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by Philip DeFranco • 684,967 views

In today's show we talk about everything from trolling on Swedish Twitter accounts, great time wasters, some awesome internetz win in the form of The Oatmeal, douche bag of the day weirdness that...

Fuck Matt go funny junk
You meant to say fuck funnyjunk go matt
Wow, there are actually people complaining that matt took this stupid ass thing funnyjunk was trying to do, and instead raised money for charity. Nice going internet
I'm from funnyjunk, and most if not all stuff that's not OC has it's watermark left on. It's a unspoken rule that you give credit to whoever makes the original content. Plus, most stuff making it to the front page now are either screenshots from Tumblr, Text story's, comps or OC comics, rarely stuff from other sites.
Matt Inman, you make me want to live
for youtube not to put out a nother stupid song right before I go on my cruse for Christmas (gangnam style) they played it atleast 10 times every hour
Oh my, i have not watched this until now! I had almost forgot how it is being a "trainwreck" (I learned that word that week)! Just kidding. I remember perfectly. 
Talk faster. I can almost understand you.
Omg white people suck
How is Admin not the douche bag of the day?  The Admin of FunnyJunk is either a brilliant autistic troll or just a complete douche bag. 
+Nerf War Dan .... I was one of the top users on funnyjunk back in 2009.
such a fucking liar. how can you hate on something that you were a top user of.
funnyjunks uploaders are the users themselves so if you want to blame fj for copy write and be oatmeal OH THE IRONY
never heard of funnyjunk or oatmeal until this video. Just went on oatmeal, got distracted, and looked at a bunch of comics. Now I know much more about Nikola Tesla. Got a bit off track...
Well, you didn't say "Inb4 you need to calm the fuck down"
this was awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the story about the girl who disguised as a guy to have sex with the young girl is messed up but to me it feels as though there is something much deeper at work. I think the older girl might be a transman who was driven to the unfortunate actions because of a possible inability to cope with his gender identity.
Number 1 clause of the internet bill of rights? - To all ISPs, you shall not impose any download/upload caps, ever, you fucking douche bags.
funnyjunk is addicting and hilarious its the youtube of gifs and photos
Putin is trying to controller everything. it is estimated that he is the richest president on earth. Russia makes a lot of money, it is estimated that every Russian family could get thousands upon thousands a month because of the amount of oil Russia sells. Putin bribes people into voting for him by increasing their salaries and he is also bribing the military so in case of conflict he will have the fire power on his side.
Internet bill of rights? Brilliant.
i am from fj... and i agree that at times? badmin is a prick.
It's honestly really surprising that Pixar isn't on board with this. I wonder why not... :/
Why no one like Putin, he's the best thing Russia has had..
BOR: The internet should be available to every one for free(:
......Phil for President i want to hear the rest of the Internet Address :D
Dude, if you watch porn, try not watching for 2 weeks. I am betting that you could not make it.
Oh, and nice job winning "he least most intelligent comment of all time award.
The three original rights are fine.
Oh FJ, you can go so wrong but still go so right!
Sleep. . . or PhillyD vids. . .i think i know what that answer is at 5:00 in the morning!!
rule: full allowance of speech should exist. being you are allowed anywhere and to anyone(unless it's a kids/underage site) be able to say what you want to who you want. This might vary from saying that someone is drop dead bloody gorgeous to saying full out that they are an asshole and a twat.
I thing copy right laws should be changed, if i post a video, i dont expect or want to make money (cause i didnt make anything i video) but if i dont own the game im playing i can get fined... So thats what i think
I would say that anyone that is stupid by a majority view should be ignored by that majority.
Love your Doctor Who poster in the background. Wibbly-wobbly... Timey-wimey... stuff. XD
this may be a really bad, idea but why doesn't China and Russia send a joint peace keeping force to Syria. China gets what they want, no more further interference from the west, and if the rebels make and agreement then Russia still gets to keep it's arms deals. Like I said there are probably hundreds of reasons why this won't work, but pleases reply if you think it's a good or bad idea.
One ting a internet bill of rights should have "No government under protection from the UN shall have any jurisdiction within the internet, and may not breach or invade the privacy of others without authorisation from the internet trolling council" PS..They should set up a internet council which are in control of the internet
If you think the internet users should be free to read and have have their say about everything without govenment cencorship then you should look at 'Meshnet' it is an awesome file and information transfer system that is being put together by THE COMMUNITY!! Also there is no single owner or "leader" of the site making it almost impossible to shut down.
Steven Colbert was also talking about the hole voice of Swidden and that he also wanted to have the account
*lets bitch on a camera for long enough to get cash*
Right #1. PhillyDs word is final cause that mutha makes to much god damn sense to ignore :D
First video I've seen, my friend showed me - I'm feeling good about being Philled in, man! I shall be back!
the question is what would the law makers decide is leagal,if consuming content from sites like megaupload is illegal or if saying an opinion wich is anti-government is illegal than you are not really protected and the internet is still monitored and not free.
Rule 34 of the internet should be accepted by all. All posts regarding NSFW or even NSFL material should ALWAYS be labeled as such.
"Bill of Rights" and "Internet" does not sit well with me. I think it's a bad idea.
Yup, go away Putin. Stop trying to take over Ukraine.
"All users of the internet has the unrestricted right to share, upload, download and use any software, music or video under the fair acknowledgement of the original creator of the software, music or video has their name or known nickname mentioned in the file distributed" how about this one?
dude your awesome!!!! slightly libral but still awesome...
i should reiterrate, i made the comment in the middle of the vid, so to be clear, pedo very bad
the number one law for the internet should be that no other laws can be made for the internet. let us control our own internet "country" without any other governments butting in. you wouldn't (be allowed to) make laws for other countries; why should you make them for the internet. oh, we're not a country cause we don't have a leader? well then, i nominate phillip defranco to be leader of the internet.
Ralph should take a chill pill!!! :)
Never said it wasn't. I'm just saying that the mind rarely remembers perfectly. And who wants to wack to a memory over the actually thing?
wow that mother ... what was she thinking?! crazy lady could have AT LEAST chaperoned!
WTF is wrong with that mom OMG that bitch is crazy.
Lovely, you enjoy that. [P.S I find it hilarious you think I'm a summerfag. People like you need to get out.]
@itsbruce112 I agree with you there, seeing as how Im from funnyjunk too I can't help but feel ashamed for our douche of an admin
You cant post porn on sfw, also, follow the rules on nsfw. Phanact can't ban, and if he would ban people on anti-phanact, that would be a huge list. Pretty sure that other webs are more cancerous than FJ. FunnyJunk has a nice website features, so idk, i like it more than any other web.
wow phil, there is noooo way you would be endorsing star wars clones wars without funds, way to be a sell out, dick move bro
Internet Bill of Rights: The right to express yourself and your opinion without fear of cyber bullying or harassment... Even if you're stupid.
well you have no rights you stupid little bitch.
Rule: every new comer must watch nyan cat five times before being allowed to do anything else on the Internet. Like a funny hazing ritual! ^w^
Yes let us hold on to our Internet freedoms like a 2 year old with its favorite toy and cry and scream until its given back. Sounds like a good ass plan :D
that speech is all kinds of awesome!
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