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Bottled Up

by The YOMYOMF Network • 79,556 views

TOYOTA presents 'INTERPRETATIONS' launches an online video contest for emerging filmmakers. Here is one of the five winning finalists: BOTTLED UP by Joey Yee. For...

This feels like it's trying to say that it's all about taking risks and it'll be worth it.
I wasted 2 minutes of my life :'(
Can someone pleases tell me what this video meant because I really don't get it.
I WAS SURE THEY WERE PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE! Haha, and then he went for the kiss, thought i was going to pee my pants.
the guys spin the bottle because they want to kiss the girls next to them, so they risk it. the fat guy asks them if they are sure because they have a 50% chance of kissing a man
I didn't know yomyomf had a lot of videos
is this cabrillo park in sf?
Only 823 Views?? This should get Way More!!
They should do one for the Ouija board.
does anyone else know that wongfuproductions did tried the same project? :)
wth ppl. These videos have very deep meaning and its not for laughing at or expecting comedy from it
Haha. He knew the odds were against him but did it anyways. Hilarious.
You don't get it because you associate these videos with nigahiga. Well they are not. They are meant to tell a story that you have to put together somewhat.
what i always thought spin the bottle was a different game... as kids we just used to spin the bottle and the spinner would just something really stupid with "You are gay" or "You crapped your pants" or " likes "(something dumb here)" and you'd spin the bottle and whoever it land on would be whatever they said. (It really made no sense at all but you just really didn't want it to land on you) Since when was it a damn kissing game??
Did anyone else expect a shaolin monk from the picture?
lmao...."its not what I expected" love the part when the guy says you sure? And he looks over to the
each guy wanted to kiss a certain girl but it landed on the other guy so the pretended they were kissing the girl to get it over with, aka spin the bottle fail
"well" was not forgotten. 1:18 on this film. Look back
Who the heck carries a bottle around, in their pocket??!!
i heard about this from Ryan Higa's video is the competition really happening or what?
Spin the know, the kissing game? The guy who spun it wanted to kiss the girl next to him. When it landed on the guy, he imagined him to be her. Then the guy who was kissed wanted to kiss the girl next to him. Then he spinned the bottle
Did you notice that all of the lines they say are Not something I'd do Well It's not what I expected You sure
point : chance to kiss who you like is worth the risk
If someone did that in real life they would've been called gay for a LONG time
you guys forgot the ERR!!! in 1:38
is Toyota the sponsor of YOMYOMF?
i get it but i really dont..... it was nice tho
why do they keep using the same phrases in like, all their videos??? kinda creeps me out a little:/
Is that a commercial for Coca-Cola ?
the phrases are: "It's not what I'd do" "well" "It's not what i expected" "You sure"
the guy n the girl looks like they're brother n sister, look @ their eyebrows 1:52 0_o
It's kinda sad I'm old enough to say "kids these days"... and that's what I'm sayin'. xD
Simple mimded assholes forget the story of the skit, its not here for people to put stupid homophobic comments on it to flaunt their ignorance. Its here for a moral lesson, not one taught by society !
hm its uh different ill give u that
For the word "what", you both forgot it. But you also corrected the first phrase by adding " 'd " to the I. Sure sure again no big deal right? But what if Gameandwatch97 accidentally forgot the phrase "Well" ? You didnt chill on that situation.. Did you? :)
since it was invented man obviously u were taught how to play it way wrong
How do people not get it.. Small brains...
its the base of all the scripts because its a film contest for begining filmers
thats how you kiss a MAN/WOMAN/OTHER
First its "It's not something I'd do" and you forgot "Well"
the guy who first spun the bottle is hot
666 likes... must.. resist.. urge.. to like....
Back when coke came in bottles. I wish they weren't that rare.
Spin the bottle was always a kissing game. Wtf are some of these ppl talking about?
lol... so he likes the girl next to her and he wants it to land on her so when it lands on the guy he juss imagines her in his place so that he would like it...
I am so confused with this channel
it was a good quick story, it's a spin the bottle game and he wanted to kiss (girl 2) so he spun the bottle and got a guy unexpectedly, so he per say "bottled up" to impress her... right?
Can some1 explain this to me ... I dont get it
I can't believe this has only had 1498 views! Clever indeed.
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