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Dancing Gorillas

by Lilnubnubs • 198,536 views

Found this on Tumblr. I take no credit for it. The song is Run Away by Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira. Thank you everybodylovesasian for providing that.

This video was only 11 seconds long, yet it feels like the most life changing experience i've had yet
This never gets old. o.o
Wasn't this video with this song longer? I can't find it!
Always coming back haha love it makes my heart happy!
Azure Mallone Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
:::ghostly little girl whisper::: The Jimmies will rustle...
This is my crew literally <3
Dex Peck Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Darn my Skype friend always sending me vids like this :P
My jimmies remain un rustled.
I wanna dance like them one day
Wow coincidentally I dance exactly like that
LOL musica bien muy :3 muchas gracias XD
@rpsxrage Song name is "Run Away" by Sunstroke Project & Olia.
@rpsxrage I REALLY wish I knew; as I stated in my description I didn't make this video, I only found it on Tumblr and reposted it on here. If someone recognizes it and points it out to me it'd make my day and I'd let you know.
I seen this on Tumblr also...I don't even know how it got on my dashboard.....Lol
this will never not be my favorite video on the Internet
really like .... i... just thank you lucas hess
I memorized all the dance steps and sometime out of the blue I just break out dancing just to freak people out
@everybodylovesasian Omg, can I just love you forever? Thank you so much!
would somebody be kind enough to make a 10 hour long version?
i showed this video to my mom.. she was like "dafuq"
there's a longer version but it's a different song tho. just type in dancing gorillas in the search bar and it should come up. it's called ego or something and it's funnier than this one imo
I have a feeling this may be photoshoped.
I dont know why, but this is just so freaking hilarious.
I made a 5 hour version of this, check it out on my channel
I actually watch this everyday..
I'm on that weird part of the internet again..
i was told that this was a sneak peak of the Superbowl
My god, this is ridiculously funny...
uncomfortable to watch... yet so addicting hahahahah wtf
I thought I was the only one who watched this daily. THANK YOU TUMBLR I LOVE YOU.
omg its run away from eurovision!
Song from Moldova at Eurovision 2010 <3
Your request has been fulfilled. I will be uploading it in a few days :)
this sounds like volume up by 4minute LOL
FOUND IT AGAIN omfg yes I love this
Saturday night and I'm watching three animated Gorillas dancing to epic sax guy.
omfg tumblr if you take me to this part of youtube again
I have hip hop abs (the workout dvd) and it has nothing on this. NOTHING.
This is still my favourite video ever every fucking day i need my fix of this
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