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Dubba Jonny - Home VIP

by UKF Dubstep • 1,831,943 views

FREE DOWNLOAD/BUY: Dubba Jonny are back with their VIP of one of their previous singles 'Home' - you're able to pay as much or as little as you want for this - so check the...

Haven't heard this song for years. Still dope as fuck.
Candy, I'm coming home.
I made it. Thank you universe.
I got my beats on going crazy to the beat ! Love it
this track makes me feel like im rolling my face off
Dubba Jonny is some of the best dubstep dj's I know about after Skrillex!!! B) <3
Hey does anyone know the song that sounds the same for the first five seconds, and maintains that sound throughout? It's a song that i think would be used in slow motion, landscape, and ski vids. Maybe even a "people are awesome" vid. Thanks
would it happen to be home original mix?
On Sum Real Shit Dis 1 A Classic
open a new window with the same video start them at the exact same time turn up volume = orgasm me n my girls song :)
When you play two at slightly different times so it echoes the beginning is awesome!
This is one of the few dubstep songs that still really appeals to me after two/three years
2010/2011 had a lott of smooth stuff out there. I think they just try to pack too much into one tune now days.
Or they overuse House stuff and call it "Dubstep".
m44ki3 Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
DubStep music Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
anybody wanna roleplay msg me at ill be your sexual samurai.
360 people had their volume on mute.
360 people don't have a VIP pass
I'm a massive Skrillex fan but I actually liked this video. Don't mock people for the producers they support, they more than likely always support more than one, yet they most likely support the same ones as you. There's no need for bitching about Skrillex or any other artist here, we're all here for the music, not the bitching. Rant fucking over.
Haven't found a song by Dubba Jonny that I don't like.
Skrillex is just a edm producer known from hes style of dubstep Just that
xultimateparadox no1 ask or wanna hear dat so y did u say tht then
One of the best vocal dubstep song ever produced props keep it up shit bangs on 2 12in L7s kicker comps
i love skrillex and dubba jonny so stfu if u have a problem with it cx
please bro dont call me ,,skrillex fan,, xD please xD i like UKF Dubstep, Skrillex, MT Eden, and my best is : EXCISION!!!
FAKE!!!! North Koreans don't have Youtube or access to the internet
Home VIP + Hesh Headphones + Full blast = (TO EPIC TO BE DISPLAYED)
Its sort of like saying I have the biggest dick, It might make some difference... I mean it makes some things sound better, but your not losing to much with your $60 headphones. but its mostly like "My sub is biggest and loudest the law will allow, because I get bitches and shit"
Funny hows there is a picture of a cat right above you lol
Except Kim Jong Un, and his father when he was alive.
The wait for the drop was so worth it *o*
I don't usually listen to Dubstep. I usually listen to Reggae, but I might change my mind now.
This isn't home this a VIP mix if you want to listen to the real version UKFDubstep has another song made by Dubba Jonny originally his (Original Mix)
If dubstep was a war fleet then this track would be the mothership.
Sort of reminds me of Excision. Good song.
360 people don't have a computer
This is a masterwork ! a simphony !!!!
now 360 People havent a home with a cat
364 people belong in nursing homes
Lol,seems like the cats are quite unlucky :)
im not really a fan of skrillex. but i think that he gets alot of hate for his music from premature faggots just like yourself who tries to be cool on the internet.
Didn't ask you to reply to my comment
OMG SKRILLEX BRO /watch?v=dksnKpApTrU
his songs sound like they are being made using garage tools
I love your work Dubba Jonny <3
i don't have a cat too but i still fuckin love this song !
yes :) check my channel and support me if you want with subscribing :)
So eh, where's the period at the end of your comment? 'Grammar Nazi'
What about the 12,354 other people?
idk be a pimp, they make good money. your sure to get a dolla that way :D
My cat just vomited and shitted out rainbows as it was spinning on the floor
SkullCandy all the way, brother. I prefer the Mix Masters, though... Spent two years saving up for them!! :^D
366 people disliked this song. :l
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