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Craig Ferguson Lana Parrilla 2010.03.22

by jenova85genesis • 117,294 views

Segment from the CBS show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig chats with Miami Medical's Lana Parrilla.

She's too fucking perfect! such a flirt..
she's just hot. like seriously.
She is everything I love her
I'm not lesbian. But she is my female crush. I just love her. She hace a really great humor
Craig is hilarious and Lana is one sexy little flirt!! 
Oh God, she's just... She's perfect. She's just perfect
He is so goddamn smooth
I wish I was Craig's leg....she can rub my leg all day if she wanted to.
I have found the twin sister of Carla Gugino, not a bad thing....
Oh my gosh! She's soooooooooo FUNNY! :DD
@1EVILZ06 OOOOHHH, haha I thought you meant her voice sounded like she smoked.... I am an ass, Dont mind me,
I never heard of her until Once Upon A Time. I never saw that other show, but it appears from the opening clip in this interview that her beauty and grace were lost in that role.
This was so good I had to watch it twice.
Either that or you need to have your eyes checked !!! LOL...
@x0xmaddielayne Smoker as in HOT! lol What da hell did ya think I ment,cigs!
im not saying tht now shes awesome now i didnt like her character but i do now thnx for the right to speak freely
I love how Craig interviews his guests! On other interview shows they ask such boring and common questions...Now Craig can make an interview about nothing so incredibly entertaining XD
ah... hello, she's playing a character, (acting). not only that, but she's playing a character that isn't meant to be liked by some people, which means that she's doing a great job, so your comment is actually pointless.
she is so so hot i love her i would love to date her
I know why she is the evil queen now.
Oh my gawd I can't anymore she's too much! Craig Ferguson is a great interviewer, she needs to be back on his show for Once!! And she needs to make more interviews there aren't enough!
I love her shoes..wish I knew what they were. Any fashion know-alls have an idea?
Ain't that the truth! This woman is smokin' hot!!!!!! If i ever met her, I'm sure I would have spinach stuck in my teeth, and toilet paper on my shoe. I would probably spit if I started talking and would say something dumb like, "Nice weather!" and it's raining cats and dogs! This woman would have me nervous as hell!!!! LOL
is it just me or does lana have a LOT of lesbian fans???
I'm totally straight too and I just have a crush on her! I find myself just gazing at her! She just does it for me! LOL
I think I'm forming a crush on her EVERY TIME when she does a cute giggle... :)
6:10 made me laugh and Lana Parrilla has the best laugh and it is soooo adorable and u woudn't know she was the evil queen if you just heard her laugh
Nobody funny like ellen, jimmy kimmel, george lopez,or lately has her on! Why??? She is stunning and freken hilarious!
Omg she could kill a person!! Too hot
@herefordmsv Funny I was gonna post the same thing, so I agree haa.
I just realized that both Jennifer Morrison and Lana did medical show.. House for Jennifer and Miami Medical for Lana... #SwanQueen!
Omg bless you for putting this up! She looks stunning <3 Hope she comes back to promote OUAT :)
Wow its so weird to see her not playing the Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time..
They really didn't talk about anything and had me laughing from the beginning to the very end. I love her, she's so funny and talented and gorgeous. And after you hear her laugh, it is impossible to be in a bad mood. Lana is the fairest of them all ;)
I can´t believe she's studied in Granada...
Lana: *speaks spanish* Evil Regals: *falls off bed* *rolls into street*
LMFAO this woman is freaking awesome...long live Evill Queen
she looks stunning! i wish i looked more like her, she's so pretty!
sweetbabyjesus. I can't.... *ded*
Lana's expression at 8:38....OMG!!!!
There is no words, funny or close enough to say how extremely beautiful this woman is.
She seriously could be Santana Lopez from glee in the future...
They seriously didn't talk about anything. :D
wow....she's gorgeous and sweet on him. wish i was him!
agree to dissagree only because i dnt like her ouat character however verry talented lady and verry good actress
Does anyone know what happend to the best moments with ladies compilation? Can't find it anymore. :(
wow she seems like such a nice lady in real life... i can't not hate her! evil queen!!
She is so flirty, it's kinda uber hot.
Ahh she's so wonderful!! :D She has the most lovely laugh too! <3
She said her Spanish was awful... Welcome to the club Lana! I almost failed Spanish class.
Espero que esto solo sea ignorancia yanke, porque ahora estoy muy decepcionado.
A hot woman who really left him speechless... I'm with ya Craig, Latinas get my vote too. She is far from the first who touched that leg, and only she got the snake to uncoil.
wow, she's hot and funny! hope she'll come back on the show to promote once upon a time
i love her i am so glad she is in OUAT
she has this sexy personality that exists both in and out of the tv screen. i like to dig her
She had me laughing from the beginning of this interview right up to the end of it. And yes, her laugh is absolutely adorable.
It only makes sense that the Evil Queen is latina. Sazzy!
5:24 omg This made me cry shes so fukin awesume
"Would you ever box a drugged kangaroo?"
Gosh she really has the cutest laugh <3
"Lana" is wool in Italian too.
They should do a tv show together! ;-D
I don't understand a lot if what they're talking, but Lana is just unbelievable cute! I fall in love everytime a bit more!
I still have the feeling Lana Parrilla may have been named after Lana Wood, going solely by the dark brown hair. In case you do not know who Lana Wood is, she's the younger sister of the late actress Natalie Wood, and her best known role was as Plenty O'Toole in the 1971 James Bond film "Diamonds are Forever."
my god, how dare she have 'love affairs', she is a woman, that's a men thing. right, andy? outrageous!
You dated Mr. Madrid? My Spanish 1 teacher? (Yes I know she probably meant like beauty competition Mr. _________)
she's amazing!!! love when she laugh!!! love u lana parrilla! ♥
I squeal every time she laughs oh my god. And they make the PERFECT comedic duo
@1EVILZ06 Nuh uh! Kelly sounds like a smoker 10x more than her. In fact, I really don't know what made you think that. Get your facts straight first please before you go talking about people on the internet.
I'm so with him hahah i'm totally straight, but i have a major lesbian crush on her.
8:00.. it's so awkwards, sweet, flirty, epic. 8:48-9:00 <3
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