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Layering Skin Care : Night Time

by Michelle Phan • 3,726,208 views

Layering skin care products is very popular in Asia. A poll showed how women in Asia would use about an average of 9 skin care products on a daily basis! So skin care is taken very very seriously....

Do you know how badly my face would break out after slathering all these products on it?
I do this and my skin's loving it :)
Can we use base everyday? Or will it damage our skin... Also, I'm 11 and I want to prevent bad skin now, so do u guys have any recommendations of moisturizers that I can use? (Aveeno makes me oily, should I keep using it?) thnx if u answer, it would help me hugely :)
you should use innis free lotion
Am I the alone realized only now that the background if fake? Lol. I've honestly watched this video a million times and I notice this today!
well i guess we're on the same boat then. lol
i don't think it's work when you're apply so many stuffs on your skin at night. I think that gurls just need to apply Toner, Lotion, Serum and Cream for the night. And of course also lipbalm.
+Hippi Sun im so tired of saying this, but again GET YOUR EYES CHECKED. and dont try to say that these products dont work for her. it does. and dont try to tell people it wont work because different skin types require different needs. okay this is my last comment. not going to reply to any nonsense you trying to prove. bye. happy holidays. cheers.
I've watched a number of your videos (guys want good skin, too), and clearly this works well for you.  Your skin looks great!
What's the 2nd earliest sign or ageing? Saggy boobs? LOL
All products she used in video: Lancome Galateis Douceur- Kiehl's creamy avocado eye cream- SKII  Brightening Derm Specialist-Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate -SKiiCellumination Essence EX-Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream-Lancome Base.
im 14 and has baby fats, i mean chubby cheeks so it looks like i have wrinkles whenever i smile( or is it really wrinkles? ) should i get antiwrinkle cream?
Is it really good to apply so much products on your skin..?
also, depends on your race. if your Caucasian, African, Asian....different races have different type of skin. so if you're not Asian. you shouldn't do exactly what Michelle's doing.
+misterfreehugs   Actually, I've seen women (of color) using Korean and Japanese products, and the results have came out well for them. So it really depends on your skin type, rather than skin color. 
I just slap on some coconut oil and call it a night lol
When you call it a night, it means that you had a busy night. So..
me too. does it help? have you noticed differences? I have just started it.
Skin Care Products: $508 Min total to $704 depending on size of products 1) Lancome cleansing water $38 2) eye cream? 3) sk-2 Brightening Derm Specialist $130-$190 4) Kiehls Powerful strength line-reducing concentrate $58- $100 5) sk-2 cellumination Aurabright Illuminating Essence $160 1.oz - 235 1.6 oz 6) Rosa Arctica $60 1.7 oz - $79 2.5 oz 7) Lancome La Base Hyrda Glow $62 8) Lip Balm (: ? Your welcome If anyone knows what eye cream she uses feel free to reply to this
clark's botanicals ultra rich lip tint
+Noraishah Mohamed Anuar clark's botanicals ultra rich lip tint
Thank you for sharing this...I never knew what order to use all these products.
she looked completely different at that time.. what happened?
+Leila Jenny Ok! But i don't even notice when people get hair cut XD
+mean teen haha.. I am one of those people who notice every little change once I see a person. But I think michelle looks beautiful now. 
OMG michelle your skin here is amazing!
Could someone tell me the lip balm she used in this video?
Oo old Michelle look old and ugly but new Michelle look pretty Agreed hit like
Thanks, Michelle.  9 products seems crazy!  This is a great layering concept.
I would love to see a daytime skin care routine video =)
If you're starting a skincare routine you should begin with what you need the most: moisturizer. Then work your way up but adding more products (eye cream, serum, etc.), once you strictly do it every day it feels like nothing. I'm 16 and my skincare routine consists of: toner, a mask (twice a week), eye cream (water based), serum and moisturizer. My skin has improved so much, and it feels great to be confident with your own skin. :)
Well I am 11, and I put on Toner, Serum, moisturizer, just a LITTLE bit of serum again, eye cream, acne cream and lotion, lip balms.
Is a hydrating toner/essence considered as moisturizer...? Save money use 3 in 1 XD
Hi Michelle, I am 13 years old should I start using these products
ok.. lots to think about after watching this video.. my face just has acne, but should i really be putting on that much product before going to bed? 
Haha,  There is no need for all that!. Just use a natural cleanser, a toner and a light cream. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin. A cleanser penetrates your pores and opens them after that use cold water on a towel to close them. Use a cotton pad and apply or toner, gently. Than lightly apply ur cream. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recomend Dr Hauschka's products, they r brilliant! U can find it in Pharmacies. The products are clean and ALL natural!
That's a nice skincare routine but can you please name all the products you used.
It's available in a comment above! :)
What are the products are you using?
Can you do an updated skin care routine (day & night), sort of like this one, but including the names of the products you personally prefer?
And with cheaper alternatives.
I listed most of the products she uses on my comment on the top
You should really try to apply in an upward motion, especially on the neck.
What are the products she is using? I'm making a list
Where is the product list?
But i've read, that no one should use anti ageing products, before reaching 30, because otherwise the chemicals in your body, which get heavily effected by the cream, wont do any work on their own anymore. That would cause even more wrinkles. I dont think ill use antiageing products before im 30.
I think she make tips to you guys not using the products everyday to her self, but think it is to tips and tricks :) 
Ur nail Polish is adorable!!
:/ im 17 years old I don't wear makeup or concealer should use all this stuff ?
no you are still young...(unless you have really bad skin then maybe) sometimes we over use these skin care. This is way too much for your age. However if you go to these skin care places they will tell you that you need it because they want to sell you the products. just use face wash, toner and moisturizer. I know this because my mom use to be a head skin care consultant for a high end brand. 
Honestly avoid wearing makeup as much as possible moisturize your face everyday after bathing & when you reach high school than wear a little , less is more , I learned that over the years.
Alexa Day Spa Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Great video! Day by Day Beauty offers a Hyaluronic Acid Serum that can deeply hydrate your skin. The serum can make your skin tighter and protect it from environmental aggressors. 
do you know what's best eye gel for age 20-21 that didn't cause a milia? I hv a lil milia round my eyes :'(
I don't know of any products causing it but all I know is that dermatologists are the best people to remove them. I've tried all sorts with mine..
But i've read, that no one should use anti ageing products, before reaching 30, because otherwise the chemicals in your body, which get heavily effected by the cream, wont do any work on their own anymore. That would cause even more wrinkles. I dont think ill use antiageing products before im 30.
lol...I don't have money to buy all that stuff xD I use my coconut oil, rosewater and some babycreme... I need to buy anti wrinkle creme I guess ._.
Can u make a get ready for bed video for me
I really want to touch your face sooo bad!! it's soooo flawless!! 
helenachu Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:
I am 11 and have going thro puberty since 9 but my acne just showed up.i didn't put make up becuz of that, I just layered it extra thick on acne scars. But I put light make up constantly. Mascara, concealer , some eyeliner and lip gloss. I feel naked without make up. So just put make up on for a week and u won't ever want to take it off
How are you lips so pink even when you remove your makeup
Is she using a green screen
Great. I didn't know I did this exact asian routine every night. I figured it on my own without seeing or hearing about this before. I just accidentally found this video. Does this mean I'm asian? ;)
I'm fourteen, should I still use the ain't aging stuff? I think I'm too young. But I do want to take good care you my skin
+GoblinQueen87 Actually when you're in you're twenties you should be concentrating on hydrating your skin and not begin to apply anti wrinkle cream until you are in your thirties. Most anti wrinkle creams are not made for young skin and can actual speed up the ageing prosess.
You should start because the earlier you start you won't have wrinkles later on in life
I would really love to see an updated version of this! What your new nightly routine is, what products you use and can't live without! Trying to revamp my night time skin care routine.
you can write the product list plz
1. LANCOME Eau Fraiche Douceur Cleansing Water 2. KIEHL'S Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado  3. SK-II Brightening Derm Specialist Serum 4. KIEHL'S Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate  5. SK-II Cellumination Aurabright Serum 6. KIEHL'S Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream  7. LANCOME La Base Hydra Glow Primer 8. CLARKS BOTANICALS Ultra Rich Lip Tint 
thats a lot of step :(((
What products do you use? I'd love to get the hydrating serum. Please respond
I did it and my results were great!!!!
I'm 12 years old I want to know if I should take care of my skin or no
Yes, remember, the earlier u take care of ur skin, the longer ur aging will be. Use sunscreen, moisturizers, lotion is amazing too :)
i'm 17, should i use serum or do i have to wait until 25? and if so, can someone recommend a serum product that works best for teens. Thank you!
Good video (: I have a YouTube channel as well. Check it out if you like beauty and fashion (;
Of course she doent use all this things, but remember that she gets pay for this videos...
What age should you start with all the anti aging products I'm 19. Right now using only regular moistures ! No eye cream either
Awesome at the moment I'm using a Colleen Rothschild sheer renewal cream and for my under eye nothing any suggestions ?
+Nancy Navarro now im using shiseido white lucent eyecream and its really work for dark circle.. or for drugstore products, u might wanna try Olay Regenerist eye serum.. it's great too..
So many things I didn't know I needed, haha...
updated skin care routine please?
Ur skin looks flawless
Great tips. Thanks Michelle
Ur skin is so smooth. I dont see any pimples blackhead etc.
Holy shit her skin is amazing wtf is her skin routine!?
What this video just showed u XD
I am 10 year old kid and i reached mature.Should i wear makeup?
No. Definetly not. Your 10. Makeup isnt supposed to be played around with. It can stain and harm your skin. Trust me, you dont need a speck of makeup. Natural beauty is the best! xxx <3 I pray you'll be smart xxx
My guide to make-up Elementary school: I recommended sticking with lipgloss around this time. The only time you'd need to wear make-up is if your are in a play/musical or dance recital.  Middle school: Again, probably just some lipgloss is perfectly fine, and maybe a bit of mascara and lip color on picture day. If you are going to a big event such as a wedding or dance party , ask your mom if you can wear make-up. A Natural look Eyeshadow, blush, mascara and lip color High school- Around this time you are old enough wear make-up to school everyday (just a bit) and use michelle's tutorial's for reference when you are going to big events. When you go to REALLY big events such as prom or graduation, you should your your make-up done professionally.  I don't know about college, i'm only a freshman in high school :P
Who knows the name of lip balm Michelle used in clip??? Pleasssss
'aint nobody got time for that!'
I just use makeup wipes, wash my face, and put on night cream
thank god for you, lol i'm just starting out with this whole make-up and taking care of myself thing so love this channel 
skincare routine for 13yr old please
You have flawless skin
Is it my device or she deleted the "product she used" list on the video information? I remember she gave a lot of product list she used on this video and I remember she suggest Olay if the products she used are too expensive.
Whoa! 8 steps! Isn't she using too many products? Is it good to use so many chemicals on skin at once?
Just Google it. I'm sure you can find it easily. Korean people are now very popular for their skin. And they don't joke when it comes to skin care.
I am fifteen years old girl.did i need to use eye cream???my skincare is only apply toner and aloe vera gel,i exfoliate my skin once a week
I'm 11 but I'm getting these spots on my skin I know it's not acne but it's like like someone bleached my skin. Anyone know what it is?
U have the best skin ive ever seen its not just smooth but the color is even
I love make up even though I'm only 9
can anyone name the products she used?! 
What if I'm just 15 and I want to do something really simple with some kind of fruit?
Wow, your skin.. it's flawless
I found out u r a millionaire is that true
I just use moisturizer and my anti-acne cream :/ should i buy more skin care prouducts then?
If ur skin is really acne prone and oily u shud stick to anti acne treatments. When u are done with acnes u shud tend to use this more. If u have spot acnes cover rest of the area with the type of routine in this video and the acne areas with anti acne treatment.
what's the moisturizer she used?
i dont got time fo dis
и проснёшься вся в прыщах .. You gonna wake up with zits for sure 
Could you review AMBI essentials Gentle Cleanser? It's such a great product and affordable to boot. I'm seeing it less and less in stores and that's a shame! It's a non drying, simple cleanser that removes light makeup and non waterproof ss. It's perfect for using after makeup remover. Its sulfate free and hypoallergenic.
hahaha! ^_^ okay, aaanybody else start off watching this video thinking "snow white"?
does anyone know what hydrating serum she uses??
which products do you use?
what happend with the products you used
You use too many products which are at best just moisturising. I hope younger girls watching this have enough sense to just get their hands on some cleansers and a good moisturiser. I don't think at any age you should need these many products. 
does anybody know what kind of moisturizer she used???
I dont know what kind of moisturizer she is using here but I heard a hell of a good reviews about "CeraVe". Look it on amazon and read some reviews. I just got mine and its HUGE!! A little goes long way so I know this gonna last my at least 1 year! Good luck :)
I listed most of the products she uses on my comment on top
Ain't nobody got time for that...
i like it. i think very good idea for girl if not worries.
Can you do a video on best skin care products and if you do don't forget to mention my name!!😊💜
if you want some great skin care advice look up lisa eldridge skin care. she does the cover makeup for vogue and is very knowledgeable and professional. she explains what's best for what too
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