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Jam all over the place

by Hot For Nutrition • 53,736 views

Let's learn a new Russian Word today! Jam! Facebook Twitter!/hotforwords Website For more lessons click here...

Boysenberry: These are deep maroon colored, glossy, large, juicy berries that are a cross between raspberries, blackberries and loganberries. They are used as pie fillings and to decorate cheesecakes and tart and Jams ...
In Lithuanian Vilnius I use Russian 100 times more than English. Yes, it's Варенье.
Grandmother would make a killer strawberry & rhubarb jam. The best was the fresh foam that would not be bottled. I miss G'ma......
Just another excuse for her to flex that chest. Not that it's a bad thing.... ;-)
Lost = Marina. There are plenty more words in English to breakdown, along with Russian lessons....We miss you...
anyone else miss learning origins of english words?
I love these videos. Please keep making more of them. Oh yah, blue berry jam is my favorite.
Oh she is so hot. I would do sexual things to hear that would cause her to need years of therapy, and even that would not be enough to reverse the emotional trauma she would experience as I just wreck that body...Oh gosh that is disturbing.
Homemade jam? With a label and a barcode? WTH? But that's okay Marina. You just smear that jam any old place you like. And if it's too messy, I'm really good at getting jam out of those hard to reach places.
Grape, home made, that was a long time ago. Made peach jam, when I had a couple of peach trees and loads and loads of peaches. That was my thing in August.
If you right click and click stop download you will see her fingering her pussy!
@shadowsa2b nah... not really... Russian history and cultural is much better. and no.. im not russian or slavic... so, uh, yeah...
my favorite Varyen'ya; is Strawberry Varyen'ya; ( Jaming enemy UAV ) ( Call of Duty ) :P
Your mum might be strong, but the reason the lid is hard to remove is that there's a vacuum inside. In case you're wondering: yes, it can be obtained without any fancy machinery. Anyways, I'm fond of plum jam.
My fab jam is when I jam all over you yumm
i know Russian. but I never unsubscribe I wonder why?
I want to smudder your breads with my jam!
@MrSpb77 Then I guess that my argument comes down to the fact that it's easier to just use the spoon twist method, rather than to go get a a sturdy knife to puncture the lid :)
I'd spread you on my sandwich
@fishymack So, not giving it a lick like she did, then?! A sturdy knife point works, too :)
My favorite jam is apricot with a hint of almond extract.
The eye shadow was so distracting.
Blackberry or raspberry, but only if it doesn't break on the floor. No glass in mine please.
Yeah home made jam with labels and shizz
Boisen berry. Smack the bottom of jar with an open palm, works every time.
Please! Stop it with that "russian Words Learning Stuff"!!! It's french Jam You're holding anyway! lol
Homemade jam with a UPC code? What's Russian for "Smuckers"?
hogy mozognak a csöcsei lol
You know who else has a russian accent and got popular on youtube? Charlie James. Wanna know how you two are different? She did pr0n. She's pretty big on youtube right now. Maybe you oughta follow her lead.
My Grandmother made apple butter, that was always my fav.
the worst jam ever has to be Traffic jam ;) hehehe
I miss my Grandmas jam :( raspberry she used wax to seal her jars..........
Bon Maman is your mother? Is your father named Skippy by any chance?
@MrSpb77 Actually I find it much simpler to put the back end of a tea spoon between the lid and the jar and then twist it. It will create just enough room for the air to go in and the lid will come out with almost no effort. I'm not certain, but I would guess that punching a hole in the lid would somewhat hinder its conservation over long periods of time.
Hmmm her moms home made jam has a label and bar code...
What is the point of these videos? What good is learning one random word every couple of weeks?
If you just drop the bottle on the floor then you don't have to open it.
@mcpielover keep drooling over white girls that you can never get fag
I'd love to smother your bread with jam too.
I like jam made with guelder rose.
Marina - use a spoon or a fork to lift the edge of the lid and let some air inside. Now you can open it easily.
Did anyone else notice the "homemade" jam had a barcode on the label? Ah, clever vixen. I remember the days when you would make homemade jam and then have me print barcodes from the computer so you could scan and encode them later for referencing on the shelf.
my personal favorite jam is Rhubarb Jam, made out of the rhubarb plant. its very good :) after that, strawberry I think.
if you haven't noticed Marina, we all want the old Marina back. The Marina who was investigating words send in by ur dear students. It's cool that you teaches us russian words, but could you please make another channel for that? it's just an idea :)..
как тогда называть джем?)
@ke4uyp When we make jam at home we re-use jars from brand jam. no evidence says her mother doesn't :)
It looks like it's time to invest in a rubber jar gripper/opener for the kitchen. (But what would be the fun in that. ;-) )
Why does your mother have a bar code on her jam jar?
I just jammed all over the place
Bonne Maman is totally homemade jam
I'd slap that pussy like I was working at the fish market ! fuck ya ! you know, jack hammer my cock straight up her shiter !
Thank you for setting women back for a thousand years o_O
"Varyen'ye", this is nice now we learning Russian words too.
@ke4uyp Well to play devils advocate, her mother just could have reused an old jam jar to put her jam in...tho I highly doubt the stickers on the front/back would be that clear/undamaged.
Seriously, wtf is the point of this vid ?
so, in soviet russia you have to put barcodes on homemade jam, hm? good to know :-)
@Jballa371 Thumbs up here. I for sure like to have mine in her mouth. I also been sending her requests to describe the word 'uvula', Sure like to see what her's look like and told her open that sexy mouth of hers wide to view it to her viewers to see it.
малиновое варенье
CAREPACKAGE!? not you too! Call of duty has gotten to us all...
I wasn't paying attention to the jam lol. and thats just a jar of smuckers.
Marina, why don't you make a video about the meaning of your surname? Orlova - Orel - Eagle. Orlova - "Of eagle". Like my name is Valkov. Valk - Wolf. Valkov - "Of wolf"
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