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Cristiano Ronaldo DOING Girlfriend on Beach

by TMZ • 11,505,236 views

Cristiano Ronaldo was caught by paparazzi getting sexy with his girlfriend on the beach in yet another elaborate ploy to get his face on the cover of AARP. Cristiano Ronaldo & Serena Williams --...

U can see her bikini bottoms are on and so are his shorts..
TMZ should have no subscribers.
TMZ is so corrupt with bullshit now, it's sad and they can care less about being a dishonest company. They have changed so much. They weren't having sex in the beach and it was literally a picture taken at the perfect time. If they were they'd show MULTIPLE shots because no paparazzi takes only ONE picture and leaves. It is an illusion and they used it well.
Uh actually if they we re having sex why is there only a snap shot? Yea i don't think they're having intercourse for the fact if they really wanted to have sex in water they/he would do it in 1 of his mansions Sanatized pool or hot tub...not some public dirty water beach. they're just PDAing with each other like hot couples do at the beach.
+dukeskywalker09  sure thing guy... I don't know who the fuck this dude is nor do i give a shit.... Just something for TMZ to publish
Sometime you just can't control it when it kicks in LOL 
People have sex on the beach all the time. I am not overly shocked. They are acting like grade school kids who caught their parent in the act. LOL
Just one I am not a slut lol.
+Jenelle S Lmao dumb thot probably twerkin on these clubs. Still feels lucky to be a thot. Mommys proud tho.  I know why you feel lucky to get laid, i checked your YT pictures LOL! No but really, we're glad you exist. You make it easy for us. 
Theyre both wearing swimwear- he has his shorts and shes wearong bikini bottoms. Dumbasses
I'm not a fanboy? 1) I'm a girl and 2) i dont even like ronaldo he's too far up his own hole
This proves that soccer players get more and better pussy.
I really doubt they are having sex. Anyways, I would love to give my ass to Cristiano Ronaldo <3
if youre gay suck my cock and let me explode deep in your mouth
I've heard that having sex in the ocean with all the salt water can actually effect the woman's vagina in a way that it "clamps" down on the penis effectively making the pair stuck together. Don't believe me look it up. and can....have fun???
"Making another baby he can pay for" -- Are you listening black America?
+Skinny Vegas Ronaldo has a job he sure aint a rolemodel for todays young blacks.
They need to sew TMZ for all the fake bullshiting videos, pictures, and most of all there damn rumors, and still no one wakes up, still gulible until now starting to see the attack these people have on society, celbrities, and still do not care, its all about the momey. Go to Tygas interview at the breakfast club these guys could of easily been fined. EVERYBODY LIKE THIS COMMENT TO SPREAD THE WORD
They weren't even having sex LOL. Maybe dry humping or something but they had their bottoms on. But even if they were screwing so what? TMZ has too much time on their hands
Someone should shoot up TMZ and slaughter every loser in that room that wasted mommy and daddy money on an education.
these cunts r a sad bunch
+Alfie Fell your retarded..just fuck off you idiot
alright, dont worry about it! YOU SUPER MASSIVE CUNT. stop being a knob you muddasukah
All these people need a dildo and some privacy.
He must have a garden hose for a penis...he's quite a distance from point of impact.
This just in:  Publicist makes sure closeted gay man is seen on the beach with some chick.
TMZ get a grip these posts r so poor, one after another no real news,message nothing to follow complete shit 👎👎👎
The ocean is so cold. There's no way sex in the ocean is sexy
The guy behind them is a tmz reporter wacking it
these fuckin losers of TMZ who spend time giggling in their little offices until their death time obviously never had sex on the beach.... faggots
Practical intercourse live
If there is anything worse than celebrity worship it's TMZ. I mean wtf cares about what that slut Kim K is wearing or who's fucking who??? This is one of the reasons people hate Americans.
Who ever watch this show have no life lmao!!! Brainwashed dumb asses lol
Ronaldo is always showing off his legs lol even when he scores a goal he will roll them up and show you
Those TMZ fags are just salty they can't get pussy like Ronaldo does
These people are such liars, they would say anything to sell.
TMZ stop with the fake news hes not fucking her smh.
How fake!!They didn't even do 'it' I bet its so stupid!
are you guys sure that the guy in the ocean with them isnt keylor navas?
What a childish newscoverage. Its typical for America huh?
geez perverts there is nothing happening media people suck 
yes when im in the beach I always keep my hands up in the air! who needs them in the water to swim or anything right? that's why we have legs
Cristiano gets all the bitches...
I would kinda hate to be a celebrity because they have NO Privacy :$
please youtube close this channel.
Her bikini bottams are on and so are his shorts THIS is why you should have no sub's
Do TMZ get views and youtube money for narrating and judging people? stop viewing or subscribing them people. please stop.
salt water is really not cool and pleasant when ur penile foreskin rubbing against the inner vaginal walls. i don't think he would risk.
I don't think he's doing it, well thinking it twice it's impossible. He's gay. We all know that in Spain (My country). Girlfriend is just for PROMO it's all negociated. TRUE.
Cristiano is a walking constant erection !!
haha i can bet the ronaldo fangirls watching ronaldo more then they are watching the girl=) haha
Yes but is he wearing socks? That's the dealbreaker for me.
Even soccer players skip leg day.
+Jamie Morrison oh I guess you didn't notice what his upper body looks like
+Jamie Morrison If he really trained to keep them as small as possible for the sake of function then that's dope. But I dunno, his upper body is very aesthetic, I feel like he lifts for form too.
How are they fucking and u clearly see her bottoms still on.
U guys are shallow and retarded. Hate TMZ!
who the fuck watches this show
Misleading title...... thumbed down  strike 1..... at 3 i will start flagging
I wool not put nothing like that on YouTube that is bad for people like me
TMZ your fucked and unprofessional
Cristiano need to get arrested for having sex on the beach Eww
he is just teaching her lol but it looks like having sex lol so they are not having sex
I call that "live action"
what a ridiculous channel.
Idiot drama freaks...
Do those as holes really just spend all day at the water cooler like that? Fucking clowns. TMZ.
The only people who think they were having sex are those whom have never had sex.  This is a stupid story.
Stupid fucks of tmz look between her legs underneath her knee, you can see Cristiano his white shirt! Wtf i am not a fan of him but this shit pisses me off!
god who fucking cares
No hobbies??? The maker from this chanel is not happy with his life!
2 times the fishy smell
Ronaldo is sexyyyyyyyyy
lol damn damn that lucky lucky ocean , that was funny though. But you guys suck lol
no está haciendo nada...
Ngotak aja film nya g kebuka
Fahde Ezel Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Cristiano Ronaldo DOING Girlfriend on Beach:
Alfaaz Khalil Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube
lmfao look at her facial expression
What a feeble attempt at getting views. Gutter news won't be watching anymore of their shit.
I though that your vagina would die if you do it in salt water.
Messi did her before ....visca barca
TMZ is just mad cause they're virgins
lollll so funnyyy... though ridiculousssss
lol, that guy is either bi or gay.  Wake up and smell the coffee.
+Dha_Boss_Lul lol, I'm done here, gonna mute replies
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