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by The MozaiK • 265,601 views

Send in your clips into my channel inbox for a chance to be uploaded! Like, comment & subscribe for more! Originally uploaded by: I upload and present to...

LOL !!!!!!!!!! is awesome !, I hope you gave it a big treat for the great performance !
The pleading "miaow" before the coup de grace ... awwww!  I hope you have a permit for your concealed-carry hand "firearm"?
Cats CAN do tricks, this was literally just demonstrated, it all depends if the fucker even likes you for what you do for it, and since people dont bother teaching their cats because they just let them do whatever you dont see it often, but honestly you shouldn't have gotten mad about a comment that was being sarcastic. TL;DR You're fucking stupid.
U are just jealous cuz one of my videos has 3000 views and u have no videos,and btw 3 of my subs are my firnads, and so do what? SO FUCKING WHAT internet toughy
I somehow got here from Rooster Teeth...but im so glad i came here!! Haha
AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW I wanna teach my cat to do this :)
I got from "Angry Mom On My Friend Xbox Live xD"
ngaaaaaw that kittien is saaah cuuuute ^_^ loveit
i leave a like becorse i like cats :)
I got here from chimneyswift11 : rise of the pharaohs part 2
i got here from the homepage.. =.='
Gun? Gun what're you doin? Gun? STAHP!!! XD
Cat: *casually sitting to my master :)* Master: *pulls out 'gun'* Cat: Master? Master what is that & what are you doing pointing it at me? Master: PEW! Cat: Oh...My..
I got here from Rooster Teeh ._.'
Meanwhile I'm trying to train my cat to stop shitting on the carpet.
I got here by watching tobuscus play happy wheels... wtf?
I think you should really put quotation marks around "Shot"...
I got here from Tekkit with Hannah
You don't need to try start an argument. Everyone has they're own likes and dislikes. I happen to like Pewdiepie. Also, 'gay' isn't an insult, and he couldn't be gay if he has a girlfriend.
I LIKED THAT SO MUCH!!!! That's a very talented cat
anybody here that came from Ghost Hunters?
i got here from minnesota burn's trouble in troll town 3
Got here from AntVenom's Super Hostile vid
if i had a dollar for every pixel in this video. i would have 35 cents.
how did you teach it to do that?
Awww soooo cute im alegick but i want a can❤❤❤
no must click away before it's too.......late
What does this have to do with pirates or disney?
I got here from chimneyswift11. Awwwwwwwwwww
I just died from how cute this is :3
i got an assassins creed ad on this video ........ coicidence? i think not!
So adorable cause my cat is really aggressive
that's soo phucking cuuuuute awww
So cute cat but your a saddo dumbo
wtf i got here from pewdiepie...
Enough about you, What did you think of the video?
Im here from watchin pewdiepie's limbo part 7... ummmm, okay....
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