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by kevjumba • 2,538,801 views

I was asked by the Supply Education Group to come down to Kenya. They made a cute video that I couldn't say no to (click below): Next thing I knew, I was on a 20 hr...

When I saw john I was like "Is that Westbrook?" Westbrook btw is a player on an NBA team for basketball called "thunder"
+MineCraftAnimators haha yeah he kinda looks like Westbrook. :D
2:34 hahaha seems to like your video's kev
2:32 Hilarious. Kevin, I love you. You're just such a cool, kindhearted person.
mosquito net -decoration
Go team jumba ^^/!!!
hahahha :,)  loool part 2:23  u brag how funny u are  loooool
That was the cutest "ow," I've ever heard
u're a nice guy kevin :)
you are amazing , Kev <3 
You're a bad teacher, kevjumba. 1:20.
what a beautiful experience
Glad u liked ma country...
LOL!! He taught them bad stuff :p
Love to just have one 'date' with Kevin, bet he's got some ace stories :) like this
haha thats quality education right there
Bitch I really do think shes attractive, just cause you dont, doesn't mean that everyone thinks the same
Have you confirmed that the secondary school was made in Kenya... if not do you mind telling me if the project is going well or not at thanks
You gotta train now man! YOU GOTTA SHOW DEM YOU FAST!
i cracked up when he wrote kevjumba is a heterosexual bear wrestler on the board
yeah he is really your best fan
i was born in Kenya in Nairobi :)
kev: "I'm funny right??????" the students: *poker face*
i want to give you a thumbs up in real word and give you a hug :)
You're just so awesome and have every quality that I hope my future husband has.
That's cute but did you really fly all the way over there just to spend one day?! :P
Hahaha the dancing was realy funny
非常感謝你除了帶給大家歡樂以外 又這麼有愛心 看了真的好感動!!!
this is the kevjumba i had subscribed to. Not the new, weird kevjumba. You were cooler when you were being not cool. Now kevvy, you're just a douche who's annoying and stupid.
i wish i had kev as my teacher :D. school would be the best thing in my life
HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm from kenya man! Isn't is sad how those poor peeps study and go to school! I thank God that I have really good education! sniff this is getting emotional,,,just joking...but reallly! I'm serious there should be a change!
..and whats the music at the end of the video?
Doesn't know what a mosquito net is. LOL
Haha. Jon looked like he wasn't even trying and Kevin was acting like it was World War 3 lol
HAHAHAHA U thought the net was a decoration! HAHAHAHA LOL
Your so awesome kevjumba!! ^.^ i love you!! thanks for the help you did in Kenya!:)
Why does this even have dislikes?! You're great Kev!
Thanks for making me feel like the ugliest person in the world. You don't know what I've had to face for me to feel this way, you should know someone's story before making this type of comment.
U are funny and a really cool guy for giving ur time to these kids
I love KevJumba and this video is amazing I like watching it all the time it's best ever :Thnak you Kevin you are awesome and kids on this video are so great love it everything on this video is just so AMAZING ! <3
Damn. This really made me smile. I hope that I can do stuffs like this after finishing school.
Well, personally I think you're attractive :) I bet others do too. Don't listen to the haters
The baby at 3:35 was like what the hell happened
how can people dislike this video..
kevin ...correction .kenyans are the fastest in the world...look like you had alot of fun,,good job
that's kool bro, God bless you
"I thought this was decoration" hahahahahaaaa
kevjumba is a heterosexual bear wrestler
Omg i keep getting stuck at 00.44 so i keep hearing: i got bit by mosquitos everywhere, You Didn't even use.... i got bit by mosquitos everywhere, You Didn't even use.... i got bit by mosquitos everywhere, You Didn't even use.... i got bit by mosquitos everywhere, You Didn't even use.... i got bit by mosquitos everywhere, You Didn't even use....
Did you just day primary school??!?!?! Wow,It's like An Asian school also. They followed British invasion or whatever you call it.
Check out our channel! We blend food and eat it! Thankyou!
Nice of u I support u even if ur a homosexual
kev, will u teach at my school???:)
wow that is so heart warming :')
i thought you were cool and kind!
Did you eat fufu or pounded yam? I don't think I ever saw an Asian eat African food. I am laughing so hard right now. OMG
I'm a straight up Kenyan. NO JOKE.
That's really cool! You are awesome. :)
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