
it seems that a school of religious affiliations should offer both sides of the argument, instead of just evolutionary science or creationism science in fact I'd go a step further and say that all forms of theories and 'isms' revolving around the subject should be taught. if religious schools focus more on choice and free will with an expansion on multiculturalism and actual forward thinking idea's then these kids not only get to make sure they like the religion they chose but they also are able to deal with the bias of others and have a broader world view. I was lucky enough in a public school to have a biology teacher who taught us many different theories and ideas on how the world came to be and how we as a people came to be the way we are
I went through this curriculum in my private school. most of the kids in these schools aren't dumb enough to use that kind of info to prove or disprove anything. People aren't always stupid. Most will come to logical conclusions and not believe stupid things like that in a text book.
Private schools should be able to teach what they want, but should take the responsibility to teach students what they need to know for the next level school (e.g. high school, collage, grad school).  
Plesiosaurs aren't even true dinosaurs...
Cause there's not sooooo much proof that evolution is real right....
hahaha science need people to fill the holes hahahahaha, they have some people called scientists and the holes are holes becuse is not easy to solve all the secrets of the universe and evolution is a complete teory
The same animals alive today were not the same as those 4,000 years ago... the pictures would most likely be completely different.
OK, that's not even creationism. That's just terrible.
Yes and no. Yes because they need to keep the parents that send their children to these schools happy, and they need to keep children's faiths strong and unchallenged. No because in order to have a valid existence and to get a good job you need to have basic knowledge on multiple theories as to why we are here and how we got here. Also teaching kids multiple theories allows them to make up their own minds as to what they believe.
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to bat shit crazy to comment on.
I think if the curriculum of the offered courses in a private school is publicly and transparently shown to parents PRIOR to enrollment, then 1. It's perfectly okay for private schools to teach whatever they desire and 2. It might even be beneficial so the crazy parents have crazy schools to send their crazy children too so the normal majority of society doesn't have to hear them complaining about public school textbooks and their "historical inaccuracy".
Yes evolution is forcibly taught to the public, has any one..... studied outside of high school evolution..?
Do you believe in Unicorns?! I do! My bible says they exist! Try to disprove me! Please!
Yes private schools have right to teach anything. I go to a private school and am forced to take religion class. Sciences are normal though but I could do with out the religion class bs.
No. they  are still taking some money from the federal government & the teachers have to be accredited by  them too. We're a Secular Nation not a Freaking Fundamentalist Christians.
I don't know whether the textbook calls plesiosaurs dinosaurs or SF are calling them dinosaurs, but plesiosaurs are not dinosaurs. No dinosaurs (discovered, at least) lived underwater.
+Lann Cruinn Hahaha sorry I didn't realise, thanks for not being an ass with the way you put it too :D
fuck no they should not be allowed to teach that garbage ! there lying to there kids and poisoning there minds !
Take it with a grain of salt. It's easy to mistake advice as an attack on your ego. But in the end it's what you do that matters.
its not about an ego its about people being up tight as hell and I aint doing shit with it ! I am getting to old to give a fuck about someone whining about suck trivial shit !
Not when its fucking FALSE!
Now parents can choose to mess up their kids life and pay for it? OK.
i live in the town over from the town that the "private schools" lee mentioned is. i live in the u.k and it is not a private school. also if i google the name of the school on google images that exact picture comes up... how strange 0.o
not the one teaching the creationism stuff
Our religious class teacher gave as proof for god's existence the following:"How can all those planets not crush us?","How does water from the sea not come flooding and drowing us?" and "How does the sun not burn us?".
Those are called Argument From Ignorance fallacies, but they might as well be called Argument From Religion fallacies. The two are practically synonyms anyway.
Obviously using Nessi to disprove evolution is ridiculous. However, I have heard some very convincing arguments against evolution by very intelligent people. The people who wrote that textbook, I would not necessarily consider intelligent. I suggest they invest in other textbooks. I do not believe in evolution, but I do believe that all theories should be taught. If we want critically thinking children, then we need to teach them to critically think and come up with their own opinions (and probably not teach them that mythological creatures are in fact real).
As it is illegal for a child in America not to get an education, using fictional beings to explain something that can be easily proven without making up facts seems that it should be illegal as well. Children must get a proper education even more so at private schools because they will likely have more power when they are adults than the average student
by the way, "scientific history" is relative and really, science upon is dis-proven every minute of every day - so there is no absolute of a consistent "history" so to speak.  So really, "science history" - is that even an actualized concept?  Please, for the mother of God, say no, because if it is - then I truly believe that there might not be a God.
correction "science upon science" was what I meant to say. 
Having been raised as an fundamentalist Roman Catholic from the Philippines, and having lived in North America for a long while. I have to say that even the most pig headed idiotic, die hard fundamentalist among my people thing creationism and its so called science is bullshit. Complete and utter tripe. We believe in God. That does not preclude as from believing in evolution or science or that earth is billions of years old.
Except if you believe in the Bible, then the Bible actually says that the animals and man was created and that the earth is 6000 years old. So do you believe in the bible or don't you?
And this is the problem I have with people who are a part of my religion...
my first thought would be no but i guess sure why not i just know im not going to be paying that much money to be taught something that is obviously bogus. I believe in creationism and believe evolution is false but trying to disprove evolution with a monster that is "possibly" real is stupid no matter what you believe.
+SSJ32Gohan Creationism makes more sense than that by random chance something just occurred and out popped a living thing that overtime morphed into everything else.
+WarriorGaming no... no it doesn't. considering 1 has mountains of evidence and the other has zilch. also, you oversimplified evolution and the big bang to the point where its considered lying, which is a sin according to christians.
Yes they do if you are willing to pay for it.
I think the best way to approach this is the way they've done in the schools I've been to. They should have Science and Christian (or equivalent Religion) Studies as separate subjects. They should give them both sides of the argument and let them choose which side they believe.
Actually the Moses Flood theory is being proven. There are over 37 great flood myths that are about 3700 years old due to comet strike near Madagascar. It just doesn't disprove evolution. It actually proves the adaptability of species, if anything.
Because it gets passed down..
So you are saying that the Kangaroo walked all the way from Turkey to Australia after the flood? And did not produce any offspring until they arrived in Australia?
private school... they have the right to teach one nation under god! after all we kinda go by that right? i know i do... also i don't see you throwing a fit about a public school giving out the Koran to students! a book that teaches it's okay to beat your wife as long as you don't leave broken bones and visible bruises! also do you believe farrow once walked the earth? if so that's as much proof actually most likely less proof then Jesus walked the earth you have no photo evidence no video and no living witnesses.
Yes and no, no you can't teach false things to kids,  Harry Potter ISN'T REAL but on the other hand you don't want the government coming in and telling schools what to teach.  Believe it or not, the government is a power sucking leech where if you give it an inch it will use your tax money to fund the mile.
all creationists are idiots!!!
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