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Gary, The Guy That Shot Osama

by CollegeHumor • 1,114,623 views

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I'm sorry but I don't understand. Are americans proud of having a man assasined without putting him to court? I'm sure it would have been interesting to hear what he had to say for his defence. In my eyes it is a shame for a 21th century civilisation.
+Adolf Hitler The 4th Democratic Liberal Feminist Queen Of Stalingrad The thing is well I hate to tell u this but ummm..  the US kinda upright backstabbed Osama, the put him in power in the first place, same with Saddam Hussein so really it was more retaliation than anything else
Why would Gary hang out with these asses?
+EricCris10sen If I were treated like that in the military, how fast would I be in trouble for hauling off and knocking everyone on their ass on a daily basis? Because that's what would happen if they kept pushing me like that.
For you non-prior service types who don't get the humor; watch HBO's Generation Kill. Then thank God you live in a place where you can voice opinions without getting your fucking head sawed off.
I just read it "Obama". Ah, wishful thinking...
+1302VL Hm the guy that came before him declared that he was send by god to fight islamism and then brutally bombed a full city after 9/11.Is there more irony in hippocracy?
According to the Media i thought Obama killed Osama, everyone is saying that and giving him the credit.. I always pictured him out in the field in a firefight being all tactical and bagging him.. MEDIA LIES TO MEH!
+Gwyrion Schiber Probably, but they never really talk about any sort of anonymous operators either. 
+Benjamin Garay Probably because people don't like to hold up an empty pedestal. We need something to pin praise or blame on.
I don't really think celebrating the death of Bin Laden is a good thing. I mean, he was still a human being behind (apparently) causing 9/11. I say apparently because there's at least a million and one theories out there. You know they say when he was killed he was unarmed and pleading for his life. I'm not trying to glorify him, I'm just saying I think there was more to him than meets the eye.
I agree at some level. Imagine putting him for trial, and hear what he'd say to his defense. Would be amazing. He's crazy, but it would definitely be incredibly interesting.
I completly agree humans don't have the right to choose wither someone dies or lives I don't think he was a good person but that doesn't mean h should be killed.
Too bad Osama didn't do anything. The government is the "terrorist."
Obvious obviousness is obvious
Real Osama is not dead, I just spoke to him on FB like last night.
+Not A Particularly Remarkable Brick I'd rather Miley blow me, but thats just me.
I know how that feels. I was one of the guys who came up with a weapon idea for TF2 which someone more talented made for me for the wokshop and it got put into the game, yet he gave no credit to me whatsoever and nobody believes me. But the honored feeling is still there. No matter what happens, I'll always know who came up with the weapon who pissed many players off for months upon end :')
This is actually awfully sad.
How is this funny????
+OverthereLook Lol, people still call Obama the world's most powerful man. Sad.
Like you know anything about power.
Gary whoever you are, I salute you on behalf of the world
Gary: Hey Obama, can you have some people deported for me....
Gary: Hey Obama, i know some people that would LOVE to be transfered to McMurdo.
Lol, 9/11 Was An Inside Job & bin Laden had been dead since the early 2000's, due to kidney failure.
SEAL Team 6 you're awesome. You made it possible for Gary (the codename assigned to the SEAL who shot Osama) to end Osama which means you don't care about anything but getting the job done and protecting your fellow man. While Gary did kill Osama, any one of you could have been that man. The one who America had been trying to kill for years. The man who got revenge for the 3,000+ who died to this monster. Someone who may have had a family member in the World Trade Center, but you didn't care about revenge or glory. You used teamwork and the goal of getting the job done to make sure one of you got to kill that asshole. Really you're all Gary because you care as much about your squad and your fellow Americans that you don't care who gets to shoot Osama, as long as you get the job done and make sure he can't kill anyone for his ridiculous cause again.  While a person dying is sad and an action only to be taken as a last resort; and there will be others to take his place, you killed a monster who wanted to make everyone in the world miserable through his insane interpretation of an ancient book. To capture him would have meant numerous terrorist attacks and hostages to try and free him. You did the right thing. Not only that but you sent a message that anyone who kills innocents like that is living on borrowed time. In short you're awesome SEAL team Gary, and I'm sure most people feel the same.
sniff so inspirational man 😭😫😫😥🙇
Well, it's DEVGRU now. "Seal Team Six" is the name of its predecessor which was disbanded in 1987. So... DEVGARY.
To our unsung have my respect and gratitude..
If I was Gary, I`m pretty sure I would`ve added those other assholes in the room to My kill count.
And then you'd spend the rest of your life in jail
+Sealbro Nah, he'd get Obama to kill them.
All the people in the comments are fucking idiots. Osama bin laden was an awful human being who needed to be killed stop defending him. Even if he didn't cause 9/11 he still used chemical weapons on his own people. This man deserved to die and I don't feel sorry for him at all. It's only a shame they didn't get him sooner.
1. All the people in the comments are fucking idiots. 2. You are in the comments. 3. You are a fucking idiot.
3:16 Obama starts out with chanting 'hero', then slowly ends with 'zero'.
Everyone in the comments section are anti-American commies
"this 4 year old bakes herself into a shepherds pie" wtf?!
Is that the guy from Silicon Valley ?
Yeah hahah, everyone gets their start somewhere :)
If anybody did that to me... well they wouldnt cuz they would be dead!
Ok I cannot stand these 30 second unskippable ads of Bojack fucking Horseman every time i watch a new video!
+dritch11 bojack is love, bojack is life
And now we know who he is, who really gives a shit
Are all of you really so stupid you can't figure out that it was all a lie? No one ever saw Osama's  body, All of seal team 6 strangely turned up dead afterwords, AND that they dumped is alleged body in the OCEAN?? 
The guy's real name is Robert O' Neill.
well now we know he got tired of it and revealed his name
There are no proof that US actually killed Osama Bin Lander.
Btw anybody can kill a unarmed man it doesnt have to be a navy seal
Rob O'Neill already came out about this. He was expecting to have some kind of recognition and expected to have some "reward" for his actions, probably from videos like this.  He was in a group, anyone could have "had" the shot. And now I am sure he is on some kind of list for "Top wanted DOA for al-Qaeda." This alone is probably not worth any kind of glory but everyone has there own views. Don't get me wrong, I am not some kind wacky liberal. I dare you to try and take my AR15s from me.. Anyhow, this needed to be done to show dominance of America but should not be glorified.
If i was treated like this, i would commit suicide
Ok Mr. President first I would 20 million for killing Osama, next I want a big ass promotion so I can outrank my asshole friends and make them my bitches, last but not least I would three supermodels to meet me at a five star hotel in Hawaii for some r&r. That is all...
+Josiah Nugent I'm sure he's just joking dear.
What is this video supposed to do, make me feel happy and laugh. Love it when I can just watch the main character get to turned for ten minutes by an extremely controversial topic.
it was robert oneil not gary 
Why arm the muhadens (the group Osama was in) and train them and then hunt them down? American Logic Shit
They were rebels assisting the United States in a proxy war between the USSR and Afghanistan. Only problem was when the USSR left the United States left Afghanistan to fend for itself thus creating what we know as terrorists who seek retribution against the United States for not following up afterwards (Why do you think all terrorist leaders look like they're in their late 60's), leaving what was once a powerful Muslim state in ruins. Today the US is somewhat forced to fix everything from sending military advisers to train Afghanistan's joke of a military complex, improve industry and standard of living, and sending humanitarian aid to those who need it. Unfortunately such terrorists groups are preventing this from happening by denouncing Western aid and oppressing those whom do accept. This works to their advantage since the people's lives are still crap but terrorist groups can direct blame towards the United States thus continuing the cycle of hate. 
This rowdy 4-year-old bakes herself into a shepherd's pie. 0:21 lmfao!
This made me more sad for gary
The dude to Gary's left looks a bit too much like the guy from Silicon Valley. 
i feel like dis evry day ;_;
As important as this mission was I still have to point out that it was a cluster-f%$k. Minimal resistance. They lost a multi-million dollar, state of the art, military helicopter to a low brick wall.
They shot an old guy, who originally deserved a court (because that is how we deal with enemys in civilisation guys, were not in the wild west anymore...) who was pissing himself while getting out of bed at midnight who had neither weapons nor men. Yeah, Murica did not ony show their military, but also their ideological world dominance. They did not fuck up tacticly, but also strategicly.
If I was Gary and these were my friends, well... let's just say I'd have to make a call to certain Navy Seals team.
RIP Osama, ex-CIA agent
am i the only one who thinks that its waaaaaaay too obvie that the osama bullshit is bullshit?
Hopefully Gary will be declassified as the risk decreases in the future c:
There is always what are society labels "evil" men to rise up and take the place of the recently murdered tyrant,the job will never be finished.There will always be what we consider bad men and good men in this world.People will always disagree and fight it is human nature.
Looking at the comments I am extremely confused, there are people actually DEFENDING Osama? Are you serious? I don't understand...would you say the same things about Hitler?
+Sealbro  I mean, we're not defending him, but how does killing him do his crimes and the victims any justice? To me he got of to easily. Also when you call yourself civillized, you cant just go around shooting people, no matter how big theyre crimes are. Im not hating on Gary, but what he did was in the end not the right thing. After all from osamas point of view, hes going to heaven...
guys.... I was the one who killed bin laden.
I wish he had been killed by torture
Don't worry Gary,we all love your angelic beard.
I feel bad for gary he could have all the fame in the world but instead is the aqua man of his group
"Gary, I am your personal bitch" - fake Obama on cell phone 2011
I thought Gilgamesh was the King of all Heroes?
well, the real guy who shot him actually came on a interview on Fox. 
Humanity has degrades if we take joy in the death of another, despite all he's done killing him will not bring the ones we lost back to life, but at least we know he will never hurt another innocent human being again and that's what really matters.
That and the image of his corpse being ripped to shreds by sharks does make us feel a little bit better.
The funny thing is the identity of the real killer has just come out
i wish i was gary so i can shot obama wait what osama! well they both terrorize america and destroy it
Hey Supernoxus... Some people are by nature unfit for life and if people celebrate the death of an enemy that's their own choice, don't dictate to others how they should feel and maybe move to Pakistan or somewhere where they give a shit about your feelings of loss for a terrorist. Douchebag
"Anything you need I can get for you" "There are three people I would like dead."
Hey, I think one of the guys in this video was in the Wolf of Wall Street,  The one who said that who ever shot him is a super hero, he plays the guy with the fish bowl in Wolf
There would be a point when I would say fuck this and tell them.
Well he revelaed his identity this week
this video is shit there is NO WOMEN in the seals and the don't point guns at each other. 
Society in a nutshell
Gary is actually called Rob o'neill!
Osama was shot by Robert O'Neil.
That's what he says, but it's probably not legit.
bet the SAS could get him alive...
The whole point was too kill him and how so ? What is the sad any better at than a seal
well if you got him alive you could interrogate him and find out where resistance is and deal with them.
except not even Obama knows who the shooter is. 
I know this is just a video but thank God seal team 6 is a team so the real "gary" doesn't have to put up with bs like that from the other soldiers he's with
1:31 The binary he said translates to ž
hey thats the assburger guy.
He should of raged at the end :P
An eye for an eye makes the world blind. 
all hail lelouch... zero zero zero!
This just made me depressed
My church teacher was neighbors with the guy who killed him
this video needed more unicorns
That's the guy from Silicon Valley series...
thomas middleditch. he's done a couple skits with collegehumor. mostly the jake and amir episodes
Who else wouldn't grab the gun and start beating the shit outta them until their face is bloody?
it was actually pretty stupid and unneccessary to kill him and rather strengthened the fight, than weakened it. furthermore i would not consider death to be a just penalty for anything. therefore i can not understand, why America seems to actually (also outside of comedy) consider someone who murdered another human beeing not out of deffense a hero.
+XyntXII History confirms over and over, that it is true, else the saying would have died out loooooooong ago.
+Nathaniel Ferguson you are brain washed and are speaking out of your ass
I would have told them.
dude I would have put the phone on speaker, gave them bird and walked out of there, and said " have fun getting raped, killed and pissing yourselves when we're out on patrol."
And that's why you're not in the Seal Team.
+Ben Tignor  Hey dude I'm making a joke about the video, not reality.
they didn't kill him they took him and are now interrogating him for all his leads friends and affiliates america isn't dumb
yes and the multiple pictures of his dead body are just photoshop... like the moon landing! "america isnt stupid" lol guess again
all of you that feel sorry in any way for this guy getting shot. are a bunch of useless pussies that belong in an oven filled with live grenades,
To the people who believe  in what media is telling you. u must ask your self, don't u think people need to know who did it? where is the body? people need to see it. if u make research u will not find a body or anything linked to Osama B.L do you know why? I give u hints. search the name Omar Sheikh ( the man who killed Osama bin laden) according to Benazir Bhutto in interview 2007. she was killed in December that year after revealing the truth about Osama. and that is the reason why u only head what they did, u only heard and believed what the media told you. Osama was dead long time ago, Americans needed an enemy picture so they can unite against a common enemy. u guys need to ask the right questions to know the right answers u can thank me later
Benazir Bhutto was not killed for disclosing the identity of Osama's assassin. She was assassinated in a plot of the current PM of Pakistan to gain power.
+Deviant yes thats what she official know for in the media. but Benazir BhUtto knew too much. knewing lot of things specialy secrets can cost you life. IF she knew about binladen what else can she know about? she is pressents treath and so powerfull people killed her made it look like what you just said.  
Is that Mark Zuckerberg?
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