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[FUNNY] Top 10 Scariest Moments Of Gaming /w PewDiePie (300th VIDEO SPECIAL) :D

by PewDiePie • 15,316,632 views

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Pewds has definitely changed, he is so different now :D
ya he has changed and got weirder if you ask me
i dont get why people keep saying "i miss the old pewds" he was fab then and he is fab now. he will forever be FABULOUS!!!
Yes, thank you! People change. They're not always gonna be exactly the same. People get older and more mature and they grow up. There's nothing wrong with that.
+Michelle Davies the one why i subscribe him it's because of him playing amnesia and lots of horror games
Ah, this brings back so many memories... This was one of the early vids of Pewds that I saw when I first found him. I can't believe how far he's come. It's CRAZY! And I support him all the way. Keep doing your thing, bro! (brofist)
Yeah! Fully agree with you. You can tell how much he's changed in the past 3 years. He lost ALL of his accent and now he sounds like an American, like wow... how did that happen? Lol!
Guys I want to make a story you continue it replying to the previous comment here it goes: One day I went strolling then a dark shadow approached me I turned to see it was... 
Giant flying stepfano and he said...
Hey! Yeah... so can everybody shut up about Pewds changing? Thanks.
Play the video at 1:50. lolz
Pewdiepie has really changed.  I love it.  He's himself, and he always has been.  he doesn't do all of these popular games that everybody like, he just tries the weird ones.  *brofist*  keep it up pewds.
Pewds used to scream more like a girl back then XD
Didn't realize how thick his accent used to be.
Like if you are watching this video in 2015!
I remember when Pewdiepie was the sweetest person on YouTube...
I still like Pewdiepie now, but sometime I just don't like his choice of games now (like, weird indie glitchy games) rather than quality games that actually have stoies. Apparently it's because when he plays quality games, only few bros support the series... Idk, but I kind of feel sad when he discontinued a series because it isn't very popular (like The Evil Within, Dark Souls, etc) sucks to be the minorities :(
Please tell me someone agrees with me and thinks Pewds looks a little like Kendal from Big Time Rush in the first part of this montage! O.O
Wanna see more pewds scary video
Clicked on this video and turned my volume all the way down
All thats changed is that he overedits stuff now and make weird faces thats not as genuine as he used to
I love when he see the ass
He made me more scaries than the game . lol
That was the most scariest crap I've ever seen
ahh I remember the gold old days I've been with poops SciNce the first Friday with pewdiepie love us poops
Back when he had an anchor heavy accent..
What video was at 2:20 and 2:25????????
+animal jam rocks!!!!! I clicked on it and it showed me his first amnesia video and it did NOT have either one of those. Can you tell me what video those where in? Sorry
kk it was like the to numbers u said :D
Hey doesn't this look like the pewds brofist on his logo? 👊 I found in the windows emoji screen under "faces"
Well during the end it scared the shit out of my pants but other than that was hilarious
All of them are my fav or the best in the world don't know why people are making fun of u there bitchs
Your a ruching I do it pewdie
like if you still watching 2015!!!
hi gwus my cwhasdnnel is amazing 0 videsos give me 948759074545893457803475893457 subs ok i do nothing but qam awesome so subsribe how awesome would that bwe
+Mario V Nobodys gonna care about you if you act like that
watch my fucking channel, it's epic!
pants I am dieing with laughter can't breathe
Tbh i miss the comments, so many people ruined it, it sucks, it was nice interacting with the bros...
Pewds is more like fast food now. Maybe it is not bad, but it is not good either.
Bong dong chong ghost.
uhmm can someone tell me the link of the full video of those last 2 amnesia vids? can't find it lolz
His voice is so different from then xD and he looks different :3
IM A BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like if you are still watching this in 2015 >:)
I love this so much, I'm literally crying with laughter
That moment thoug 2:28 "mother...pliglydlidyy"😂
No brofist this time? 😢
How many subs did he have we he mad this?
I like Felix (PewDiePie) in 2011
hhhhhhh i love dont look moment and dat ass moment so funny
I can't believe this is what pewds reactions are in jumpscares or horror games.
I pretty laughed while watching this. It's kinda funny when he scream :D
The beginning: * Pewds Screams * Me : MANLIEST SCREAM EVVA
This is the real pewdie and i miss him alot!
I will be sure to subscribe for your videos
i love this old time zone, I wish it would stay like that forever!!!!!!
When you screm it hearts my fucking ERS brofist👊👊👊👊👊
pewdiepie Scariest a girl behing indoor
He was so adorable, holy shit.
I do not like the grudge.!!!! It gives me nightmares ):v
When he screams, my ears bleed a little bit and my earphones cry
bro i love your videos
You makes super videos with your scariest montage!! Don't come back!
He sounds like a monkey when he screams XD
+Princess Luna +Princess Cadance +TwilightSparkle Fan I always enjoying while watching his and other famous gamers reactions. So i curious about what your best reaction and what kind of reaction that was? I cannot find something enough on youtube about pony reactions. Maybe you ponies got very special moments you wanted to share. ^^
This is the first ever PewDiePie video i ever watched. I've been a bro since 2011
Thats crazy Bro you got 15+million viewers nice job BROFIST.........
"Let's just take it real F***ing easy- AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" - PewDiePie, 2011
like if you're watching in 2015 ;)
good lord my ears are gone
Pewds is awesome. Nuff Said.
HA HA so hilarious pewds
Can someone list the games in this video please
it says the games at the top right corner of the video
If you read this I will kill you within 13 days or you have to post this comment to 5 other people I'm only doing this because someone played this trick on me
you scared the shit out of me
I love the reaction at the third one...ahhahaha!
What is that game? at 0.22
Back when pewdiepie had 300 videos
PEWDIE 2:28 wtf did u said :D?
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