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by Clear Haircare • 1,089,165 views

Suffering from dandruff? CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY™ feeds your scalp and stops dandruff at the source (no visible flakes with regular use). Admire the scalp.

Can anybody tell me if the guy is Tony Romo? It looks a lot like him.
I think this is cool ... somehow ^^'
Does this remind anyone else of Uncharted 3?
"Alright, guys. We have to sell this shampoo. Any commercial ideas?" "cHCIK SLAVES ,, AND ,, BOobieS,,,, DANDRUFF KEEPS YOU IN THE FRIENSNZONE?" "Brilliant!"
Have to testify. This stuff works when nothing else would.
I just came for the music lol. Does anyone know it by chance?
Feels like you tried to mash the Most Interesting Man in the World with Old Spice.
Men's grooming products commercials logic: "You're not a man until you buy our products, afterwards hot women will want to fuck you!"
Did anyone else think of Uncharted's Nathan Drake?
Ok Youtube should not allow commercials this inappropriate. I had safe search enabled and a 10 year-old could easily see this advertisement when watching little kid videos. One second of this clip is borderline nudity if it werent for a 95% see-through shirt
Because it is stupid and misogynistic. I am surprised (more annoyed, than surprised actually) it has so many likes honestly...
The girl @ 0:29 is stupendous!!!
I want the woman petting the leopard!!!!! She is Sex On A Stick!!!!!!
It sounds a lot like Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy). Wouldn't surprise me if it was him.
0:16 clear men FEEDS YOUR SCALP god i love this guys voice.
So... What exactly does team fortress 2 have to do with this?
Nathan drake has dandruff hehe. Uncharted 3!
In all seriouseness, does this product actually work? no funny feedbacks please. Thanks.
This is clearly a trailer for Uncharted: The Movie
Hideous objectification and orientalism, for one.
who is the girl at 0:20 she is HOT
Who would wear a coat suit and a tie in the desert?! Good product though
I got here from a Joe Manganiello interview....WTF! :S
What's the name of the first girl?
did anyone ever notice that look like drake uncharted 3 and the guy looks like drake
DAMN!! Is that Mila Kunis @ 0:21??
What is that awesome desert type music in the background??
I'm saying people are gross for saying their experiences with this shampoo related to private parts like the ass
I got here from a Nelson Mandela video. what gives?
Never going to buy this considering I can't watch a fucking video without seeing this commercial everytime
i totally thought of uncharted 3
I well pay $50 to who ever tells me the name of the background music I am serious
Makes you feel like a real asshole if you have dandruff..
Is that Mayhem from the Allstate commercials? "Protect your marriage from Mayhem like me"
this soap literally made my ass feel as if there was a mountain up my ass with 120 miles winds blowing.
The shampoo brand of Cristiano Ronaldo, but very different from the original one, this shampoo is kinda good but i like the original one better
Sometimes I think I'm the only straight man not sold on boobs alone...
Was not aware Nathan Drake had dandruff issues. Will never look at Uncharted the same way again...
If anyone can please send me a message and tell me who all the women in this commercial are. Id be greatful. (Allready know Mila Kunis)
That was an American TV commercial from like the 90's or so. Are you serious that this is too hot for children? Maybe we are in a seriously conservative and scary world after all.
Really at the right nipple at 0:23
Yeah, I was trying to figure out who the voice over guy was too, he NAILED the delivery of every line.
reminds me of my ex. since taking care of himself was never a priority, let's hope he finds someone else who is willing to put up with his EPIC dandruff!
Please lord make this video banned the girls r ugly a'f and have nasty tits
If a woman leaves you because of dandruff, she's a piece of shit anyways!!!
Whoever said anything about their experience with this shampoo related to their ass, penis, scrotum is gross and is giving tmi
Stfu u friendly ass nigga wuts the song wuts the song
I really hate this commercial.. It really pisses me off...
If i wasn't balding I'd buy this
Hey, why is he wearing a suit in the desert?
I just want to know who this girl is (the first one).
Did anyone notice Selena Gomes at 00:19
Whos the girl carrying the shampoo?
I got here from Mass Effect 3 extended cut, and theres louds of Mass Effect 3 does that relate :S
The beginning reminds me so much of Uncharted
This commercial's great! I might buy the shampoo only because it was funny and entertaining.
If that is a nice "mirage" it means he was dying slowly in happiness?
So I guess if I use this product I will have great hair, a brand new suit, and a beautiful women all at once
uncharted 4: shampoo of legend
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