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Ensiferum - Battle Song

by hackerpl • 2,125,932 views

Ensiferum - Battle Song Viking Metal

Why must you put a satanic symbol there? 
Because it's Metal and awesome, that's why. Anyone who is a metalhead knows this.
It's just like the sign of the horns. That's satanist but It doesn't mean we are. Mre like "fuck yeah we love when music moves and there are awesome drums and growl and scream and It's damn cool!" If you don't listen to Heavy Metal you can't understand that.
I am deeply offended. We slaughtered your people and forcefully repressed your culture and beliefs. The least you can do is respect our sacrifice of time and forget all your pagan symbols. Silly heathens, only Christianity is right. I mean seriously your religion is so bloody, Christianity never got anybody killed. Oh hey their Jesus oh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, thats the spot.
+Sverige för alltid +AdoreYouInAshXI The entire christian religion is based on human sacrifice. The crucifi(c)xtion of jesus is one example, the near sacrifice of abraham's son is another. Also the jews the ones responsible for muslim immigration into the west; first they opened the borders, then they use america to start wars in the middle east to create refugees so they flee to Europe.
+Jesus Criss Oh shit! We've done it now guys!
why is there a Sigil of Baphomet on this I don't understand
Most likely done by the uploader. Just an uneducated twerp it seems.
stop talking about religions. who gives a shit about that symbol. just enjoy the song or fuckoff. Ya Lord Jesus
That symbol was once an evil repelling. Just saying.
This is the upside down version of what you are thinking.
That symbol is Venom \m/
Them overly offended Christ-Bitches are Always yappin about "symbols" they see, mostly THEY are the only ones who see it, but here in the Black Metal scene it's more of a sight-seeing of symbols.! :)
+VolvenIV Just LOVE to fight, mate.! :)
symbols have a meaning so u can say that they hold power. if someone taught you  that the meaning of this symbol is the representation of evil you would also feel offended. u also put all christians in the same category while there are orthodoxy catholic protestants and many more heretics. In my case im orthodoxy and i would really like if u could tell me one case where religion was an excuse of war. +explosivefreak666 
Not always a 'Satanic' symbol. Only until the Christians made it so. And killed off many people's and cultures. Some still follow the Old Gods. ODIN!!!
I saw over 2 million views on what I deem my favourite Ensiferum track courtesy of my YouTube suggested videos. I headed on over with intent to view what I hoped would be some godly comments from my fellow metal warriors. I hoped to find honour and glory, tales of epic battles and victory... Yet before me here I see nothing more than immature and insignificant discussions about religion and Satanism.... kind of an anti-climax really given how epic this song is.
Wow I am 7000nd like :D Back off grramar nazis :)
For the stupid people, the symbol no is satanic, is pagan stigma
Fuck to the religious people!
Viking metal is the best metal ever created its so brutal
My teacher saw this video, as I tapped it on my phone, and sent me to the office, for being sacreligious. ( sorry poor spelling) All because of a symbol, people need to mellow down.
Ensiferum isn't satanic, what the fuck people..
de donde son ensiferum, que genero de metal tocan ?
 they have viking influences
Man if u are satanist ok, if u are atheist ok, if u are christian ok, if u are muslim ok but keep that for urself and let music be some kind of bond between us which will make us to like each other because of our music taste and not to dislike each other because of (non)religion. Lets just be happy because we all listen to ENSIFERUM!!!
Played paintball Won several games Teamates Chorus sung thing song on the way home.
2:32 God damn, I can't avoid banging my head until close danger of it falling off at that moment. Who gives a fuck about the image, just enjoy this ridiculously amazing song.
Where is the repeat button?
Sorry, I broke it..
religion is like a penis. it's ok to have one, you can even be proud of it. but it's not ok to take it out, wave it around and it's certainly a no-go to shove down a kids throat. 
Symbol is random. Sorry brothers.
Why are you all talking about satan? He doesn't exist. Stop wasting your time.
+Spase Risteski  oh you know, this n that. Molesters, rapers, massmurederers, hitler n shit.
i love your songs and this symbol too!
Holy shit, why is everyone talking about religious bullshit? Its a good song, enjoy it. 
How bout this.... An army of Vikings casts a spell at the sky to where the sky becomes a giant invisible stereo or amp and starts playing this song, and while the sky is playing this song, the Vikings march into the satanic temples and slaughter all the Satanists and melt all the pentagrams into gold for plunder. And then smash all the goat skulls in the place. That sounds good to me.
This isn't Viking Metal because Ensiferum is finnish and not scandinavian becuase the finnish people were never vikings and most of the time under control of russia so they are not scandinavian and no vikings
+HerraMunkki well, most swedes that went east were vikings from Svea, which was the least raiding and aggressive vikings, mainly traders. i´d assume most of the vikings who DID raid finland were danes and Gots. and i can´t find any sources that indicate large conflicts. barely any skirmish.
I denounce both, but Satan is nothing to be stigmatized "Satan is the church's best friend; after all he has kept it in business all these years." A quote i think all Christians can take away from, but also all "Satanists"  as well since it is a direct quote from the satanic bible written by Anton LeyVey.
just satanic symbol HOW COULD YOU
My cock loves you too.
Guys okay.... This symbol is Satanic.... Because... Look at symbol again... You will see... 1. Horns... - devil horns.... 2. Eyes... Satan eyes...3. Everything is bloody.. This one is already satan face.. But illuminati make the symbol like star... Symbol is offcialy illuminated (satanic)! Ensiferum are viking band..... How one viking band can be illuminated?? There bands like.... Iron maiden.. Metallica.. Rammstein... LinkinPark and many more are illuminated... I listen to these bands but they already sell themself to satan..
Nothing haha, its a joke. What form of Satanist? LaVey, or Theistic?
Then the Vikings start playing INTO BATTLE by Ensiferum because in the song it says, SEND OUR ENEMIES STRAIT TO HELL!!!!
i started laughing when i seen the symbol on an ensiferum song. random indeed
Who gives a fuck about symbols, enjoy the freakin' song lol
its a piss in the wind, there not Satanist
Suomi-Hungarian Friendship!!!! \m/. It song SO FUCCKING AWESOME - :o
Fucking Jari Maenpaa! Savage screaming!
This is the song that will be played when the mighty National Socialists rise and take Europe back from the hands of the oppressors 
this song is so funny :'D i just love it :)
Its not the symbol of 'the' satan (it's a title) it's a symbol for Baphomet. And don't bring your mono here it makes us sick. (by that I mean monotheism of corse) ME   GUSTA 8}
Hail Satan and the Heathen Throne!
2 mil views damn nice 
why are the guys in the commentsection arguing about religion and shit? guys... just listen too the awesome music why am i even reading this -.-
thanks to remi gaillard with awesome party song
@OdinsSon123 I dont care who your target was you dont talk shit about Satanic gods who can easily squash everything your poor little mind can even believe.We are strong because Satanism teaches us to be.Too bad there are shit in the pagan soup such as degenerate genetic waste fools like you.Odin would never accept you as his son you ergi.Yeah i called you ergi and i know what that means.Go growl at the mirror maybe you will feel good after that you pathetic braindead stupid weakling motherfucked piece of shit.
This is actually really entertaining, if you're purpose is to troll. If not, years from now, you're going to look back on this stage of your life in shame.
Maybe.But i hope not.
Well, you are a fucking lie bastard syphonprime
Dude, seriously, get rid of the pentagram. Ensiferum are NOT pathetic little satan wannabe pussies like Dimmu Borgir, they are an awesome band of true metal champions. "Satan" is a joke and has NOTHING to do with the Norse Gods. Take that shit down, it's humiliating for anyone who has respect for these guys.
+Zerudon1993 Open your fucking eyes: THIS pentagram is NOT the symbol of pagans, its a corrupted sign by morons like you who thank that being satan's maiden would give them might and power! Before treating us ergi, look at your own dilated asshole. 
+Thomas Gaudaire-Thore Pagan beliefs consist of many small religions they are just reformed under a new movement (neopaganism) what adopted this sign as their symbol you shit. Satanism doesnt mean bowing down to Satan just following in his footsteps.ITS NOT ABOUT SATAN BUT ABOUT US you bigmouthed ergi bitch. I thought followers of northern pagan ways had more common sense than  a brainwashed christian kid but you are the proof that you are just sad try-to-look-hard ergi shits.That symbol is power from within.The most manly thing there it is is to keep strong in improving ourselves body and soul.THATS SATANISM.
Let the arrows fly, flaming in the sky. Make us hear its scream, as it dies.
Nuke it from orbit. it's the only way to be sure.
We won this battle with might and fearless hearts We came and we fulfilled our prophecy So now we shall march back towards our kingdom With heads up high and glimmering eyes we returned with our glory
I hope your mother dies in your arms you fucking zero.
We must test it maybe we can learn from each other if not we must destroy all of them.
This is awesome. A feminist metalhead thanks you.
you know i just realized my comment was not towards a you weak satanic freak talking so much shit on the internet when i told the guy who said yolo and other shit to go die so how about shutting you're weak ass satanic dick sucking ass up you retareded piece of shit and you are on a Pagan bands song for people who listen to Pagan folk metal and who believe in the Norse Faith so go listen to you're powerwolf band you pathetic weakling
modern day satanism is more a cult looking to spite Christianity though, it really depends on the person what satanism is to them. And its true that satanism is quite a self glorifying (& destructive) religion that worships the passing.
Ohohoho, Sorry mister xxXSatanistXxx, Ensiferum is viking metal, not black, And even the true blackers aren't satanists, satanism is a lie.
Probably because Viking Metal does exist (information given from many sources) or that person doesn't like the concept of genre, ALSO you can make up any old sub-genre of Metal and something in that genre will already have existed.
why? dont be mad.... its my opinion and dont say the R word it calls a religious war.... and it is logic for an normal person to know that if you like things that are connectet with modern satanism, to think that there is something wrong with ya. but thx for reply my comment before because i didn't knew it was a pentagram....
idk but i realy reeeealy like the symbool can someone tell me what it means :P i am scared that it means something with satan :l btw this song is awesoomeee!!! STAY METAL!!! (o)Y(o) lol \m/
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I know, you're trolling but by the way... Go home, you're drunk!
your comment is just to epic!! lol i like it because i am no child and can see that his is just an reference joke XD lol lawl
In his defence this is classified under 'Viking metal' on 'every noise at one' but in saying "Welcome to the black parade'" is emo music according to the same site.
Spread those cheeks and bite the pillow, Satan is going in dry.
But wasn't it Les Ramoneurs de menhirs - Dañs Gwadek?
Why? It's just a freaking symbol. Stop being a religious coward.
You can hear the lyrics very cleary. It's far from satanic.
We should cut his head off, before he returns to his spaceship and tells any aliens, that there's life on earth.
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