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Minecraft: Game of Kings -- Capture The Wool Part 3 of 3

by TheBajanCanadian • 67,394 views

This map is awesome, but there are some issues that we've fixed for the next time we play. Definitely worth a try! Give the video a thumbs up and comment would you :D Follow me on twitter:...

You couldve ate the golden apple stupid ass
Sorry hit the wrong bitten on my phone :(
why didnt u eat budder apple
well its not budder get the name right
just destroy items with lava
So this video proofed that Mitch is a true hero that would take a bullet through his brian for his team.
I think this particular(excuse my spelling) map would be better with more people just because of the sheer size of it
The end can be summarised as: "I was better!" "No, I was better!" "I played the most vital role in the game!" "No, I played the most vital role in the game!"
Fuk u josh and cabin u fukin suk bitch!
that was awesome, can't believed you killed nooch
the enchanted sword was bane of Arthropods. Who's the dumbass now.
I like the new system for videos
Invite pauseunpause to a hunger games plzzz!!
OMG Mitch next time BURN all their shit if u cant pick the diamonds up, it wrecks all of their items and if tey kill u they dont get all the shit
That system is the best idea ive ever heard
Mitch why so epic with the uploads lately? KEEP IT UP.
dude thanks for the minecraft do more hunger games please
Mitch if you would've rushed them instead of waiting on the main wall forever you would've won.
just saying cause every single one of Mitch's videos lately has been CTW or battledome. They should play Multi-failing or something else for once...
GG= good game or something like that?
WHAT? he got red and blue and held off for almost 5 minutes!!!!
If he had eaten the bread or golden apple who would have nearly had full regen for the last fight
@jackhanbury yeah he should have got rid of the vines and used the enchanted sword. U never know it could've had knockback.
they cheated he broke 5 blocks in 2 seconds at 4 50
YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT MITCH! jk<3 but when u could use a enchanted sword! U PICKED ONE UP
could have used golden apple, or food
Mitch, we love you, but you sucked this game....
This system is sooooooo much better than the other one!! :D
I know, but RCT2 FTW! Mitch likes the second one anyway.
mitch are you going to upload vip we all realy wanna see that answear plz if you see this you are the best :D
there where pepole at the other base and when they came back they would have put all the wol in the thing, and all of then wouldent die there smart
290/0...thats actually pretty legit mitch
Well I've already raped the likes like Michel Jackson rapes kids.
Mitch man I was practicing this in single player and got to diamonds in under 4 minutes ( including the minecart ride) I could show you how just PM me when you see this!
You guys just need more people on each team for this map
why you and mat chanced your youtube name? "the"bajancanadian
why cant we see a walk-through of the map before you guys play through some of these capture the wools?
take off the silverfish! its soo stupid!
@TherealSpartann30 He did do one...
Awesome map! I uploaded it to my minecraft myself. Yes, you should fix the issue with the mobs.
If you ate the golden apple you would have killed him with full health
Mitch you uploaded this on my birthday can you please reply it would make my day
what screen recorder do you use?
you had two enchanted swords!!!
lolololollolooloololololololoolololololololololololoolloollolololoolololloolololololoolololololololololoololloololololololollololoololololololloollololoolloloololololololololollololoolollolololololollolololololoolololololololo im using all characters lololollolololololololololololollololoolololoolololoolloolololololololololoolololololololololoolololololololololololololololololololololoololololloolololololololololololoololoololoolollololololollololololololololollololloolloloollolololoololloololol
i hate matt some times he bitchs too much
Josh and cabin go suck a dick mitch should hunt u down and fuck u two muther fuckers up u worthless pussys
your dumb you had an enchanted sword in your inventory
u died because the vines stopped u
Mitch, race to commander! Where is it???
more, do the hotel,and this more, i want all the stuff
oh yea, its saturday night in America aye? sunday afternoon in NZ buddy!! nothin like playing minecraft while listening to mitch complain about lag...
Mitch said 'a hero' instead of 'an hero'
he can sprint jump into the the front of cristians base there's water there and he could've won it
You waited so long. You could have ate them applez.
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