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COD MW2 - 2 Cereal Flavors

by Chris Smoove • 594,990 views

Why are there so many refrigerators on this map? Is this a fake video? Why are they always switching guns when they see me? hahaaaa In this game, I'm introducing the 2nd flavor of my Chris Smoove...

Watching Chris smoove cereal while eating cereal is a smoove move...
Like this comment if you agree that these were the good old Chris Smoove days. 
I'm going to relax and watch some of these old MW2 videos. These were great times and it will never get old.
just said that to myself 
Doing exactly the same
It would be a Smoove move to see Chris upload some more CoD .
I absolutely agree with i miss chris smoove posting cod videos 
FFA infested with snipers now wannabe trickshots final killcam
Like if you saw this in 2014!
Had to get you that 3,000th comment
Smoove in his prime.
Watching this in 2014 <3
He should try ranger akimbo
Just saying look at the end some where around he places a claymore straight and not diagonally so fake video?.? Haha but 2015 still watching <3
I sleep on a Chris Smoove mattress everyday! It would be a noob move not to have a good night sleep.
Watched this 50 times, gonna watch this in 2020<3
I have a stupid question smoove. Have you ever coughed, sneeze, etc. in a video?!
Watching this video years ago >>
Mw2 should had been with mw3 it's more things u can do than mw3
i freaking love watching smoove... and i dont even play video games that much! 
Anybody want some smoove loops, or smoovey flakes, or smoove krispies?
Watching In 2014 for real <3
All his MW2 videos got mad views
Watched this while eating cereal in 2014 🙌
Watching this it's been so longg
Smoove you ain't smoove not playing CoD 😼
I miss him playing this
He needs to shout out the people for the beats and songs in his videos from now on, like I really wondered what this one was
  It would be a Smoove move to see Chris upload some more CoD . +Chris Smoove +Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove Cereal in 2014
If the next COD is anything like MW2 it will bring COD back
coming back and watching this video again… I forgot how much smack he talked this game hahaha
man I miss the days when I was noob watching smoove vids 2 get better #thegoodolddays  
The good old days...
His last MW2 video, how time flies..
Song at the beginning anyone ? 
we want more COD videos smoove!
Afk on a console. Anyways, yeah. Chris Smoove is a great youtuber. Used to always watch his stuff when I had my Xbox
a "they should have just called this map REFRIGERATOR"
the chris smoove product line sounds very appealing and fun. I wonder what chris smoove aftershave would be like.
I feel like smoove was hungry during this video. Cereal......
When smoove was a camper loook
you should play mw2 campaigan its awesome
3:40 How did he not see me before how did he not see me was a phrase haha
This was my first vid ive seen back when i was a noob :'(
Song at the beginning?? Anyone??
keep makin vids smoove
This was my first video of smoove. Now I literally watch every one he has.
Bro what internet service you got now ? Its smoove man like butter on toast .. I need better WiFi for the house itself
what gun does he use?
this the smoove i miss-arrogant, campy, trolling and always making cracks
no cod can ever be as good as cod4 and if any was close it was black ops 1
This entire video he's talking about cereal xD
Call the cereal Splash and have it tastes like the sodas you get in bo2 during zombies
I miss the old days with smoove from mw2 it ant the same no more
If they WERE to re-release mw2. 2 things. 1. That would be the best thing aeyarch has ever done 2. They wouldve re-released it 3 years ago with all the hack fixed and stuff and why would they re-release a game that they made 3 yrs ago when they are almost done with cod ghosts
smoove's mw2 commentaries were the best
Chris Smoove With 2 Predator Missle Kills and a Knife (This Is a "Fake Video") "Thats a Smoove Move"
i cant play mw2 for what ever reason all when i get onto it it says 0 players online and never joins a match :*(
Mw2 Chris smooch was the best Chris smoove
5:15 I love the Smoove voice-over, lol
smoove is the best gamer ever to live all hail king smoove
I remember when this was new. How the time flys bye.
i miss this voice remixen in the new cod vids from chris... :(
who produced the intro music?
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